Aumenta Actividad Super Volcan Yellowstone MAS DE 300 SISMOS EN MAYO (Reporte Sismico y Volcanico)

welcome to hyper geo in hyper geowe have the news of volcanoes all the eruption of volcanoes around the worldwe have the report of earthquakes today from mexico and the world the tremors orearthquakes or earthworks solar storms hurricanes stormset cetera et cetera et cetera the subject of today is yellowstone what's going on withyellowstone latest news about the yellowstone volcano what happenswith the yellowstone boiler so this we are actually going to doI also inform you friends that many thanks to the people who accompany usgive a little hand up and let's start with this concept which ishappening with the yellowstone volcano well it turns out that in the month of may wellgoes you know I have done several programs over the volcano yellowstone volcanois this super volcano super or the yellowstone cauldron then this oneis located already know in the park yellowstone nationalin the us that me 55 km by 72 km and well actually it's in thenortheast corner of wyoming where you locates much of the volcano thesedata we have already said but this more well it's a newscast there are more than 300earthquakes and I quote only the source earthquakes or micro earthquakes or tremorsover there in the yellowstone volcano so only in the month of May in fact theseismic activity of this last month of may in yellowstone is normal or inany time could be in a super eruption indeed in the parkyellowstone national in us over there the state of wyoming experienced duringlast May more than 300 earthquakes in one of the seismic zonesmost active in the world due to the super volcano found in the area thesealmost this is over 300 earthquakes meanthat we will soon see an eruption is question for the past month havehappened a lot is just until May 28 May 27 Ivan 288 atterm of May 29 also recorded just over 100earthquakes the greatest was good were around 3.

5 degrees 3.

1 on the scalefrom richter I quote again they say have earthquakes is the scientific communitythat tells us it's not me some people they criticize me very harshly because I say theearthquake word referring to smaller magnitude earthquakes thisearthquake this this issue of earthquakes is already well spent thentremor earthquake earthquake i'm reading a scientific note indeed despitethis there is nothing to fear nothing can nothing right now there's nothing toindicate what wyoming state supervolcanois going to erupt remember that all this over there in the usaapproximately gets to see the year 3000 earthquakes and most obviously arepractically imperceptible in fact the national park serviceyellowstone as it is known is the result of an extensive fault networkassociated with the volcano and technical characteristics and vulcanoconsequent tectonics despite the continuous rumors of this from the volcano ofyellowstone despite all this currently there are no signs there are nosigns that the super volcano can do rash or may erupt now well theremember remember I've been asked a lot what is the mass system thenNASA what it wants is to cool in the magma chamber ofyellowstone as we will see here in the nasa what you want to make holesaround the volcano and cool the chamber magmatic even cool themantle this is what it says here where it says grant it is magma is a cameramagmatic and that's what's down over there in the yellowstone cauldron whatwhich means if they get to cool it down very likely because they can prolongan eruption the other nasa theory that the scientific community has alreadyruled out is that they make a hole in middle of the yellowstone volcano indeedthe scientific community and there is a contraindication because what could whatthey could do was that the volcano of yellowstone erupts back torepeat a year in this area of ​​the volcano are more than 3, 000 earthquakes what cancause over there yellowstone volcano but there is a geyserwhich has increased its activity and that is the most important thing then then we are going tocontinue with this because notice that then most of theeruptions over there in the volcano of yellowstone arose from theMay 4, day 2 on 22 only on 22 139 earthquakes and on the 29ththey recorded over 100 earthquakes that's what has happened and activity increasedin the month of May at the volcano of wyoming in yellowstone so whyearthquakes in yellowstone so why is due to the large number of earthquakesbecause the community there are some people who have the belief that aftervarious earthquakes what can happen a super eruption all right folks whathappens in this regard is that earthquakes are due tothat somehow they have volcanoes in the area ofyellowstone in fact remain as the pipes cleared earthquakes point from the parkare related to how that fluids are transportedmagmatic or volcanic throughout the many small fractures in theown shallow rocks on the magma as the attention of themovement of plants in the bark terrestrial releases steam to the rocks andmade the faults slip or break by the accumulated pressure the energy isreleases in the form of seismic waves or earthquakes have actually been beforethis lot of earthquakes so in the year 1985 alone there were over 3, 000earthquakes in the year and it was the year in where most earthquakes occurred fromthere also in 2009 2010 also more than 2500 earthquakes were felt orearthquakes although the 2020 go wind in stern because until the month of May2, 100 earthquakes so far in 2000 year of continuing this trend itwould break records on that of earthquakes over there in yellowstone andin fact yellowstone has the collection of geysers and hot springs moreimpressive of the world and this obeys this activity and have grown in sizeand of activity also the famous geysers then here they arequestioning and here they are giving to know that it is very likely that NASAtake care of this in case you approves what they want to do issomething like a hydroelectric and has to do with the famous injections withthe famous injections that can cool with cold water cancool the mantle but they would have to do sideways that's the informationthat NASA is contemplating very seriously make it sideways whencome to cool the famous cloak or the magma chamber that would be very dangerousbecause what a unique they could cause this to go ahead like thisis that it is normal in the case that erupt yellowstone volcanowould be with catastrophic consequences totally totally should beconsequences very quite quite catastrophicso let's hope it doesn't happen nothinghopefully the yellowstone mantle doesn't break down imagine these this would be moreor less the states in the first instance from a smile and in bones it jumpsrapid rapid city and everything that comes being around wyoming that would be thematter something else has yet increased the reddish color reddish color the onlyplain and simple means that it is the sulfur the sulfur contents haveincreased and eye and there's this information I hope it is looking good if itis seeing well notice that in this case these are the boilers because a lotpeople say it's just a boiler or magmatic chambers and they are notenough are enough the cameras magmatics found there inyellowstone then the the cloak of down obviously it's very big verybig over 70 kilometers something else very important and the worrying thing is notonly earthquakes but also already begins to swell begins to swelldry some trees around the yellowstone cauldron then they sayscientists who like like a relationship as an antecedentwell this is not the first time in 1985 2009-2010 pretty pretty hot andthese are the flows that good that i found this picturethese are the magmatic fluxes the magma chambers and after a while it's downbelow is what is being the cloak the cloakmagmatic so the magmatic chamber it's just like a bag and the cloak iswhere is all the lava then let's hope he doesn't do anything that doesn't happen toolder what you have in the volcano of yellowstone that's the information inas for the yellowstone volcano no there are signs and you have to be atpending now if we go with the information today we have thesolar flare the two thousand 765 that there was in the past days there is not a holecoronal is this the solar flare this solar flare is stronger thanprevious this is whatwell the ravages are already well there were no great big windssolar picks heading towards the land in terms of activityvolcanic apparently there was a truce after the eclipse of the weekend a5.

