We Made Home Alone R-Rated

For the last few months, we've been working on these VFX makeover videos We've fixed the Scorpion King We've changed the muzzle flashes in John Wick and we even made a Marvel movie r-rated And so I got to wondering about one of the most brutal movies of all time: Home Alone Which I know it's the children's movie.

It's not violent, but when you think about it, it really is.

It's a very brutal movie So we decided to give it the brutality it deserves.

So today we're gonna make Home A lone r-rated We're here to do the first look at the home defense scene in the original Home Alone movie.

We're gonna be going through picking some of our favorite moments where Kevin is defending the house from the bad guys and seeing how we can reimagine this entire scene.

We have enough time for about four or five shots.

Yeah, Peter said he could do a shot remotely from school.

Peter's special.

We need to give Peter the most insane outrageous shot.

I think the first obvious one is right here.

He's holding a gun.

Hello Boom! Sound effects.

He's just dead.

It's just blood bath.

Chunks dude.

It's gonna be so much chunks.

It's gonna be.



Literally gonna be like this.

Dude, this should be the Peter shot.

I feel like this shot was made for Peter.

Dude, that just has to get lodged straight into his head.

Just straight in like halfway through his head and it just moves wherever his head goes.

So, this reminds me of a video that Jake Roper from vsauce3 did exploring the possibility of all these things and, like, the damage that they would do.

Dude, if his skin tore off the bottom of his foot- [yells in disgust] and then when he lands right there, just seeing the nail through his foot.

We could probably do, like, a CG foot, rip it down the middle, and add guts on the inside.

When he lands on the ground he's like.



Oh my God! yeah [screams] His entire body gets just engulfed in flames.

I think if your eyeballs actually get hot enough, because they're a contained vessel, the pressure would increase until they pop His eyes should definitely pop.

You guys give up or are you thirsty for more? [mocking] Or are you thirsty for more? We needed to take people's expectations of Kevin McCallister and flip them on its head and make him the villain.

So, what about this? What if Kevin McCallister advertises on Airbnb? Joe Pesci and the robbers are actually just guys who are coming to, like, stay at their Airbnb.

Hey! Well, this looks like a great house.

I'm really excited to be staying here.

You sure picked a good one off Airbnb, Harry.

We're turning Kevin McCallister into a psychotic serial killer.

And then he makes his escape, dude.

Like you hear cop sirens and he just escapes out the window to the treehouse.

That's the end.

That's the game plan.

We've got the iron, nail, and fire.

I'll get started on the foot nail.

I'll get started on the iron.

I think this is gonna be great.

Well, let's get it.

So, my task here for this video, the main one, the one that I was really looking forward to is causing this guy pain.

In the actual movie, his foot hovers over this nail and then he freaks out, and falls backwards, and holds his foot.

It's like he obviously, like, presses it down a little bit, but he doesn't do more than that.

So, what I ended up doing was I decided to make him fully step on it.

Just like.



First step is you got to create a clean plate.

You got to remove the foot from the shot.

At the very beginning of the shot, it's very convenient.

Look at all this empty space.

You take a freeze-frame of that and track it back into the footage.

So, the second thing you do, completely rotoscope out his foot.

Now, I could be like, whoo, foot.


Okay, moving on.

Now, I can actually animate it going down and over the nail.

This is what I love about doing visual effects, cuz it's all just problem-solving and I have this big problem here.

For one, he's missing the top of his leg, but that's easy enough.

You just duplicate this and you slide it upwards.


The hard part here is getting his foot to align with the ground and to do that, I did something interesting.

I used the liquify tool.

I basically just like smudged everything up in the place And then from there you had some contact shadows.

It actually looks like his foot is making contact with the step.

Obviously, we gotta color the nail to be red, add some blood elements.

This shot is now done.

For the shot where his foot actually rips through the nail, that's not a shot that exists.

Don't forget his foot is still completely like I can move it around and stuff.

And what if I just like take it and slide it out the back.

That's basically the animation right there, but that's not good enough.

I need to animate his leg actually starting to fall back a little bit and then tugging a little bit on his foot.

I even bend the nail a little bit So, it's bending and bending, and then at the moment of give, it stops bending because there's no more force on it.

So I have some blood elements kind of going in different directions here.

So kind of like it pops and splashes in different ways.

So Marv here he falls down and he's holding his ankle from his little boo-boo that he got from when he just nicked a nail But no I need to make him scream in agony because he split his foot in half basically just completely rotoscope out his foot So now I have this massed about foot that I can literally just move anywhere So I just rotated it a little bit just like this now I did actually kind of Animate the foot in place a little bit so that when he falls down it kind of closes them when he goes back up again It opens up a little bit currently.

There's nothing inside the foot to see there's meat in there.

We gotta see that tissue So I threw this in what? This is literally in this shot.

I just googled steak and I found it a really high-resolution image of a steak It's very subtle and that's the point here.

This is really disturbing, but you know what? It's not nearly disturbing enough.

I decided to add some blood But yeah, so I mean that's essentially those three shots, but you know What doing all of this blood adding all this blood to these shots has made me kind of think maybe we should try something That's the opposite of this.

What if we like took a really violent movie and tried to make it as g-rated as possible What if we took like Deadpool and made it super gene? G-rated Deadpool or if you think of a better movie that deserves a G rating let us know and we'll talk about next Now they've done studies traumatic experiences you are more likely to remember than good experiences These guys out here.

