We Ate Only Canned Food For 72 Hours! | 72 Hours Challenges | EP 15

Ok, we've just received our 72 Hours challenge.

I would say that I'm quite fortunate in this period because I think that I have a mum that is quite talented in cooking.

But sadly, now I have to say no to Her good food that she cooks every day to eat canned food! URGH Actually, to be honest, I do eat canned food.

I wouldn't say frequently, But it is incorporated into my diet.

Maybe, I have canned food about At least twice a week.

I don't think I've ever cooked a meal for myself Besides like instant noodles.

So This challenge, I think going to be quite hard because The ingredients are limited.

As usual right, Eatbook is not going to let us off easily.

Everytime, I, I don't know what makes me want to sign up For another Eatbook challenge.

Yes but like.


This one is pretty relevant.

They have asked us to eat only ONLY canned food for three days! Ok, my plan is to, Instead of going to the supermarket right, It's to try to finish All these canned food I have at home first, Cause I don't want to be a hoarder.

So unless I really like Can't deal anymore, I really need like other variety of canned food, Then I'll go to the supermarket.

Currently at home, I have quite a bit of canned food.

I have, I have a lot of tomato puree and sauces.

So I realised I don't have a lot of Canned food at my house.

It's quite limited selections So I'm on my way to see what's available.

Guys, I found a way to beat the challenge.

Canned food.

I'm just going to get this For when I'm really desperate.

So guys, it started raining damn heavily.

So my dad is here to pick me up.

I think after looking at some of the ingredients that they have, I have A few ideas on what I can make for myself.

Unfortunately, now I am stuck Because it is raining so heavily! I managed to reach home safely.

So Every time you come back remember to Always wash your hands properly and wipe your things.

This is my first Meal of the day.


Umm ok.

So I think I'll keep this for later.

Breakfast Of champions.

I wish I can put some cheese inside But I cannot.

I'm going to start off quite easy.

With Wholemeal bread and Probably half a can of this.

To be honest, this tuna mayo from the can Doesn't look very good.

It looks like cat food.

Tastes ok so far.

I think there's better tuna mayo.


So you can see it's from here.

The spam, I'mma cut them up.

So anyway, now I Have used the first ingredient which is Oil! Here! And I can only have this amount of ingredients.

Come on, the salt.

Come out from the spam.

Everybody, this is my Fried rice with Spam.

Maybe I'll call it Spam.






Pepper(gar)lic rice.

Oh thank God for the salt in spam.

Hello guys! Ok, so this is a rare footage of me stepping in the kitchen.

Today, we are going to do Golden Corn.

I have some rice that is currently cooking At low heat.

Oh wait.

Ok, it's cooked already.

Wait what?! I'm going to cut these mushrooms.

I think I'm going to use maybe like one third.

I don't know if I can finish this But then again it's soup.

It should be fine.

So I have my soup.

At the first, the challenged sounded very sian (boring).

Maybe cause it is only the first meal.

I would say it's pretty good so far.

I'm going to be trying to make like a Makeshift Carbonara pasta.

Ok, so this is what the finished product looks like.

I realised that I I shouldn't have put in the garlic.

I put it in first.

And then I fried the luncheon meat Which sort of burnt the garlic Cause the temperature was too high.

Actually, it's quite nice with the Luncheon meat and the The mushroom soup sauce.

But it's a bit dry, I should have put more mushroom soup.

I'm going to cook lunch now And this is what I'm going to use.

It's lunch for 4 people by the way, not just me.

This actually a recipe that I've used before.

And it's almost entirely made of canned goods actually.

Ok, taste test.

The pasta very hard.

Ok, lunch.

6pm now, so time to get some exercise.

Dinner will be soup! Ok, dinner.

Oh! Quite salty.

I feeling especially lazy so I'm just going to like Take some of this curry chicken And pickled lettuce.

I'm just going to like Put in microwave and eat with some leftover rice.

Wah, I thought it will be like sort of like pastey Then maybe I will have to mix with water.

So that's the whole can of curry chicken.

It's not a lot There's only like a few pieces of chicken inside.

It's not bad, it's a bit spicy actually.

Chicken is so tough! But what can you expect from canned chicken.

The curry actually tastes quite good.

I have the chicken curry Which I'm going to eat with Softmeal bread.

And also I have Luncheon meat.

And look at that, I have luncheon meat, My bread which is allowed, And look at the curry.

The chicken taste exactly like Combat ration.

For dinner, I found this other canned food Called Australia baby abalone.

Ok so the water is in there, I'm going to use this as a soup.

Yes! Ok, we have cooked up some Spam fries And my abalone noodles.

Aeres: And broccoli.

Umm for you.

Nice?! It's Spam fries.

Mm hmm.

Wah, it's also crispy.

We never even use oil.

We just air fried it.

The soup got taste! Ok, Day 2's breakfast is going to be easy.

I actually like Have eaten this everytime and I love it.

It's just white bread and baked beans, maybe a bit of butter.

I think it got some like British or English words.

Baked beans on toast.

There you go Just easy beans on toast.

So today's lunch choice is Ayam brand.

Tuna mayo light! Then I have chosen a piece of white bread.