0 earthquake there was also another earthquake in 6 of 6.

1 in papua nuevaGuinea this is already set to 5.

9 and the and yesterday's earthquake in the usteach them valley california and i say good to fill and there was also an earthquakein guate no pardon it is guatemala already it would be tremor a tremor of 4.

3 there inguatemala and another tremor in atacama chile that information so faras for good see there are many many earthquakes fouralthough activity is on the rise seismic this is the one from indonesia and thisIt is 6.

1 that has already been adjusted to 5.

8 there back to britanniapapua-new guinea this is the information as to the good ones come onto end volcanoes by region here's all the all the tremors ofSouth America to a shaking of 2.

9 a microsism a micro tremor a tremorsmall the largest is here in the side of Argentina in La Rioja I haveasked a lot what happened to the energy immersion friends this I'm goingto show here the energy investment that technique if feasible if givenbut you take into account that it has to see only in the area of ​​the plates byexample are telling me that if this energy let's assume of this energyof the trembling over there this is in chile del norte de chile- what if thisimmersion of energy will give for the Spain fails for example here whereis the strait of gibraltar between Spain and Morocco well this does not havenothing to see energy has nothing to do with thefrom Chile however this emerged this immersion of energy this transfer ofenergy is very feasible and can press for silver from peru orEcuador or Chile or even this or these plates, that is, it means that onlythe plants that are nearby do not have nothing to see a thing I have heardcomments that later tell me the tremor for example here this tremor thatit is opposite guatemala there are two 4.

6 4.

8 because logic tells me that theenergy can migrate to mexico or towards central america panama or even thepacific ocean in front of mexico no way no way thisenergy that is on this side will give with an earthquake in front of guatemala thatit can't be doable that's not that no is the transfer of energy if in thetheory for example here this earthquake this earthquake which was first I think it was thisnothing 4.

1 17 12 also for example this earthquakethe west was a precursor earthquake and the east it was an earthquake you could say almost almostas a replica of this earthquake what happens that having this earthquake of 3.

6 in alaskaenergy emerged and there was already this earthquake this earthquake or earthquake fromthe northern part so be very careful thanks for the explanation andquestions you guys call me a lot thank you we invite you to give mea little hand up and help me share this possible informationearthquakes in the next hours or days 72 hours actually to something else thosescientific forecasts only give as to 72 hours according tothe readings like this changes it is continuously impossible to predict orforecast an earthquake there is a way that it is said to be a one year range but they areother parameters and are other measurements earthquake of those ranges that during ayear that an earthquake or some years as in the case of was dejuan defouka over there in the waterfall and that earthquake waited for like 20 years aearthquake of more than 9 and as the un said this year is that from guatemala toChile there could be an earthquake of 9 degrees at least said un are not mywords like that is not to fall for sensationalism see last possiblepossible earthquakes in the next few hours Ecuador, Peru and northern Chile andArgentina- there could be an earthquake five-something in afghanistan or northfrom india there might have been a trembling earthquake of five-something and injapan there is going to be one of 455 nothing important in the Philippines could beearthquake even stuck at 55 maybe even 6 in papua new guinea as there are another 5there is no there is no problem we are now at high risk in terms ofseismic activity remember that between now 22 22 23this May we have activity possible major seismic activityfor the area of ​​the us mexico even central america or some other countrythank you very much look at I'm recording this program at 11 in the morning with40 minutes and this is the last earthquake sorry the last tremor in mexico 9 ofthe morning with 15 minutes this happened there taking in tonalá chiapas regardingearthquakes and as for the last seismic reportsthese are come just had there was a shaking yesterday in sonorous cananeaan unusual earthquake a little an earthquake but that has to do with the fissurescoming from the south of the angels and east arizonaearthquakes of 3.

