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The Try Guys Try Fitness YouTuber Workouts

– Let's get physical! – Today we are going to dofour of the most popular YouTube fitness tutorials – 50 each side, here we go! – [Try Guys] 50 on each side! – (grunting) I'ma take so many cute Instagram photos after this! (upbeat music) (energetic rock music) – Hey guys, so I know alot of us are stuck at home in quarantine, and in orderto get our exercise in, a lot of people have beentrying fitness YouTube videos for the very first time.

– You got to get moving, you gotta work up the sweat, you gotta get those steps in.

You gotta your heartrate up someway, somehow.

– We're gonna be doing someab stuff, some butt stuff, well, not some butt stuff.

– So we thought we'd bring together four of the top fitness YouTubers.

– Up first, Blogilates, then, The Fitness Marshall, Chloe Ting, and finally, Yoga With Adriene.

– I was not aware that we were doing four, and that is not what I signed up for.

– Well, we're doing it Ariel, get ready! – First, we got famous for recreating the Kim Kardashian butt photo.

– I've never oiled any butt.

– It's very pillowy, Keith.

– Thank you.

– So now it's time, I think, to get Kim Kardashian's butt ourselves.

– This is very exciting.

I have been ridiculed for my flat butt, throughout the entire four years of my relationship with Maggie.

This is nothing, I feel like I could use some Kim K realness.

– And I thought it would be really cool to kick everything offwith Kim Kardashian's actual butt routine.

– She's telling us right now that we need heavy dumbbells as well as a kettlebell.

We don't have that but what I do have is two cans of coconut milk, this is a bourbon bottle filled with water.

– I'm just gonna try it with paint buckets 'cause that's all I got.

– We have exactly thatbut we don't have enough– – Two of those.

– for two people.

– I'll use my pottery as weights.

Bowie, do you wanna be my kettlebell? (upbeat music)- Here we go! – [Ned] 20! Oh God! – [Cassey] And up, really working– – [Ned] This is so muchharder with weights.

– [Zach] Do you have a sock in your mouth? (laughs) why? – [Eugene] Cassey is the sweetest.

She's been in the tripods video.

We've met her many times, she is such a nice person.

– [Cassey] Keep your shoulders back.

– Shoulders back.

– Keep your belly tight.

Press through.

– [Keith] Think about your money.

Think about your fame.

Think about your husband Kanye.

Do they ever call herKim Kardassian, right? – [Cassey] A lot of timespeople look the way they do because of their genetics, as well.

And for me, I obviously do nothave a Kim Kardashian butt.

– I, I do, I have agood butt from genetics.

– Now, the next one is, your elevated glute bridge.

– [Cassey] You're gonna go down – [Keith] Oh, yes.

– [Cassey] And then lift up, and squeeze your butt cheeks and hold.

– [Keith] Squeeze the booty.

– [Ned] Oh, boy! There it is! – [Eugene] It's just likeI'm (beep) my paint can.

– [Cassey] I want you to gohigher every single time.

– [Keith] Ohhhhh this is starting to hurt! – [Cassey] Penny between the butt cheeks.

– [All] (overlapping)I need a penny between my butt cheeks?! – Booty check: How we looking? – (breathing heavily) Oh my ass.

– Our next move is theBulgarian Split Squats.

– [Ned] This made me strainmy groin back in November.

I better be careful.

– [Eugene] These are reallygood for your ass.

I love these.

– Oh Bulgaria, I thought it was vulgar.

Like, now (beep) squat, bitch.

So vulgarian! – This is all, like reallyhard strength type stuff.

– Wow, I'll tell you evenwithout weights, this is, I'm feeling a burn.

– Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! – (woman offscreen) Has she switched yet? – No, she's just hurrying us.

– [Cassey] Remember, you're going to do four rounds of these.

– [Zach & Keith] Four rounds?! – [Zach] Are you outof your goddamn minds? – Yeah, it's alwaysinteresting how in such small, distinct movements, withpurpose can make you sweat, even if you're not doing cardio.

– Oh Cassey, why?! – (in pain) Ohhhhhhhh! – [Cassey] None of these things are easy.

– I'm feeling it in my butt.

– Oh my God.

(screaming) – That's good.

– Cassey was a special guest of mine for the 10, 000 squats video.

– [Cassey] Bring yourchest up a little bit more.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

– Oh, Christ.

(both squeal) – No! We haven't even started! – I'll spoil it forya, it did not go well! – Everything hurts! – All right you guys.

This next one, the goblet squats.

– Ooh I love goblet squats.

– [Cassey] Here we go, three, two, let's go.

– [Zach] Every time I squat, it makes me either burp or fart.