Let me taste.

So I just wanted say right that The whole of yesterday, I was feeling super hungry.

So I feel like I have to cook more today and eat more for lunch.

One swift motion, yeah? This is Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup.

I starting to think that this 72 Hours challenge.

Is more like a Noob Cook Home edition.

After almost burning down my kitchen, I have come up with a Quite a simple spread.

Wow, look at that tuna And softmeal bread And my mushroom soup.

Actually, I was saving the rest of my chicken curry.

So basically I took out all the ingredients Then like, basically half a can of curry left.

It's not a lot but I think it's enough for my lunch, Which is going to just be curry chicken with Prata! I would say that Giant's, As in the frozen pratas from Giant's Are super convenient cause like You just need fry them up in a pan and They will be ready to go.

And I think they taste nicer out of the other frozen prata brand.

There you go.

Does it look good? Feeling that I'm not really eating canned food For this meal.

It's only just leftover curry and my prata.

Leftover mushroom soup from yesterday.

I just have to say that the soup makes me very very thirsty.

I guessed it's also my body getting old And I can no longer process Sodium as well as I had When I was a teenager.

Ok so 6pm now Time to get some exercise! I think after that Tiring workout, I deserve a treat.

So I'm going to fry myself some rice.

Got leftover rice That my parents have not eaten.

I'm going to use rest of the tuna that I bought the other day, Some of the pickles as well And some canned peas.

And here is my nasi goreng ikan tuna.

Like no taste.

Not enough like Not enough sauce Not enough ingredients.

So ok it turns out like I'm not really hungry today For dinner.

So what, instead I going to have a sweet Dinner tonight which is this one.

Longan in syrup.

Aeres: Can I have some?.

Honestly, it's like I mean It's just Longan.

Somebody has already Plucked it out for you.

Put it in some kind of a Sweet-ish syrup.

Ok, hi guys.

It's finally time to cook dinner.

Actually, I kind of forgot about it because I was looking at the Adidas sale.

Got 50% off.

Wah, wah, wah Ok, this is the curry beef.

This is the Sardines with garlic.

And we have dinner! Wow, look at that spread! Ok, so I feel like some of you maybe wondering Why is Cleon so bad at cooking? So the truth is I have never really cooked before.

I always wanted to cook but One, I don't know how.

And two, My mum won't let me go into the kitchen Because of how bad she think I will be So it's like a cycle.

Ok so today is a day of leftovers.

I'm having leftover baked beans And leftover pasta from yesterday.

Because One can, can cook quite a lot of Portions So I don't want to waste.

After this challenge I will eat Cake And I will drink bubble tea.

It is 10 o' clock at night And I'm going to open my longan can.

Woohoo Breakfast Is luncheon meat And bread.


It's so thick.

The thing about canned food is that it's very yummy.

Cause it's so salty and satisfying right But after that, it's just Water parade.

Ok day 3 breakfast.

I have another half can of beans left So I'm going to finish that up With the same toast.

One thing I really missed about Eating so much canned food is I really miss all the Fresh stuff.

Ok so it's the last day of the challenge and I told myself Let's kick it up a notch.

Ok I'm going to add the Pasta sauce.

Let's set for 10 mins.

Hello! Looked at the baked rice! The garlic taste is very strong.

But I like it.

My plan today is to use a bit of corn And, oh yeah, and yeah Bring back yesterday's tuna Which I put in the fridge and I didn't finish.

This is my concoction of tuna Stirred fried with corn.

Luncheon meat is frying.

I'm not a cook but I think this fried rice looks legit.

Here's the aftermath.

I'm so bad.

Oh no, I fry finished then I realised that I forgot to add in my peas.

Not bad I will eat this again.

6pm now, so time to get some exercises.

Last meal Of the challenge.

I'm going to cook the rice inside the soup.

This tastes just like the corn soup.

Last meal of today! And last meal for the three day challenge.

I'm so sick of canned food.

Fried luncheon meat is always good.

I feel like today, I think I got it a lot better.

I realised it was a bit too dry so I put a bit of pasta water inside.

Today's much better.

You know, I found this In supermarket one day and It looks pretty damn Legit.

Wah, got curry potato.

Row, row, row your boat Gently down the Wave.

I'll be honest.

I might not buy this again.

Purely because I I prefer curry that is a little milky and Sweeter, on the sweeter side.


It's the end of my challenge.

We are finally done with the challenge.

I don't think it's the toughest one though.

Although I was dying to get some fresh food Like some proper meat, some proper veggies.

The thing is I bought One of many different things So I wasn't limited per se but Most of the food was just salty cause I feel like Canned food, majority of them are salty.

These foods are definitely edible.

You can try to be creative, cook it the way you want it, Prepare the way you want it.

But For me If have the option to not eat canned food, I will not eat canned food! Yes.

So prolonged period of time? Nah, not very sustainable.

So ok, I would say that if you're going to the supermarket Please be a more socially responsible.

Try not to hoard too many food items Especially canned food because That might be A necessity for somebody out there When it comes to his daily meals.

Thank you for watching this episode of 72 Hour challenges.

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Stay safe, bye bye.


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