Who Makes The BEST Fast Food CHEESE BURGER?

– [All] Ew! – [Man] No! – [All] Ah! – Hello there.

It's ya boy Jesser The Lasercoming back with the new video.

Now I have a questionthat's been on my mind.

Who out there has the best cheeseburger? Which restaurant is givingout the best cheeseburgers? Now I recently tweeted out! I said “who has the best burger in town?” The main replies wereIn-N-Out and Five Guys.

There were also others like Whataburger.

I live in California, I've never been to one, so I don't know where that is.

So I created a score sheet.

We're all gonna go to allthe different restaurants and rate each burger to findout who has the best burger.

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– Where are the boys? (car horn honks) Come get some burgers! Really, what are you doing? Get in the car.

– [Tyler] Jesus.

(car horn honks) – [Jesse The Laser] Get in the car! – [Tyler ] Okay, okay, okay.

– [Jesse The Laser] You get a scorecard.

– Nice.

– [Jesse The Laser] Score card for you.

– Thanks – Score card for you.

Score card for you.

Today we will be rating our burgers, out of a score of 20.

The sheet is a littlemessed up, it's out of 30.

First of all presentation, one to five points, very important, has to lookgood, has to look appealing.

Is the meat good, thejuiciness, one to five.

The bun.

Buns are very underrated, they'reslept on, they're low key.

Very important for a good burger.

Then we have the toppings, you know, how crazy do they get with their toppings? 'Cause I like sometoppings, like some bacon, fried egg even.

Out of ten, we're getting the taste.

Probably the most important part, it's worth the most amount of points and with that we'll figureout who has the best burger.

Now today we are going tobe going to McDonald's, In-N-Out, Shake Shack, Five Guys, Carl's Jr, Habit, Wendy's.

My early prediction Shake Shack.

– All of these guys areobsessed with Shake Shack.

I am not a Shake Shack fan.

That is always a soggy burger.

I'm picking Five Guys.

– [Jesse The Laser] Mopeywhat's your early prediction? – Okay, I want him to get off me 'cause he just said ShakeShack is a soggy burger.

Five Guys is amazing so I think Five Guys.

– I love In-N-Out, I miss In-N-Out.

I kind of want In-N-Out rightnow, more than Shake Shack, but I think Shake Shack will win.

– [Jesse The Laser] Firststop In-N-Out Burger, a classic.

The burgers are here.

Now value or price isn't an option, but the value for In-N-Outis extremely good.

Now presentation.

Honestly In-N-Out is likeiconic to me, it's classic.

– It looks amazing right? – [Jesse The Laser] Yeah.

– Then once you pull it out, you realize it's all on one side, it's kind of side loaded, right? – [Jesse The Laser] Oh thatis, I didn't notice that.

– But that perfect picture beginning.

I give it a four.

– [Jesse The Laser] Honestlylike I'm gonna give it a three, because I don't know why myburger looks like a triangle.

– Presentation I'll give it a four.

– I'm going three, it justshouldn't look like that.

– [Jesse The Laser] What do you got Tyler? – Three, no two.

(Angels singing) – [Jesse The Laser] Taste test.

First thoughts? – I used to go to In-N-Out a lot.

That was pretty good.

There's still better out there, but.

– [Jesse The Laser] Yum, scrumptious, delicious? What you thinking man? – In-N-Out tastes really great, it's just whether it's the best.

– It's delicious.

I enjoy this a lot, I'm gonna finish this.

All right my score presentation, three.

Meat is actually pretty solid.

(laughs) I'm gonna give it a four.

Buns, they actually toastedthem, they were a little crispy.

I liked it so I give that a four.

Toppings, I was about to give a two, 'cause they're so limited, they don't have many toppings.

But toppings were really good, I love the onions here, so I gave it a three.

Taste, ended it with an eight.

Total score 22.

– I gave In-N-Out a weak 16.

– Todd what was your total score? – I gave it a 21, mostly 'causeI think the buns are buns.

(clapping) – I gave it a powerful 25.

– I also gave it a 25.

– Wendy's! I haven't been here in years.

All I know is they havea fire twitter account.

– I have a lot of badexperiences with Wendy's.

