What If An Asteroid Hit The Yellowstone Volcano?

What If An Asteroid Hit The Yellowstone Volcano? Asteroids – a space rock that could hitplanet earth and cause some serious damage.

A Volcano, a mountain with a passage to theearths crust which can spew lava, ash and gas and cause serious damage.

While we can see Asteroids coming a littleways off and we receive some warning signs about impending volcanic activity, littlecan be done to stop either… both of which are separate natural disasters waiting tohappen… but what if they weren’t so separate? Hello and welcome back to Life’s BiggestQuestions.

I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and todaywe’re asking what if An Asteroid hit the Yellowstone Volcano? Blimey.

What drama.

Before we get into this why don’t you guyslet me know if you have ever seen a shooting star or been up close to a volcano? I’ve been to Iceland, which is pretty volcanic! While you are down there in the comments – whydon’t you leave a thumbs up and subscribe to LBQ if you haven’t already! Okay.

Before we dig deep into this question letme talk to you a bit about the Yellowstone Volcano and Asteroids likely to hit earthseparately, before we marry them together.

Scientists are CONSTANTLY monitoring YellowstoneNational Park for volcanic activity around the Calderas.

Why? Well it is one of the biggest active volcanoesin the world and one of the most feared eruptions.

Despite not erupting for 640, 000 years ago, the eruption before that took place 1.

3 million years ago, and the one before that 2.

1 millionyears ago which means we could be due a huge blow soon… which would be devastating.

The last time the volcano blew there weren’ttowns, cities, states or even humanity to destroy.

These days the volcano erupting would obliterateeverything within a 100 kilometer radius and spread ash as far away as 800 kilometres fromthe epicenter, which has the potential to kill millions and destroy the worlds eco systemfor a decade or more.

OKAY great greaaat.

Meanwhile, asteroids and life on earth havea chequred history.

We all know that a huge Asteroid triggeredthe events that killed off the dinosaurs; the Chicxulub asteroid that was estimatedto be between 11 and 81 kilometres wide…which is a big swing.

That hit Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsular withthe energy of between 21–921 billion Hiroshima A-bombs…again a big swing, but a HUGE force.

Interestingly, it seems that this Asteroidsent ripples around the earths tectonic plates that then triggered massive volcanic eruptionsfrom underwater volcanos.

This likely sent all kinds of volcanic matterinto the air, along with the dust from the asteroid impact, which worked together tochoke the dinosaurs and other wildlife and block out the sun.

This was, make no mistake, a big boy asteroidand it didn’t hit a volcano, but still managed to trigger some.

If an asteroid hit the Yellowstone volcano, the amount of damage would very much depend on how big the rock is.

Leaving Asteroids out of it for a second – Ican answer the question for you of what would happen if we nuked Yellowstone, and the answeris not a lot – the most explosive weapon the world house is the Tsar Bomba which is50 Megatrons… that is comparable to a large earthquake that happened in the region inthe 70s that measured 7.

3 in the Richter scale and basically all that happened was a fewpopping hot springs and geysers.

Man can’t make explosions as big as naturecan… and even then… asteroids anywhere near big enough to mess with Yellowstone areextremely few and far between.

Need I remind you the Chicxulub asteroid arrived66 million years ago…well since then there hasn’t been a notable impact event of anobject 10 kilometres wide or more.

In the past few hundred years our biggestthreats have been meteors which are too small to be considered Asteroids.

The last few Asteroids we had hit the earth, including the 2018 LA event that impacted in Southern Africa, have been no more than5 meters wide.

This is … well… like….

paltry to saythe least in terms of asteroid size.

It would need to be an asteroid the likesof which we haven’t seen in millions of years.

And yes, if it did hit the yellow stone, thenit would likely affect that volcano, likely causing a lava eruption and it would be anightmare, but like actually probably better the massive meteor hit the volcano and keepthe impact zone a singular zone of total and utter possible life ending chaos rather thanhit a few hundred kilometres away and trigger an eruption creating two death zones.

To be honest, if an Asteroid of Dinosaur killingproportion hit the earth, it kind of becomes somewhat irrelevant where it hits, but ifit dig trigger the Yellowstone then we would go from screwed to affirmatively screwed.

Death death, extinction death….

But again, don’t you worry….

An asteroid that size isn’t even so muchon our radar, let alone on course to impact the earth…so worry not.

At this point it is basically the stuff offantasty.

So guys… that was that… don’t forgetto let me know if you have ever seen a shooting star or if you have been to a volcano up close….

Or perhaps you live near one? Anyone live near Yellowstone? I would love to hear from you.

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