#yellowstone Erupciones aumentan en yellowstone por ola de terremotos alarma cientifica

the eruptions increase in yellowstone for the hour of earthquakes hello friends and friends together with last month Planet Earth has had an increase of earthquakes or earthquakes with 9 thousand 74 and so far this year of four more points and the volcano of jaws does not respond with

a swarm of earthquakes for the history of the two went from two thousand 117 earthquakes approximate last year to the large number of a second 150 so far this year and as you will imagine he is tempted to Scientists from all over the world is undeniable activity next

I show you the last one eruption of steamboat western in volcano of boston this kaiser only had done well eruptions in the last 16 years and now he's 17 in 2018 with two new eruptions so far this month and the year does not end what comes back interesting

this last eruption in the volcano in August is the fact that every Once these eruptions are more frequent which indicates more underground activity and this occasion had an eruption different opening the crack even more showing the breaking of stones and what most unusual of all stopped by seven

minutes and then it started again but with much darker water and until what they have called services the people who were around did not they had to ask them to leave the pungent smell of sulfur and rise from place but as much as they have tried keep the

information of yellowstone there is always someone hanging around in the park as a camera and employees to whom we thank you for send your boss a public report that we could see mentioning the new one director that this rash was not like none of those who have witnessed

before and they explain they had never stopped to restart seven minutes later with sulfuric water with ashes what it indicated the union of several slopes for you that may be new in this situation of yellowstone and the I will mention briefly the supervolcano what is happening in the

middle of wyoming The USA is a super volcano on which for a few years has shown activity and increasingly shows more and more activity especially after earthquakes or earthquakes that we have been Experiencing in the last months March 2000 Dead animals begin to appear suffocates what promotes one

Research in the park is Research shows two years later that the lakes of parts were from 6 to 8 inches higher moment from which this super volcano is studied 24 hours of all which brings us to the point where in August 2017 the Nasa released its plan to

calm the supervolcano what really aroused interest with He and for which we do not keep abreast since immediately after riot media was silenced and even tried to legislate the prohibition of training not to be what it was unconstitutional led since he does not gives the opportunity to prepare

to the information to the residents of the states with him but there are many controversies with relationship to the volcano of houston especially the one with both mystery and who made the mistake shows the study of Nasa that I wanted to lower the expression is super mercal since

August by means of tighten why they change you and how apparently we are not so stupid we realized that to dare to invent a supervolcano is because the danger is close with relation this same subject I can say a thousand things that you can search online such as

fact that wild animals are alarmed and trying to run away from yellowstone for example the buffaloes that try flee for a few months are eliminated with a thousand excuses that provoked as it is to pronounce the need to save the species so finish the fact Friends is everythingin

this report we will be looking for anything that can escape from boston and remember that you can not miss the report of the situation that live Europeans after the African Arab invasion that threatens European culture for women since they are all religious Muslim to the European be your

religion [Music] below beautiful views of what it is a sleeping giant that looks how much commotion around the world is waking up [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] they changed it to nigeria from nigeria to nÃger in miguel algeria aller and al Frame frame on the beach had my

mind to get to that it does not matter the same damage happens to us it's about people not knowing about the amount of dead and the amount of injured in that situation [Music] [Music] [Music]

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