– [Jesse The Laser] Alot of bad experiences? – This Wendy's no, but the one in my collegestudent center destroyed me.

– [Jesse The Laser] Ooh I'm not gonna lie, this is looking kind of juicy so far.

I'm not gonna lie, mmm.

– This has to be yourfavorite place, correct? Literally every burgerhere has bacon with it.

Do you not see that? You can't get a burger without bacon here.

– Wait is that true? – Look.

– This is my home.

(laugh) – [Jesse The Laser] Wedon't have an option but the suss-meter is at a five.

The burgers came out by thetime we found our table.

So that's a little concerning to me.

– I'm scared.

– [Jesse The Laser] Um, presentation.

So you gotta unwrap it.

It's like it's a Christmas present.

Oh the cheese doesn't even look cooked.

– [Mitchell] It's definitelynot, it's cracked.

– [Jesse The Laser] The cheese is cracked.

The burgers are square.

What do you think about that? – That lowered the grade.

– [Jesse The Laser] Youdon't like the square? – Squares aren't a natural shape.

– Squareness is not the problem here.

– [Jesse The Laser] What is the problem? (laughs) – [James] It's almost everything else.

– [Jesse The Laser] It's everything! All right taste test, what is everyone thinking? – I'm shaking, I'm kinda nervous.

– [Jesse The Laser] Why are you nervous? – [James] First bite – [Jesse The Laser] All right, let me get first bite for James.

First bite, Mitchell, first bite? First reactions boys? – It has bacon on it.

It's good.

– [Jesse The Laser] Oh you like it.

– It's better than you would think after that horrible presentation.

– Honestly pretty good.

– The bacon is good.

Buns are not good.

I don't like the buns at all but I actually kind of like the taste.

When I said I liked the taste, I didn't like it that much.

Total score, hit me!- 17.

– [Jesse The Laser] Total score? – 14.

– [Jesse The Laser] 14.

– 16.

– [Jesse The Laser] 16.

– 13.

– 13.

I gave it a 14.


The thing is, the burger I got I liked, but when I bit Tyler's burger it was na.



I didn't like it so Ihad to lower my score.

This is all that remains.

(somber music) – We're pulling up! Pulling up to Shake Shack right now.

Me and James, when we used to go to theeast coast to visit family, there was a Shake shack inNew York city at the park and we would literally wait an hour.

– Yeah.

– The line would always belike an hour long to get it.

But now there's a lot moreShake Shacks everywhere.

I was waiting an hour forthis when I was younger, so.

– It was always worth it too.

– It's always worth it.

– It was always worth it.

– [Jesse The Laser] The convenience! You order off a touch pad.

Now I do have to say, Shake Shack is probably themost expensive one on the list.

So for that reason it should be the best.

– It's worth it.

– [Jesse The Laser] Allright burgers are here.

Give me the presentation boys.

– [Mitchell] Bro, not appetizing! – [Jesse The Laser] Not appetizing? – This looks like a- – [Tyler] This one is.

– This looks like a jelly fish.

– [Jesse The Laser] A jelly fish? – I'm gonna take it out.

If the bun is soggy.



it's already soggy.

– [James] It's not soggy.

– [Tyler] It's not soggy.

– [Jesse The Laser] What do you mean? That's just oil.

– [Tyler] Their bun is like that.

– I told them theywouldn't like my critiques on these burgers.

– Because that's, dudes, that's how In-N-Out's was.

– No it was not.

– Yes it was.

– Not even close.

– All right I'm taking my bite.

– [Jesse The Laser] Allright take your bite, boy.

– I got the roadside double.

– [Jesse The Laser] You like it? Fire? Mitchell is just inspecting it, bro.

What do you think Mitchell? (eerie music) – Profoundly good, amazing.

– Why do you guys like this so much? – [Jesse The Laser] You don't like it? – I mean it's like.

– Dude what separates Shake shack is how juicy the patties are.

– I mean it's like a good burger.

– [Jesse The Laser] It'sover-hyped, you think? – So over-hyped.

– [Jesse The Laser] Youdon't like it Tyler? – My experience is ruined fromthe peppers and the spread.

That's like a two all across the board.

(laughs) – [Jesse The Laser] What? (jazz music) – I'm trying the onion one.