They're all working really hard on this home alone raided our piece They look a little too safe a little too secure That's why I'm gonna throw at them some good old-fashioned home alone stunts courtesy of today's sponsor expressvpn Now these stunts are gonna exemplify Just how dangerous it can be to have your information out on the open Internet and I'm hoping with a little bit of trauma They'll remember I'm just a little bit better than they might.

Otherwise, let's get started Everything is set up Sam's gonna be the victim right here right now.

Check this out Hey Sam, what's up, man? I got something really important to talk to you about.

Could you come in the back? Please like a podcast back or like the prop room back Did you know that a VPN protects your information online so companies and guests, please can't steal it from you Yeah, it creates anonymity and security No All right Clint's coming back right now.

It looks like he's on his one wheel here he comes here he comes You know that expressvpn is available in over 94 countries bales your best-in-class encryption and the fastest speeds I mean wow Freaking wrist Alright guys for my final trick out of Kevin's playbook I've got the classic toys on the ground with the paint can to the face Now this one I think they're really gonna remember Why would you forget when expressvpn is just seven bucks a month with a 30-day money-back guarantee? Hey guys, there's something super cool back here That's right Wes, it's three months free when you sign up for a year just go to expressvpn dots cop slash corner crew really hurt That's expr ESS VPN calm such corridor crew is frozen We've done a couple of these VFX makeovers and now with home alone, how do we take that even a step further? Why is Kevin killing these people? Why is Kevin murdering his men? Just watching through home alone it occurred Kevin is already a bullied youngest child.

Like there's this scene where If you want a somebody's gonna have to barf it all up look at this they're bullying him What if that scene just went south? What if Kevin was harboring years more of anxieties from his family? What if Kevin was a psychopath? Ranan Clint are busy making the physical damage of Kevin's traps realistic and I'm busy making his psychological Damage from his family realistic.

So then it's like, okay.

Well what tools do we have to work with within home alone? So apparently Kevin has the biggest family in the world that probably could drive someone mad in itself having that many brothers and sisters There's this guy He probably was the reason Kevin snapped Kevin might snap some Calicut axe and starts like trying to tackle him Okay, so there's something I can work with like it look his little hand goes up I think if you had a knife sound effect there it can sound like he's pulling a knife out There goes everywhere.

It's perfect.

It's like chaotic shots that can be recontextualized I went back and took to the closeup of his brother and lurching move that after Kevin draws a knife tackles him That's him getting stabbed now So it's all about those moments like finding these little moments like Kevin saying I made my family disappear The way he says I made my family disappear is just so twisted So yeah, this turned into a far larger editing project than originally anticipated But I think it turned out pretty solid now.

We just need to go record some custom ADR We're redoing the voices for all the bad guys.

So basically all the context we're gonna get Jake and Sam screams we need dialogue I think it's all gonna come together really well.

So let's go do that.

I'm playing Harry and Henry Listen, there's Newark and then there's New York.

Okay, the two different places.

Don't get it wrong We live in we're not from New York were from Newark, right? Okay.

Just do some tape.

Give me some tapes Hey Dan, this is Harry with the Airbnb reservation.

The owner said to give them a call when we arrived.

That was it That was really good.

Is this a hard-working man from Newark? It's like I can't control this stuff Yeah, it's all just impulse Wow how I knew you could no No, you could Wow who knew you did who knew you could get such a nice place on air B&B Just you just stop recording it just stop recording recording it now no who knows what I'm doing You get such a nice place on Airbnb that's sucked on a B&B You want a two-stage err dry – wet dry – wet See you guys at the academy This is a great moment for this week because everyone here worked on this video everyone here We're seeing it with all the parts together for the first time.

I think it came out super good I'm so excited for you guys to see this.

I know that Peter did a shot you all know Peter He is a VFX magician a prodigy.

I'm very excited to see that shot.

Let's watch it You are such a disease you stir it alone just disappeared I've made my family disappear Haven't you completely help us? You are such a disease a little jerk doing Her new family My family disappear Here it is mom Wow who knew you could get such a nice place on Airbnb.

Yeah, she's okay The owner said to give him a call when we arrived Yes, this is Harry with the Airbnb reservation and we're just pulling up now is it still all right if we let ourselves in yes Actually we made pretty good time.

Let's see here you're downstairs.

I'm up right downstairs Screw Jace, I'm going upstairs.

I'll sleep on the couch if I have to you should gonna turn your tail.

Oh, yeah being baked Looks just like the pictures This is where we're staying this is gonna be the best twin brothers convention that ever show is looks like Harry and Marv already got the party started to Say who the hell is that? All good party star in the back door on my right knock.

Hello I can fit through here Sure Don't keep scared My favorite shot was shut up an expansion Like he simulated his hair.

It's crazy, you know means making those news.

I think that's really really well done I think most importantly bet the re-edit.

It is really what makes it all work It's the Edit that actually brings the news story and makes it really funny and entertaining Other people have done visual effects on home alone before but no one's actually ready to make Kevin McCallister look like a psychopath I've made my family disappear the most subtle of effects the second van There's the first band that Harry and Marv pull up in and then later on in the piece Henry and Mark pull up in their other thing They're like we want more Harry and Marv kills, but we like how do we justified? These guys are saying like hey, why don't we do it like a twin convention thing that's going on So what started as just like a regular crew video has now turned into a full-fledged like corridor Channel videos? So you should definitely go check that out on the corridor channel a standalone You can share with your friends if you guys haven't seen the other Makeover videos that we've done please check them out There's a playlist in the description of this video And if you have any other movies or shows that you'd like to see us remake, please let us know in the comments We'll be checking it out.

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