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Casey! When you see Casey this time, he's not running away anymore.

He's going to facewhat he needs to face and do what he thinksis the right thing to do, which is to protectthe family business so that he cangive it to his son.

I get a sensethat he's all in.

I don't think John'sthe kind of person who thinks you canmake up for things.

I just think it's a shiftthat he thinks is important that he needs to do that.

He wasn't expecting to betaking over anything, and he's not the kind of guywho needs to be in charge.

As far as running the ranch, it wasn't planned.

It wasn't part of his plan.

It was partof his father's plan.

He's trying desperately for hisfamily to come back together, but it's so undone.

It's so dysfunctional.

Well, you can make your caseto that fellow right over there.

He can't herd these people.

They're too wild.

They're too unto themselves.

You have a fundraiser dinnertonight, another one tomorrowin Helena, then Thursdayat the Stock Farm in Hamilton.

Where we are at thebeginning of season two is Jamie's continuing to tryto maintain his campaign despite his father beingagainst him and not funding him.

She looks like you.

Jamie's going tofucking hate her.

There is something similar, the look.

I think it's somethingthat would undermine Jamie, because it's just what wouldpiss him off the most.

Cassie [DeReed 00:01:24]comes into the picture, and she's the opponent to Jamie, picked out by Beth, who has picked herintentionally to annoy Jamie.

She's also too nice to go after.

All choices by Beth that she knew would irritatethe life out of Jamie, so he has a hard time with it.

What do you drink? No, I'm fine.

It's a brand-new me.

Money is my new drug.

She's working hard.

She's cleaning up.

She's taking onthis family business, and she is going to protect it.

She's figuring out how to do it and how to save the ranchfor her father.

She loves him so much, and she feels that there'snowhere else that she can be.

As long as he needs her, she'll be there.

She can't leave it up to Jamiebecause she thinks he's useless.

Something is buriedunder the skin with you.

I'm making you money, Bob, and I am digging a 200-square-mile moataround my father's ranch.

We can build businesses, hotels, restaurants with no stateoversight because it's partof the reservation.

Thomas is still on his pathto weather all the challenges, what he considersan ancestral responsibility.

For Thomas, what's revealedto him in a dream is the questionand confrontation of how it is thathe's making his decisions.

Are they from spirit, are theyfrom the ancestral wisdom of what he wantsto accomplish for his people, or is it coming from ego? He gets to kind of reflecton how it is that he's going abouttrying to do what he's doing.

This is where change begins.

It's actually pretty good.

It's Saturday night.

Is this all we're going to do? Jesus.

Is it just the one setof testicles you all share? When I was you age, we was outin the arena playing real poker.

Cowboy Poker.

There's a thought.

Get your ass outin an arena then.

Sorry, what's Cowboy Poker? Cowboy Poker .



It's crazy.

It's a brilliant idea of a game that I guess cowboyscame up with, I don't know, a hundred years ago.

A bunch of much tougher peoplethan me sit around a poker table in the middle of a arena.

Does someone wantto explain the rules? Last one at the tablekeeps the pot.

You want some courage? Fuck yeah.

Drink up, dipshits.

Then you loose a bullin the arena.

That's crazy.

That's utterly insane.

Oh, fuck that! I'm like, “Taylor, how are wegoing to shoot this?” He's like, “So I'm going toput you guys around a table, and then I'm goingto let a bull out.

” The bull just clearsout the table.

Whoa! Oh, shit! Every time we picked upa script, we're like, “Dang, we'rereally going for it.

” I remember the bar scenewas our first day of filming.

That was a crazy first day.

It was a day with a huge fight.

Son of a bitch! Of course, Taylor has the idea, “Let's put a bull in there.

” Thank God.

Yeah, “One of the wildest thingsyou ever done?” I says, “Got called to geta bull out of a bar.

” He's like, “Really?” Well, these bikersbeat up a cowboy, and he had a bad bullin his trailer, so he just backed upto the door and kicked that bull loosein that biker bar and drove off.

There's a bull.

The scene brings everybodytogether in the bunkhouse, working as a teamto keep each other safe.

Also, yeah, I just had to stayout of the way of the bull.

But it's so well choreographedand the stunt people and the animal trainers and everyone knowswhat they're doing, it just turned into a danceand they pulled it off.

But it was very intense.

It's so much fun.

We look at each other, we're like, “This is our job?This is what we do?” It's a ball.

That's why you don't goto the bar without me.

Dad? Dad? Call 911! It's a big moment.

Basically, he finds out that hedoesn't have a terminal illness.

It's not colon cancer, John.

You have an ulcerand it's ruptured.

It was a nice turn of storythat it was not that, that you think it's somethingand it's something else.

Need you guys to hold him tight.

It's actually a wonderful momentwhere we're both kind of .



He's hanging on for dear life, and I'm hanging onto him.

Don't move.

Stay still.

Hold him.

I think Rip's exactly wherehe wants to be with him, which is holding onto him.

I mean, you can smellthe burning.

It almost smelledlike flesh burning, so it was a very real scene.

There's a rawness to it, which is kind of on par for what we're tryingto do out there.

I mean, when you live on a ranch, you're kind of far away.

There's only two kindof injuries out there: Your finger hurts a little bitor your hands come off.

He'd been sort of living likehe was dying and causing a huge messthat now he has to undo.

The idea if died, that was goingto create a protective layer, but that layers not goingto be protected now.

Then there's the thingsthat they've done.

There have beena lot of lines crossed, that's the “So much to undo.

” So much to undo.

I've got so much to undo.


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