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training for 5K PR | road to running a faster 5k | track workout

what's up my beautiful people! we are getting ready to go get a track workout in today cause we're working on our 5ktime trial And I'm about to get a quick, instant boost of hydration from my vivolife gotta get hydrated.

it's really hot today.

all right this is cool actually I gotthis new thing from vivolife so we gotta shake this baby up shake it shakeit shake it shake it shake shake it and then hydration time.

this is actually great flavor -pineapple and lime.

see you at the track.

lets get it! alright we were here at thetrack so I'm here to get my best 5k time and who is the better person to help medo that than this guy over here Alex.

he beat me at the 5k race that we did – whatwas your time on that? um time there was 18:36 I think.

18:36 – and what was your best5k time? 16:55.

16:55 you guys hear that? that's insane so I'm gonna do everything that he's doing so I'm literally gonna treat myself like I've never ran5k in my life and I'm just gonna follow his trainingroute.

And my best 5k it wasn't exactly 5k it was 3.

22 miles It was 18:52 I saw that not too long ago so we're trying to see what I can do.

stay tuned I'm following my boy Alex we're about to get this work in.

let'sget it let's go! ready, set, go.

Alex let the people know what was thepace on your Garmin? 4:56.

What was the pace on Hellah's apple watch? 4:56 right here guys.

we're not far off.


this is what I need.

You need.

I can't just daily run.

I need this guys its getting rough.

tell them what'd we just do and we still got 2 more to go.

we went :52.

:49, and :49 after that so two more to go.

we'll see how it goes.

Lets get it! maybe we start out like medium and then kind of pick it up on the last like 150 right behind the goal post and just have a pretty good start alright you count it down.

3, 2, 1 Nice cruise start my whole upper body.

my hamstrings, my legs! it's my lower body that's like.


we were just enjoying the run, we went quick.

I wanna go homeee! I wanna go home! You gotta smile through the pain guys! smile! what a great way to end that.

that was beautiful that was a beautiful pain.

a beautiful pain.

oh yeah that got my heart racing like the :49s.


they felt easier than that! yeah the 49 seconds felt easier than this.

It makes sense, we're getting tired.

But it's insane thank you! I don't know why people hate on [Apple Watch] I know it's not a running specific watch.

It's not that off alright guys so now we're doing four 200shundreds.

kind of recovering from those 300s so let's go.

Let's go Hellah! Let's get it! Three.

No more guys.


just three! the goal is to go 33 seconds for 200.


no, 36 seconds.

We keep doing it in 33.

the mind is really funny I think thefact that we know it's only 200 or like we're not trying we can go faster thanthat for sure yeah but it's day one guys can't kill ourselves right? yeah progression! alright let's get to the last one! AH! hyping myself up that's what you gotta do to have your mental state.


to keep going mindset guys, mindset.

gotta keep yourself motivated whether it'syou know looking at different people or movies or something something it's all just what keeps you going everyday guys I'm 12 years old, I'm 13 years old can I run at this thing? guy.



This guy is a youngster! This is – he's my coach today! and don't be embarrassed! it's okay.

no matter what I do in life.


even the best of the best some of them not Eliud Kipchoge but there'sgonna be someone who's a little above you and it's okay just use them asmotivation.

don't be jealous.

I will never envy this guy! this guy is mymotivation! he's younger than me so that's what it's about.

it's a mindset.

he'shelping me, we're helping each other in different ways and he even said here I'mdoing a little more than I would by myself not that he can't do more byhimself but it's easier when there's someone next to you.

working off ofsomeone.

you know yes yeah always remember that and there's no embarrassment we're justtrying to be the best we can be and this is the best I can be I'm ok with it aslong as I know I'm giving my all though so give your all guys every time lastone yeah here we go I've never been excited to run a mile inmy life but after this is a mile cool down I said guys we're going all out onthis one we're going all out and I'm like, “I'm nervous now” nerves are okay.

it's gonna happen all out according to what our legs can do though! Not our best all out.

Alright let's go! 1, 2, 3 all right so now we got one milerecovery to end our workout so let's go let's do it all right so to start off we did 300s wedid five of those going :52 :49 :49 :50 and :51 to end and then we went to four 200sgoing at :33 :33 :33 and finishing I finished with :32 and hellah finished with a :29 and then we ended with a mile cooldown to kind of rest our muscles andrecover after that hard workout so it was great workout doing it with him andgreat outcome.

Uh, disclaimer – even though I did that 29, Ii can only do that for solong but this guy could hold his pace for a long amount of time so that's thegoal.

So this is operation 5k to get Hellah to beat his PB that's all itis and i'm glad you guys came along I'm so happy and grateful for Alex to comein and helping me and I hope you guys got something out of this.

This is sharingyou guys with you that I'm always ready to learn I'm always ready no matter whatage it is no matter who it is I'm ready to be the best that I can and if itmeans that I go to someone younger than me, it is what it is at the end of theday! hopefully you get up and get your work in no matter circumstance.

you guysare awesome.

believe in yourself.

he believes in himself that's why he'sdoing what it's doing! I believe myself you should too.

if you don't, we believein you.

love you guys I'll see in the next video take care, bye.

let's get it let'sgo! anything else? stay motivated and let's keep going! alright let's shut the camera.

ready? let's go thank you Vivolife!.

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