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VOCAL WORKOUT 6 (male) : agility

what's up WeSingers it's Michele Fischietti and it's time to train your voice one more time now on this channel you can find professional vocal exercises that will make your voicesounds better get more strength, rangeand intonation in a natural way from bottom to top all you need is your phone your headphones and your friend natural water now there are differentkind of videos with different kind ofexercises and difficulties from amateurs to pro with this video you're gonna work with your voice and your tempo using your body as an instrument so don't forget to snap your fingers with the snare drum and move your body with a flow two rulesrule #1 don't try to imitatethe sound you hear instead try to find yourown voice in a natural way your own unique sound Rule#2 any time you feel fatigued please stoptake a rest and wait for the next exercise now with this video we're gonna extend the range of your voice and improve agility as always you canuse this video before a vocal performancewhether if it's a concert an acting performance or I don't know coaching a basketball game so to get better results make sure you have completed all the previous videos before trying this one this is a little advanced if you have anydoubt please leave a comment down below and check our website wesingstudio.

com I'm gonna be with you all the waythrough you ready ? let's go let's change for the legato here we go next one and then let's change for UOU last one then legato here we go move your body with the tempo changeA last one and STOP all right now we'll work on your BRR and the RR exercise that will help you to keep the larynx more stable try to be precise with the notes and once you've closed your cords let the air do the work 5 seconds ready ? let's go Last one and STOP drink breathe low with the next ones we're gonna improve the lip or tongue exercise and we'll use it tostabilize the larynx before puttingwords so don't stop the airflow and keep your breathing under control you're ready ? let's go then we'll add some words last one ready ? then we add MOM here we go you can keepthe hands let's go down then we'll do the same only with VAN one more change and STOP drink shut up enjoy the silence let your cords relax take it easy 10 seconds breathe low then we'll do V 1 octave 1/2 staccato ready ? here we go let's go down then let's change relax your jaw when you do this last one and STOP ! take a rest breathe low relax your shoulders next one isgonna be fast so try to keep the pace by breathing theright way and don't reach for the highest part of the scale 5 seconds it's gonna be VI -VEY 1 octave 1/2 staccato let's go don't push just keep your cords close and let theair do the work last one and STOP so rest then we're gonna do we're gonna do the same thing with VOU-VA try to keep the same volume from top to bottom 5 seconds 1 octave 1/2let's go and Enjoy the rhythm with your body let's go down and STOP ! Now rest take a breath let the cords relax from now on we'regoing to work with vowels, pure vowels first one will be U with an arpeggio A broken arpeggio you're ready ? three two one drop your jaw at the top high notes need space last one and STOP ! take rest you can drink quick rest then let's do O through your U lips think U say O let's go and drop your jaw at the top and STOP ! Take a rest let's do the same thing for the next exercises the first one isgonna use the vowel I so keep your lips up for the vowel I don't smile just keep it I let's go and STOP ! get readysame thing with the vowel E the Italian E like “Estate” keep the I lips for this vowel let's go last one and STOP ! yeah next oneis gonna be an U with a top down arpeggio keep yourlips up for this one too and let's go let's switch for O same lips don't push just slide let the air do the work close your cordsand let the air do its job And STOP ! ok take a rest then let's do the the last one last one isgonna be a plain A 1 octave 1/2 don't stop the airflow and don't make the A too big at the top you ready for the last one ? let's run last one and STOP ! yes ! you made it this wasn't easy so congratulation now if you want to really get the best out of your voice and out ofthis training take three minutes of a rest and do it two more times with a three minute rest in between so thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyedthe video as always don't forget to SMASH that like button and leave a comment down below and subscribe if youhaven't already be sure to follow me also on Instagram and Facebook and visit the website wesingstudio.

com where you can also find events and master classes and the list of the certified teachers that will help you going through all of this so thank you again for watching but now go back to your training ciao.

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