here we go day two of the dykes fam RV trip vlog USA 2016 hi Christina day 2 are you guys ready for this you guys ready for this Kate in the coiler give me William how you done are you doing okay Oh Molly William is it was actually

little he's been a little sick the last two days and so last night you had a hard time going to sleep so it was a little bit of a rough night of sleep for us but I want to tell you what lanes up to me this morning he

wakes up and he says mom I want to go home and I said you want to go home he goes this is our home this is our motorhome that's right and we're still trying to figure out the shower situation it felt like I took the Polar Plunge and

then also jump in some lava in-between the Polar Plunge so I think I figured out kind of a secret how to not like freeze to death but anyways we're ready to go so what you okay give me a thumbs up buddy you got your lantern okay let's go

look for some grizzly bears I just wanted to show you guys the RV real quick this is us 360 life is good ladies and gentlemen let's go so I wish the easy yeah Eddie I wish my who is care yah hi Christina yeah just drive them through a

pretty popular spot called island ah let me know in the comments below if you've ever been to Highland Park look at this cute little town you guys don't recognize it it is West Yellowstone Montana we officially made it to our second state Montana is one what the only

music you can find on the radio station of Montana is contra Cajun and the only country music Garth Brooks y'all this is a game on you so this is Big Sky Country and it sure is beautiful we can't wait to show you guys some really cool stuff inside

the park we're gonna go see Old Faithful today we're going to go see this really cool hot spring that's colored algae and we're gonna go see Lake Yellowstone no keep watching guys we made it Yellowstone National Park I've only been here one time before in my life and

we did see some buffalos and we did see some elk but we didn't see any bears and so I'm hoping today we actually get to see a bear and of course Old Faithful I've never been to see that but Christina have you ever been to Yellowstone before you

have Oh was it fun apparently not video sir yes I saw old people and it exploded like water with a mannequin okay let's have the kids too we've been here yeah well welcome to Yellowstone National Park leaving Yellowstone National Park Wow Yellowstone is rip really short axe welcome

leaving but we have to pay up there so this is as far as we could go in because yeah we can't afford to pay sorry anything goes difficult it's official we have seen our first yellowstone wild in 10 minutes in the Yellowstone we found our first why one

on your water look how beautiful that shot is right now hey what do you think about your first Buffalo signing uh-huh mom's got a buffalo I've seen the man on a buffalo oh yeah can you look at that's it I'm gonna go ride just Buffalo just came out

on that you're a buffalo boy William what do you think of the buffalos can you see them can you see the big Buffalo over there guys are you supposed to go pad on you're gonna go pad um are you gonna go pat one no come here come here

are you supposed to pet the Buffaloes look at me are you supposed to pet the Buffaloes look at me no way dude they're not nice they're wild buffalos why Buffalo's all right folks let's get back in the RV and go see some more stuff hey what why your

money what are you looking at there's an elk so we drove past some elk that we're out there getting some water in the middle of the river and decided to hang hop out and run back over here and the kids are step on the cow pie that one's

juicy underneath so yeah that is food that's cow pie William get a close look at me data oh wait can you jump okay well we've only made it about 15 minutes into Yellowstone and we've already seen our $30 worth of wild animals so that was worth it right

you're seeing it hopefully he doesn't want to play a little one of these people I'm taking it's crossing the road is it big bull yeah that's a big Naquin William touched the hair to see how it's summer so all that yeah moist can I just drive holy look

at that thing look how majestic little dude I don't know if you guys know how yellow suit is form but there is a huge underground volcano here the magma underneath the ground is super close so all of this water gets heated up and turns into these awesome geysers

and we get to see our first ones right now look at that before come on crab you guys remember that from black sheep white you 50 pounds of white mud and like we found white mud puts a paw on the stove and I heat up water and it's

the heat from underneath it's that same thing but now ah give me thumbs up give me thumbs up we're gonna smell like boiled eggs you smell like a boiled egg I'm out of the earthling well you guys all smell like boiled eggs now eight of the last boiled

eggs so he's happy to smell like a stinky rotten fart well you say hi we're at the Midway Geyser so the one we just saw was the little brother geyser this is the big brother geyser and we're going to go see Old Faithful which is the daddy geyser

look how cool this is okay perfect good job thank you would you look at this boat just look at it would you just look at it would you just look at what you just look at it let's look at it I just want to go get in it

looks like it super hot bath hey what is this pool called the turquoise is matches your shirt bro this is called the turquoise pool because its turquoise Wow taking you doing the splits bro I'd rather look at the turquoise cool though alright here please picture seeing it they

call the I don't get it I'm not even sure so it's a little windy today and I almost lost my hat like two or three times but unfortunately there was a poor victim that lost the Grand Prismatic Orange blues out there can you see all if you were

applying the air coming through in the early days man this would have been having sand if you freeze all there's a break I'll take a bath in here though that's does that feel good yeah hair your hair like geysers you got it one hat was rescued today Yellowstone's

a pretty beautiful place birdie birdie birdie but their snow is snow okay so just because we're being patient and waiting at Old Faithful it's decided to rain on us huh yeah it's cold right it's like you guys saw the snow it's not for you here and now we're

sitting in their wave waiting for the hot geyser to erupt big Danny oh there it is exploding Wow oh please be it wowsers should be like why um do you like that is it exploding tayden that pretty cool awesome have you ever seen something like that before no

but we always we're in the Old Faithful cafeteria Lodge do this place cool well wasn't impressive food does that taste good deal never getting it back on the road because we've only driven about a third of the way through Yellowstone fine we love you my life yeah you're

the co-pilot okay guys well our Yellowstone trip is coming to an end and we are headed down down down out of the park we are at 8500 feet right now because that is so high up that there's still snow oh let me get a good shot of the

snow you guys see that there is snow everywhere here sorry what is that it's June 2nd it's supposed to be summer but yeah really there is it right here anymore I should have showed you guys like 2 minutes ago there was snow that right next to the road

yet there's so much of smoke and there's even this small mountain of those that really assure you covered in smell or snow and there's a small waterfall there was a letter founded within the end local they are still when your clocks you want to go snowboarding yeah and

now we're headed down this beautiful road up here at the very top of the mountain we're going to head back to reality back to the city and on our way to Mount Rushmore tomorrow hey you want to go see that yeah okay daddy ready for someone right then

nice yeah I got some flowers you want to go to lagoon I don't think we're going there sorry William work daughter a freshman I totally conveyed it I thought that was the end don't pass out Josh we're in a tunnel go with your breath oh it's so dark

in here I don't think you can see me Bette we have a tradition of holding our breath in the tunnel and we made it through three tunnels I got three wishes bag oh so dark all visited okay day two of our RV trip in the books the kids

watched a movie while we drove for the last hour in our bed that's going to be it from the dykes Pam tonight thanks for hanging out with us today we had a lot of fun at Yellowstone tomorrow we're gonna be going to not Raceway all right you watch

c3 see you guys you will make all my weaknesses stronger with his stripes RB shall try whooping bias I will find to the one who has grave in my life in his head

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