– Becky and I have beendoing about 100 squats a day, so finally we're doing exercise, so I feel like I'm qualified for this.

I've been training for this moment.

– Asians have somethingin their hip structure that make them moreflexible in their squat, something called an Asian squat.

Squatting is pretty easy for me.

(grunting in pain) – Bowie, make it stop! – [Ned] Get that good booty! Gummi vitamins! KKW! – [Ariel] What? – [Ned] (grunts loudly) I'm just naming Kim Kardashian businesses.

– [Ariel] What's KKW? – It's her beauty palette kit thingy.

– [Ariel] I thought thatwas Kelsey Kardashian.

– Kelsey.




? – Now, we head into our glute kickbacks.

– [Cassey] You're gonna lift up for 50.

– [Ned] I love these.

– [Cassey] Just like this, and yes, 50 each side.

Here we go! – [Try Guys] 50 on each side?! – 50, I love it.

– Oh, that hurts so bad.

– Do I look like Nicki Minaj? – [Cassey] We're all beautifulin our own unique little ways – [Ned] Oh, Cassey.

– Oh she's being very motivational.

– She's building me upwhile breaking my body down.

– [Ned] Have we switched legs yet? – [Ariel] I think we'restill doing 50 on this side.

– What? – [Cassey] Okay, we're gonna go for 50 on the other side.

– Yeah! – [Cassey] Now for you guys whoare scared to go to the gym, feel intimidated by those, like, men in the weight areas.

Don't be scared! – [Keith] (beep) Those men! I agree.

They scare me too.

– [Ariel] How is she ableto carry on a conversation? – Yeah, she's like, not sweating at all.

– No kisses, no kisses! – Oh, this is crazy! This is so painful.

– Are you having fun? Taking advantage of mein this vulnerable state? – Oh, it hurts my crotch!It hurts my thighs! – I bet Ned's really enjoying this.

Ned loves stretching his ass.

– [Ned] Ohhhh, stretch that booty out! – I feel like I look like a catwho's got a lot of problems.

– Okay! That was real.

You guys we're on to our very last move, which is the hamstring curl.

– [Ned] Last move.

– [Ariel] The last move! – [Ned] The last move! Easy.

– [Keith] I am winded! – [Ned] Hamstring curl.

– Big toy named Troyused to live in Detroit.

– Too big, too big.

– By the way, what he say? (mumbling gibberish) every other day? – [Ariel] Oh no way, I callthis the coochie blaster.

– [Ned] Why do you call it that? – 'Cause it hurts! – I'm calling this one the dick grinder.

– I wasn't paying attention.

Sorry, Cassey.

– [Cassey] These are intense.

– [Eugene] These are great.

– [Cassey] Even without the dumbbell.

– [Keith] I don't know what I'm doing! – [Zach] This shouldn'tbe so hard, but it is! – I'm gonna steal thisone, this one's great.

(howling in pain) (howling) – [Ariel] Wait, this is not that intense.

– [Ned] Is this a bench thing? This doesn't feel that intense to me.

– Oh my God! Ohhhh my God! AHHH!!!! – [Cassey] Last one, one and down.

(all sigh in relief) – [Cassey] Okay, well, let's see I'm sweating, that was only one round.

– So, that Kim K workout was really great.

It's cool seeing Casseywho is a fitness YouTuber kind of create her own format where she is trying celebrity workouts.

She was trying it for the first time, just teaching us.

– If anything, she ingeneral is really positive and motivational and generally very sweet.

You know, a lot of times you watch videos where they're like, 'go, go, go, go!' but she's very kind.

– You know I think whatgood about following a YouTube tutorial is thatyou push yourself harder.

When I do my own little routine, it's very easy for me to jump in and out or to modify, or to be like, “Ah, I can skip this step” but when you have aprofessionals who's guiding you, it really pushes you a lot more.

– [Ariel] I was giving it like 60%.

– [Ned] It's a long video, wegot three more workouts to go.

– I'm trying to conserve myself.

Otherwise I'll just bea blob on the floor.

– Mmm, that's the fifthworkout, floor blob.

– Floor blob.

(gurgling noises) – I need a protein shake.

– All right, next up is Fitness Marshall with his iconic dance workouts.

Caleb is a friend.

Maggie and I know Becky too, love working out to Fitness Marshall.

They dance to him all the time.

– We're doing this toWes's favorite new song, – Oh my God!- “Yummy” by Justin Bieber.

– Obviously we're using that audio, you'll get the gist of it.

– I'm excited to see howadvanced the dancing is, but I know that he isfierce and super funny, so, I'm just going to try toemulate what I see on screen.

– Are you hungry? – [Keith] Yeah I'm hungry, Caleb.

