This Football will turn You into ROBERTO CARLOS

You're alright?! – Yes of course, my friend! It's time for the German Classico, FC Bayern vs.

Borussia Dortmund! We will find out how will this battle here within 3 challenges.

Who will time the battle in the Bundesliga, you are about to predict in the comments down below now! Let's go! Let's start with the first challenge, called “Quickshot”.

We are going to throw the ball over each player.

The player has to react quickly then and shot with his first contact.

So it is time to start, let's go! Konzi may decide – I am going to start.

Konzi ready? – Yes! Ball is there! Oooh, it's the post.

Are you ready? I don't know how to be ready with this ball Never .



But let's do it.

Wasn't too bad actually.

You may not put too much power in it.

That is the most difficult thing about this ball.

Unlucky! Ready? Always ready! It somehow stopped after touching the ground and therefore flew over Jan.

A real Bayern goal.

It has nothing to do with Bayern, it's just skill.

Maybe Jan also likes the Bayern.



Ready? Here is the ball He starts off slowly .


No .


He started to earyl! I can decide to start on my own for sure.

Typical for Dortmund: “I can decide on my own.



” Describe how the shots feel for you, Jan.



Completely crazy and unpredictable.

There is nothing more to describe then.

Even ugly maybe, .



Now you're exaggerating.

I really hate this ball.

Time to finish this challenge! Are you ready? What was that? What was the throw? He went in and out of the matrix.

It was simple amazing! It is just pure talent.

So time for challenge number two now: Classic freekicks! We have 2 different positions The first who scores, wins the position.

Whoever gets 2 positions wins the challenge You may start.

– Ohhhhh, he is really worrying.

Then i can directly win the first position.

Alright, you are talking and i am scoring! Have you made a deal again? Will you score? I have to! But at least he took the full risk there.

Either all the way or not at all So it is time for position two.

So Martin, time for the second position.

You need to talk that arrogant again, it makes it easier for me then! If you do not score right away, i will do so for sure.

The is the weakness! – For sure not! There was a lot of power behind it! There was meat, there was juice.



okay Now we have Julian Brandt The goalkeeper is on holiday in Mallorca or something.



I'll do so as well after i've got my payment today.

That one wasn't so good.

We had a first close shot, then a goal – now here comes another goal If you score, we have a Sudden Death That's your chance to survive I have to win at least one challenge It wasn't enough.



How does it feel? Was it maybe in? Respect, but we have one more challenge to go at least.

He exactly know that this one is really important for me, as.






challenge number 3 are penalties! Each player has 5 penalty's.

Every player has the Cuve Ball Joker Who scores more goals, wins this challenge.

So final round.

As long as you only win here, i am happy.

You can start now.

Really safe.

Just a thing of your mind.

Does he have a head? I rather don't think so.

You didn't send him into a wrong corner, but at least it was precise.

He didn't offer me a corner Typical for Konzi .


Second one.

I think it is time for something special.

Already? – Yes, it is time now already for the kicker balls.

No idea, how to shoot it.



Not power nor precision is really good with this ball normally.

Just take a look now.

This can't be real! Thank's a lot ball! This i such a lucky Bayern penalty The group is the most awesome – Porsche Cayman It is enough pressure for you already that i've scored with the kicker ball, so just try a normal one.

He won't score.

Wow, you've send the goalie to your home country Kazakhstan I knew he wouldn't stay in the middle.

Was it fair that the goalie was moving so much? How why not take the middle, you're right! He tries to save my the penalty, he doesn't really try hard with yours Now you want to tell me that he isn't giving his best.

We'll see it now again.



It's illegal again.

It has to be on the point! What do you want from me?! There are regulations That would be okay.



Left! It was sooo clear! He's always aiming for the left corner Konzi, you know what time it is? Time to score! Time to take the Kicker Ball! I don't want it.


Take it! I am exited to see that now.



This penalty was better than the other ones before! It would think about that twice with that ball.

It getting really intense now.

Time for the fourth penalty.

It was soo clear again! He also shoots in the left corner.

Did I say I always shoot to the left? That's what Konzi said! Time for the final round now! Let's see who has the better nerves today So everyone is sitting at home and thinking: Will he shoot the fifth time in the same corner? The question is answered: Yes he does! Time for me to end this.

I'm gonna miss.

Both really good during the penalty shoot out! So time for sudden death! Boateng is now taking the penalty! No way! This can't be happening.

It's so funny! Is Konzi ready for a sudden death? Only could be a question of time now.

Well i had to end this series now, as i was convinced that he would choose the left corner now.

Jan, you get this one! How cheeky can you be and choose the middle? This is Konzi Number 8! He thought he'd try a lob in the middle Martin is puts the ball down girl like again.

Now he is nervous.

Was it good enough? – Well, yes! Konzi desperate The freekickerz record was 8-7.

So we are better now already! Jan will save this one! It once again wasn't the most precise shot, but Konzi is just able to make the keeper choosing wrong.

We interrupt this program for an interview Jan, how do you feel after all of these penalties? What should I do on these penalties? Back to the studio, thanks! At some point Martin will miss a penalty.

But he's one of the best penalty.


Somewhen you're just not concentrated enough anymore.

Konzi knows excatly how much i want to win the penalties.

Konzi rewards you Reward yourself for your concentration, which you were able to hold up for 27 minutes And the winner is .


Cheers At least the 2-1 As said before.



Konzi has deserved hisself this point so much! So nevertheless you have won the important challenges at the beginning today.

You have kept your nerve On the other hand i have lost the most important challenge for myself.

So it is kind of a deuce for me.

Or maybe a felt lost even.

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