I actually like onions so.

Mmm, this one I'm honestlya little disappointed.

This one is godly though.

– These peppers like elevate this burger.

– [Tyler] Dude.

– Tyler thinks the exact opposite.

– So good! – The only things that were lacking for me were the presentation and the buns.

The buns were kind of disappointing.

Other than that great scores.

Total score I gave it a 25.

– I'm gonna have to give that one a 27.

Probably my favorite fast food burger, did not prove me wrong.

– I gave it a 17.

You know, the meat, I gave a four, that's what saved it because it is thehealthiest burger around.

– I gave it a 25.

– I only gave it a 17 but I got a burger that I didn't like so that's kind of biased.

– [Jesse The Laser] The golden arches! Every kid loves McDonald's.

Mitchell you got games on your phone? – I got games.

– [Jesse The Laser] Theygot games at McDonald's.

This is honestly a plus tothe presentation right now.

All right the food is here.

Let's take a look at the presentation.

Now I'm personally a fan of the box.

Oh, oh, where's the cheese? There is three buns in this thing.

Did you know that James? – Yeah.

– [Jesse The Laser] Three buns.

So the buns better be good.

The meat, a little scary.

All right, Tyler, firstof all what did you order? You always get your ownburger, what is that? – [Tyler] Meat and cheese.

– [Jesse The Laser] What is that? Any ketchup or anything? – [Mitchell] What'd he get on his burger? – [Jesse The Laser]Nothing that's the thing.

Zero topping score.

– It's just meat, cheese and bun.

It tastes like it is what it is.

– [Jesse The Laser] All right James, big, is this your first Big Mac? – Uh, in at least fifteen years.

(laughs) – I've never had a Big Macbefore, so a little scared.

I've never had a big mac.

– [Jesse The Laser] Firstbig, I've never had a Big Mac.

(chewing sounds) – [Jesse The Laser] No? Oh, no, no! Negative, negative emotions.

(laughs) Todd kind of likes it on the low.

– It tastes fine.

– [Jesse The Laser] Fine? – It doesn't have, like, too much flavor, other than the mayonnaisethat's thrown on it.

– The mayonnaise andthe pickle is like all of the flavor in that thing.

– [Jesse The Laser] Geez only one bite? Do you like your little sandwich? I'm not even gonna call it a burger.

– No.

– [Jesse The Laser] You didn't like it? – It's too plain.

– [Jesse The Laser] It's too plain? You ordered like– But I mean, it's my own fault.

I don't like anything, Idon't know what to say.

(Jesse laughs) I'm sorry if anybody's getting frustrated.

– [Jesse The Laser] I've seen you eat so much McDonald's over the years.

Are you a fan? – I used to be a Big Mac boy.

I haven't eaten here in so long.

They definitely switched some stuff up.

I'm not the biggest fan.

And look how scary that looks.

– [Voiceover] Ah! – You get a strong pickle, a lot of pickle in there.

I literally just got a giant pickle.

The buns are weak, the meat is weak.

It is probably one of thecheaper ones though, so.

You gotta consider that.

Total? – Seven.

– 12.

– 15.

– 13.

– And I gave it an 11.

I don't know why I've been like so nice.

Taste, I'm lowering it to a two.

We're gonna make this an eight.

All right, here we are at the Habit.

Honestly this used to be a go to of mine.

All right, presentation, that looks tasty, that one.

That looks tasty.

(splat) They look good to me.

Oh my god why? Nevermind.

– Presentation, honestlythe best out of all of them.

That's a five.

– For my punishment ofsmashing this burger.

I'd never do this.

Like this stuff in hereis ridiculous for me.

I'm not exaggerating.

– [Jesse The Laser] That'sthe barbecue bacon one, you love barbecue bacon.

– Lettuce is not gonnamake you throw up, Tyler.

(laughs) – [Jesse The Laser] Habit's good bro.

Nice, nice.

I'm going to try the teriyaki one.

No? Actually no? Do you like yours? – I like it.

– [Jesse The Laser] Do you like it Todd? I saw you took a bite.

– It's solid, it's definitely solid.

– It's kind of juicy-looking.

I got the teriyaki.

(hip music) Okay I did get the teriyaki, it was overwhelmingly teriyaki.