– Let's get some fro-yo.

♪ Yummmy by Justin Bieber ♪- [Eugene] Oh, right into it! – Okay, here we go.

– [Caleb] Just churn that frozen yogurt! – Churn that frozen yogurt! – [Caleb] To your mouth, belly! – [Ned] Churn that frozen yogurt.

– [Caleb] Churn! Throw it away! – [Keith] I'm I supposed toknow how to do these dances? – [Eugene] Yeah, this song is definitely about frozen yogurt.

– [Zach] It's messy fro-yo! – Once, Becky ate someof that, and threw up! It's true! – [Becky] Okay, man, whyyou gotta out me like that? – [Eugene] I like this, this is like, fun.

– [Caleb] Practice, stepout, right foot step! – [Ned] Oh okay he teaches me! Step, foot.

– Oh yeah! Look at me go! (laughs) – Yeah, this one's hard to keep up with.

Let's just, make thedefault footage Eugene.

– Okay bitch! Hey! – [Caleb] Churn!- [Ned] This is the coolest I've ever felt.

– This is just not, my nightmare on a dance floor.

It's like somebody had taught me a dance and I was just like- – [Caleb] Allison, youchose vanilla, interesting! – [Eugene] Allison chose vanilla! – [Ned] What's wrong with vanilla? – [Caleb] Oh yeah! (all grunting) – Push, push, push! – [Caleb] Hit this really hard now! (Eugene grunting) – [Zach] Can we talkabout his editing too, look at the pink groundand the push in and out.

– [Keith] Oh my god, I'm getting winded.

– [Ned] I don't think I'mhaving much of a workout, but I'm having more fun.

– I've been having fun this whole time.

– Yeah! (gibberish) – [Zach] Rain on me bunny daddy! – [Ned] It almost makes mefeel like it doesn't matter if I'm really doing the moves as long as I'm moving my body, having fun.

– [Caleb] You're justgonna chill for a second.

(all speaking indistinctly) – [Ned] Taking a deep poo poo.

– [Keith] I love FitnessMarshall, it's just so much fun.

– [Caleb] What that chest do? – Oh, what that chest do! – What that chest do! (gibberish) – Yes, bitch! – Hey! – Bubbles! Bubble Party!- [Caleb] Add some arms.

– [Ariel] Oh! Feel the arms.

– I don't know if I'm doingit right but I feel good.

– [Zach] Oh, this is my kind of workout! (lively, upbeat music) – [Caleb] Freeze! You're frozen.

– [Ned] You've frozen me.

– That was really great.

Caleb is such a greatteacher, I certainly had fun.

He's really cute.

Would love to take oneof his longer classes.

– [Ariel] I could do that everyday.

– [Ned] That was so fast.

– Now, we're on the floor.

Because it's time to move onto what might hurt us the most, which is a Chloe Ting ab workout.

She's gonna teach us how to get abs, and I know this is gonnabe a painful, painful one.

– This is 11 minutes, doesn't sound that hard.

Let's do this.

– Hey, everyone! Today's ab workout is just 10 minutes, but is gonna be intense! Your abs will love you andhate you at the same time, All exercise today are 30 seconds each and comes in the super set.

– [Zach] Okay, 30 seconds super sets! – Okay, here we go! Threetwo one! Here we go! – [Zach] Maggie does thiswith me all the time.

– [Ned] This is already so hard, and we're at like 2%.

– Oh, why are you back? No! No! Noo! You're ruining! – [Chloe] No rest time here, guys, we're going straight into reverse crunch.

Move your hips off the groundusing your core muscle.

– [Ned] Oh, okay that's fun.

(sped up music) (grunting loudly) – [Zach] Oh, make it stop! – [Keith] Oh, 10 seconds over, thank God.

– [Chloe] Our next exerciseis spider-man plank.

– [Zach] Spider-manplank that sounds dumb.

(sped up music) – [Zach] Oh my God, Bowie! (Beep) you! – I'll do a spider man kiss right here.

– No, you're so sweaty! Ew, you're so gross! (laughing) – [Ariel] Ew, you mademy mouth all sweaty! – [Ned] I don't know, I'm sorry! – [Chloe] Get ready to jumpinto crossbody climber.

Bring your knees in asclose to the opposite elbow as possible, and tightenup your core guys.

– Oh, this is terrible, oh, this is terrible! Oh, that terrible, oh Chloe.

– Next we'll do Russian twist.

Do it slow and controlled, and my abs were burningso badly at this point.

– [Zach] Oh this one isso deceptingly difficult.

(sped up music) – I thought it was gonna be easy, but it already hurts somehow.

