hi guys hi I was waiting for that go back to our Channel today we are doing something different oh I thought why don't we make a tick tock food hack well together she would do some cooking together yeah yeah I think so so I've got my little helper

oh my baby I've got my little helper with me today cuz she or when she sees me wearing lipstick she always wants to try and take it off my lips and now she think she's got some too so Erin I thought we'll do things yeah I thought we'll

do things are a little different today having I have these viral tick tock tick tock tick tock yeah how many of these tick tock food hack videos have you seen with a turn off you're not helping out none so if you enjoyed this video please do give it

a thumbs up if you give it a thumbs up it tells me that you like this video thumbs up and I look II get a part too but can't be Gabriella okay and make sure to subscribe if you haven't subscribed already hey carry on watching Ella he good

girl open my mouth okay so first things first the first things we are going to make Gabriela today because mommy needs some coffee because she's tying it is the frothy whipped coffee thank you see how we need to make it honey oh wow okay so the first thing

we need to get better is two tablespoons of coffee and two then we need 2 tablespoons of sugar so one what softer one okay maybe two tablespoons of water one and two oh can you can get me the mixer and give you the mixer for mommy no mommy

your mixer sorry we're gonna carry on making it so now serving every a lot [Music] [Music] we need to start off with coffee oh can you see his little head at the back oh you can see carroty nose tip of his head at the back Gabriela how you

getting on this is as good as we're going to get we are now just topping up our glass with some ice like so I'm now going to fill it up with milk whoa that's thick and there you have it our own whipped coffee now as a coffee lover

this is the moment of truth delicious mm-hmm if you like coffee make it it's so good just so happy with that so yeah first tick-tock food hack all good what are you doing Gabriella are you eating my ingredients excuse me I took three Oreos out guys to prepare

for our next tick-tock hack and this onesie in the ingredients okay so the next one we are making it look good ahh the next one we're making is the Oreo mud cake so apparently all you need are Oreos and some milk and apparently it's supposed to make like

a spot in a mug so we're gonna take that and we're gonna see do you keep eating the ingredients no mmm let's see how we make it okay three Oreos in a cup put some milk if you like you can break it up enjoy my coffee from early

on okay so it literally looks like dirt like they say does it look like dirt note that does it look like mud no they say you have to pop it in the microwave well I'm actually really excited about this one all right let's see how we get on

okay it's just finished I put it for a minute I'm hoping that's enough time and I wanted to have the reaction with you guys look look it's literally it's like a gooey chocolate spongy cake but should we try some no I'm always gonna try some first make sure

it's all right No mmm mmm that is really good hmm so our second tip drop food ha ha tick tock tick tock has been a success that is actually really good so if you got some Oreos in the house and some milk and you fancy something like that

tastes like a chocolate cake you can whip this up in a minute okay so the next thing we are going to make our peanut butter cookies these look too good to be true because apparently you don't even need any flour and when it comes to baking I don't

need you a lot I always think mmm are they actually gonna taste any good so these look super quick really easy you only need I think about three or four ingredients which this one's kind of licking the egg bit weird maybe we're not really tasty so we're gonna

give these a go right now so no Brianna let's see how we make them okay [Music] okay from in here oops sorry Oh we're still filming we need 1 cup of brown sugar okay my turn okay you want to help me wow that was really good so that

in the cup in the bowl you need one egg yech oh thank you let's just throw some chocolate chips for good measure she's in the ingredients again is it yummy I bet it is you did a great job there you can make em look like cooking [Music] pretty

good for our first one it's looking promising that's for sure okay this is what our cookies look like we're gonna pop them in the oven and we're gonna pray these taste good okay um a couple of them look burnt but that's not their fault that's my ovens fault

but they actually look like cookies and I've never made confused before so let's try one okay I've just cut a little bit off the end these are delicious they're so good right so that is it for our testing tip top food hacks come here come here we're doing

our outro here dude hello we're doing our outro mm-hmm okay I don't think she's um and I think she's interested anymore but we hope you enjoyed our testing tik-tok food hacks if you did enjoy it please do give it a thumbs up and if you do give it

a thumbs up it just basically tells me that you enjoyed this kind of video will definitely get another one up for you as well if you enjoyed it we're sticking to three today because doing it with a toddler was a bit of a challenge shirt off challenge make

sure to subscribe if you haven't already and we will see you in our next video bye guys say bye Gabriella say bye bye bye

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