The meat, it's good, I'mgonna give it a four.

– 21.

– 23.

– 22.

– 22.

– 22.

(James and Jesse murmur) – But it was good, it was solid.

– This is definitely oneof the higher tier ones.

– Habit's always been good.

– This is one of the higher tier ones.

– Habit's a go to.

(eerie music) – We are at Mr.

Carl's Jr.

Fun fact, one time my momleft me here abandoned when I was a young boy.

I have attachment to this Carl's Jr.

But were going to thedrive through for this one.

We'll get the doublewestern bacon cheeseburger.

I'll get the famous star.

– [Mitchell] And a side of peanuts please.

– Stop.

– I want my Five guys nuts.

– Okay, also Tyler earlier today said, “I wanna suck on some salty peanuts.

” – And I'll say it again on camera, I wanna suck some salty peanuts.

– You also said, “Mmm I want that meat in mymouth that Five Guys meat.

' – That one was a lie.

– Bag is secured! Now we gotta be nice on the presentation, because this one isn't in store.

Dig in boys.

It's cold.

– It's feeling like so.

– Don't tell me, it's a cold burger.

– Ew, bro.

– Should I spit it out? – You're spitting it out? – I have to spit it out.

– Yeah you can spit it out.

– [Jesse, James, Tyler, Todd] Ew! – That's disgusting.

– [James] Bro you know it's bad when even Mopey's grossed out by it.

– No I didn't see it, I covered my eyes.

– I'll take a squidward bite.

(laughs) – Wait, guys, I don'twant to hold it any more.

– It's cold! (laughing) – [Jesse The Laser] What is it? Bro it can't be that bad.

– No!- Ah! – No! – [Jesse The Laser] Sowhat do you guys think? – I hate this.

(laugh) – You were like, I always liked Carl's Jr.

Now I'm like what happened.

– So did I! I'm actually shocked right now.

That wasn't what I expected.

(upbeat music) – Smell test it passed.

– [Tyler] Oh! – It's just not good.

(laughs) Bro I'm disappointed Iused to love Carl's Jr what happened? – [Mitchell] The girlchemically farted in it.

– [Tyler] Todd? Oh my God!- [All] Ew! – The buns are this weird soggy Play Doh.

And then the meat, it tastes like the McDonald's one.


– Mopey is the only one who didn't try it.

Let's see what it is.

We need a big boy bite.

(murmurs) – If you're going to spit it out.

Oh my God, he's going to! (laugh) – [Jesse The Laser] He's going for it.

He likes it.

– Oh! – [Jesse The Laser] You liked it Tyler? – I almost threw up.

– McDonald's was gross, but that was like I wanna throw up bad.

Do it! (upbeat music) – That's a lot man.

I don't wanna finish it.

– [James] Throw it away! – [Mitchell And James] Oh! (laughs) – Oh! – [Jesse The Laser] Oh my God! – Here we are at Five Guys.

I don't see anyone here.

I don't know about the presentation, because look we're eating in here and they still gave us a baginstead of like a platter.

– [James] Presentation is a one.

But Five Guys isn'tabout the presentation.

That's the thing.

– [Jesse The Laser] Firstthoughts, first thoughts? Like it, solid? – I'm gonna eat this.

– [Jesse The Laser] Solid James? Anyone else, Solid? Solid, Todd? All right, let me get mine.

– Borderline majestic.

– [Jesse The Laser]All right, final score? – 22.

– 21.

– 22.

– 25.

– Mine was a 23.

So we're gonna go in the car and tell you the final results.

Now we've put together allour scores to make averages and this is what thegroup decided together, based off of our scores.

– The absolute worst, undoubtedly, almost made all of usvomit at the same time, was Carl's Jr.

with an average of thelowest score possible, five.

Number two! McDonald's.

– [James] What was it's average? – 11.

Above McDonald's barelyis Wendy's with a 14.


Tied for third and fourth place.

– Oh! – Is In-N-Out and Habit! – Boo! – First and second place, with a difference of 0.


– Oh my God!- How is that even possible? – It is Five Guys then Shake Shack.

– [Jesse The Laser] Five Guys got 22.

6 and Shake Shack got 22.


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