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– We should kill 'em.

We should kill 'em.

(rock music) – I'm thrilled to see Danny back.

Wearing Ascots.

(laughing) For the most part coveringup ligature marks.

I think he's a terrific, maybe not so much villain, maybe man, super-flawed man.

– Oh my god.

– That does bad things, that we can now see in a different way, and maybe he's much moresimilar to John in his way.

A lot of people call John a villain.

– What? – So Dan Jenkins, I love his development.

(ding) – It's really exciting to see these characters, too, 'cause Rainwater, Dutton and Jenkins form this triangle of like, men with complicated principles.

– But you've been a good enemy, John.

– And like, complicated sort of codes that they adhere to.

– No one's attacked my family on behalf of your business, and no one's attacked yours.

– And are sort of fightingthis very complicated war on three fronts, and then the introductionof the Beck brothers as this outside sort of force that doesn't follow the same rules.

– But now we face a new enemy.

And they don't play fair.

– That's the kind of scariesttype of person, like, that you don't really feellike has anything to lose.

And that's hard, because you don't know howto beat that type of villain.

– They'll find the thingyou care about most, and they'll kill it.

– It sort of creates this like, really incredible asymmetrical conflict.

– And we will fuck youat every turn, Thomas.

– It is like, the war is no longer fought on like a finite number of fronts or by the normal rules of engagement.

Suddenly it's this– – The walls are closing in on all sides.

– Sort of, spiraling guerrilla war that kind of quickly gets out of control.

– I think you and I find ourselves in an interesting situation.

– [Jefferson] And yeah, Danny Huston is– – [Denim] Amazing.

– Amazing actor.

(beep) – Does it hurt? – Like hell.

But I was built to go through hell, Beth.

– I think Rip is the mostinteresting character.

He's my favorite to watch, personally.

I think a lot has to do with knowing Cole and his attitude.

– [Boy] You owe me a dollar! – I ain't paying you a fucking dollar.

– And how he is, and then how he plays this character.

I find myself just kind of sitting up when he's on and wondering what he's gonna do next.

I love watching him.

– I love watching Beth.

'Cause she's just so unpredictable.

So every time she's onscreen I'm like, “Oh fuck.

” – Yeah.

– Like, what's gonna happen? How is she gonna respond to this? – It's uncanny how much youlook like that boy's dick.

– I think that Kelly issuch an incredible actor, and that the part is so written for her, it feels like at this point.

It feels like it's Kelly's idea of Beth and Taylor's idea of Beth have merged so seamlessly.

I think it's really exciting to sort of see what shedoes at any given moment.

– I just don't likedoing anything halfway.

– Not sure what that means.

– It means if I'm drinking tequila, I'm eating the fucking worm.

– My favorite's probably Colt, my horse.

He's done a lot of– – Incredible performer.

– Yeah, like, the elements, you know.

He's always doing the elements, you know– – Always surprising.

– Yeah, so you just neverknow what he's gonna do.

'Cause he's kind ofalways throwing you off.

Literally and figuratively, sometimes.

No, I think I would probably say, especially for season two, I think probably Wes'character I think is, I'm fascinated by.

Just because of like, you want the father's attentionand affection so much, and you're doing so manygood things for the family that's really holding them together and you really do have the family's best interests at heart.

– I withdrew from the race.

– But it's just not theway that your dad sees it.

And I think that that kind of feeling and then dealing with Beth.

– We owe you nothing.

– Then having to dealwith the younger brother in his own relationshipand what that looks like in his own kind of aspirations– – First hint of oppositionand you just quit? – As a human being, I find her so kind of complex, and then I think it's hardprobably, as an artist, to just kind of like, every episode you're kind of getting just dumped on in some way, like, you know.

– Your sister was right.

– And it's not like in a physical format, it's just these words that are just constantly staying with you.

– Morality.


Not part of the equation for you.

– 'Cause he really doestouch every character in a very different way, you know, and has a differentrelationship with all of them, with all the characters, from Rainwater all the way down, and so I think that just watching him having to manipulate and navigate throughthose relationships is pretty awesome to watch.

(rock music) (beep) (energetic rock music) – The bunkhouse cowboys are like, what actually makes the ranch operate.

I feel pretty comfortable saying that.

– I think the bunkhouse is a boiler room, the engine, you know, and we're the guys that areshoveling coal into the engine to make it so all the parts can move, be it doing bad things.

(horse neighs) Or– – What are you dipshits doing? – A lot of things.

– Doing good things.

– Yeah, I mean I thinkthe decisions happen a few layers up.

We're not privy to the decision-making but I think often– – You're not, yeah.

– We're not.

But then we are the, we're the guys that actuallymake it happen, you know? Like every lofty decisionmade behind closed doors, we're the sort of boots on the ground.

– We're like the all in guys, you know? We signed up and we're just here, and– – [Ian] Yeah.

– Whatever has to happen, has to happen becauseat the end of the day we have us.

– I think it's a good, the bunkhouse men are balanced in terms of the three of us make atriangle of, can-do– (cow moos) Won't do– (hoof beats) – Oh, fuck that.

– Shouldn't do– (bull roars) And then we all get towhat we're gonna do.

– We like, bring a degree of levity.

– Don't you do it, Jake! (mumbles) – To a show that is super dark.

– [Man] It's a boy! – You know, it's a really dark show and I think the bunkhouse is a sort of, it's an opportunity to see this sort of camaraderie and brotherhood.

– I call it like, thecommercial break in the show.

It's like this cool, fun, commercial, 'cause it's light and it's, you know, we're laughing– – You're virtually certainno one's gonna die, so you can kind of breathe out– – Yeah.

– And watch it and just– – You're certain no one's gonna die? – In the bunkhouse.

– So you haven't read 301.

Oh, you shouldn't haveto find out like this.

– This is intellectual warfare.

– You shouldn't haveto find out like that.

– Okay– – And the whole rest of the thing is dark.

Can we cut? 'Cause I gotta figure out, like, is this a real thing? – 'Cause I gotta call my people.

– Yeah.

(laughing) – The bunkhouse is like a family.

The bunkhouse cowboys arelike a family, you know? – Yeah.

I think we all exist, like, perfectly with one another.

We need each other to kind of hold each other accountable, but we're also kind of likethe comfort in each other.

– Alright.

Let's go to work.

(rock music).

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