0 richter scale in Cananea later in Mexico we have theanother the other 3.

1 earthquake or tremor of 3.

1 in tizayuca hidalgo and cityfrom Mexico there was a replica of the tremor yesterday with epicenter in mexico cityfriends see this is the shaking of 2.

9 yesterday in the benito juárez delegation andthere was another 2.

2 in coyoacán there were two earthquakes this is 2.

2 this micro earthquake ormicro tremor but in the place of areas for example in these colonieswhere is this is the avenue university in the neighborhood of catarinaGuadalupe in the expansion of Carmen coyoacán nurseries in this area arefelt this earthquake although it was a micro earthquakeWell, a reply like that is that if there is fissures there are no geological faults in themexico city but if there ever is fissures in mexico city there were twomajor or medium-amplitude earthquakes of 4.

2 in huetamo and in zihuatanejowarrior there was also another in tape chiapas another in union hidalgo and another intonalá 45 in tonalá chiapas 4 with doses salina cruz 4 with 5 other in crossesOaxaca and another in Puerto Escondido la seismic activity is because it ismoderately high let's check the seismograms and this was the day of thelast 12 hours we will check the seismograms of the popocatépetl volcanoaccording to data from the seismological service Mexican national and see that today in thetomorrow one in the morning there were several minutes of tremorand there was also good rather there was fear and right now from 8 in the morning untilright now it's almost 12 on the 11th 40 the popocatépetl volcano is locatedin relatively stable up to this moment we will go through the report of themonitoring the volcano report popocatépetl June 8, 2020exhalations has had 320 there was no no tectonic volcano movementtremor what we already showed in seismograms 436 and there was an explosion andthis is the report in the last 24 hours through the monitoring systemfrom the popocatépetl volcano were identified 320 exhalations accompanied by steamtectonic and light vulcan gases water amounts of ash so it's beenobviously been good with these extractions or degassing is thisit is image of the cenapred and also good and this is the video of theactivity this is from the cenapred of the webcam mexico and see how there was asalt minced a sneeze of lava what sparked this is the webcam cameraMexico see this from the official page del sena prette so was thisactivity of the popocatépetl volcano a little sneeze you had the day ofYesterday I repeat this was at 1 was todayat 2 in the morning almost three in the morning 259 a little sneeze the daytoday with mexico webcam camera see how it wasthis is the activity of the volcano popocatépetl see very nice friends thevolcano urges to have a hyper chamber let's see how it possiblywe are going to have to increase with the camera before with him with the seismograph because we have someproblems well friends this is in regarding seismic activity andvolcanic let's see the earthquakes the volcanoes in the world how are thevolcanoes in the world the volcano there in the volcano sa banking there was already an emissionContinuous ash at 7, 600 meters the volcano that continues with activitywhen he had magmatic activity in June June 8, 2020 and then also onbursting volcano there in ecuador there was also there was a launch ofash is important at 4000 meters and the sakurajima volcano there was also aexplosion on this volcano in the sakurajima that's the information nowwe go with the storm with Christopher the cristobal depression is a cluetowards the midwest with update tropical depression June 8Christopher with a position here they are the coordinates continues pushedheavy rain with gusty winds in the center of the gulf to the bassmississippi maximum sustainable winds don't weaken it still has winds55 kilometers per hour is like this expect it to bring rain and floodsin areas where strong occur heavy rains and strong winds withpossible isolated tornadoes moving south until noon ofthis Tuesday because this is the activity that Christopher has then in thismoment people who live in States ofhouston good fair it's not arkansas mississippi memphis and alabama israining a lot in the republic Mexican see here comes the stormsfor Central America and could cause something if it deviates for thenext days for the mexican republic that's the information we have up tothis moment thank you very much friends help meshare this information yes friends yes someone like to support this concept thosewe invite you to join please hopefully that we could buy a camera for themoment if any program happens something something important I suggest that yousubscribe in hyper world we are not going to have in the next three months nowe will have the possibility of transmitting in this channel we will see how itfixes but in the next three months I will not be able to do programs inalive in this hyper geo we emigrate if I were to see something important I coulddo via hyper world thank you very much help me to share thisconcept give me a little hand up leave me your comments and from methat's all thank you very much and goodbye Thank you.

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