How to Play Dominos

A domino is a tile that has a series of spots on both sides. The dominoes are used for games of skill and strategy. There are many different ways to play domino and there are a variety of rules for each game. The most popular are the scoring games. These games are played by partners, and the winners are those who have the least number of spots on their remaining dominoes. There are also positional games where the players must place one domino edge to edge against another to form a chain of alternating ends.

In partnership games, players sit opposite each other. After the stock of dominoes is shuffled, each player draws a single domino from the stock and places it on the table. The person with the highest numbered domino seats himself to the left of the other players. If there is a tie, it is broken by drawing new dominoes from the stock. The winner of the last game takes the first turn in the next game.

The word domino is actually a portmanteau of the Latin words for “fall” and “to knock.” When playing domino, you must set up all of the tiles on the table and arrange them so that they are forming an even line from left to right. This is called the line of play. There are different types of line of play, and there are basic instructions listed here under Line of Play for the various types.

In most of the domino games, there are two possible ways that a double can be played: 1) with the line of play (lengthwise), and 2) across the line of play. The type of line of play and whether the double is a spinner will determine how a particular game is scored.

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