(burps) Oh God! – [Chloe] We're going to jumpinto in and out straight away.

I'm really killing you guys here, but breathe in as you extend your legs and breathe out as you bring your legs in, and squeeze your abs.

– [Ned] How is she justdoing this effortlessly? – She looks so calm.

It's not a work out if it lookslike I'm going into labor.

– I'm gonna fart.

Oh, I'm gonna shit myself! – Whoa! – [Keith] (grunting loudly) Oh my God! – [Chloe] This exercise isreally great for the obliques.

– [Zach] What even are obliques? Who needs them, ya know? (sped up music) – Ohhh Chloe! – [Chloe] And now we aremoving into plank jacks straight away.

Make sure you keep your core engaged and let's smash this.

You can do this! – [Ned] All right Chloe, let's smash this, we got this.

– Whoa, I'm sweating a storm.

This is great.

– I'm sorry my downstairs neighbors.

(grunting loudly) – Oh my God! Chloe! – Wow, look at my Kim K booty! (grunts) – [Chloe] Let's have another rest, then we've got the 100s.

Bring your legs off the ground and have your knees bent or straight.

– Oh, no! – [Chloe] This is super hardso if you need to take a break, it is totally okay.

– You know, I've alwayswanted to have a six-pack, I got close a few times in my 20s, but I like food and drink too much.

– [Ned] But where's the(beep) motivation, Chloe?! – [Ariel] Right? – [Chloe] Get ready for crunches next.

Squeeze those abs, guys.

We are more than halfway through.

– [Zach] More than halfway?All right, not so bad.

– [Ned] Just gotta get inspired.

– We got this, guys! Believe in yourself! Don't let the being at home put you down.

Strive, reach for the stars! Jiminy Cricket and shit.

Ya know? – [Chloe] Next up, we have up and down plank.

Make sure your core is tightand engage in your butt.

– [Zach] Okay, don'tdroop your butts here, don't let the butt drip.

– Keep going Chloe, don't give up Chloe, I know it's hard but you can do it.

(sped up music) (all grunting loudly) – [Zach] Oh I'm so wet! – Her butt is crazy round, Becky, have you seen her butt? – [Chloe] Again, makesure your core is tight and your glutes are engaged and tucked in.

(all speaking indistinctly) (sped up music) (screaming) – [Chloe] We'll have a little break, and heal tap is next.

– [Keith] Oh my God! – [Zach] Okay obliques.

I still don't know what those are.

(sped up music) – [Chloe] Straight awaywe have bicycle crunch.

I know I'm really pushing you guys here, but we are almost donewith the workout, guys.

Keep going.

– [Ned] I like the rest parts.

– [Ariel] We're not resting right now.

– [Ned] We're not restingright now? Oh shit.

– [Zach] Oh (beep) me.

Oh (beep) me! Ow! – Oh my God! Oh my God! – Yeah! – [Chloe] Rest up, and we havereverse crunch leg extension.

Again, make sure you areusing your core muscles to lift your hips up.

(sped up music) – I wanna be stronger.

I wanna be a betterexample for our audience.

I wanna be strong too.

I want my form to be perfect.

– Now get ready for straight leg crunch.

Do a couple of punch pulses, and you can do bent knee crunch if you prefer that instead.

(sped up music) – Oh wow, she has destroyedme fully and completely.

– And the last exercise we havetoday is up and down plank.

– All right, (beep) yeah, let's do this.

– More of these, more of these.

(sped up music) (all grunting) (screaming) – [Zach] Oh yeah! Let's check it out! Oh my God, look at those abs! – Oh, hey, welcome to my workout video.

– Stop.

– That one was so hard.

I died.

Chloe Ting's ab workout.

– Oh my God!- Oh my God! – I hated every second ofit and now I feel alive! I feel like that's whata good workout should do.

– What I liked most aboutthat was the pacing, it was kept up at a prettyhigh, non-stop rate.

– I had pizza for lunch, so I feel like that gave me a little bit of acid reflux, TBH.

– Last up we have Yoga with Adriene.

I've been doing yoga every single morning.

Both to help with my back, but also just to get mein a good head space.

– I'm actually not a big yoga person.

I just prefer things thatare a bit more high energy and high impact, but I think that this is great for flexibility and for spiritualism, too.

– I've done this once before and I remember it being very hard.

I know it's supposed to be easy but I know it won't be.

– [Adriene] Hey, guys! What's up? Welcome to Yoga with Adriene.

I am Adriene, this is Benji, and we have a quicklittle ditty here today to help you get the juices flowing.

– [Zach] Hey, I got a dog too! – [Eugene] Okay, she'swith a dog, that's cute.

I like that, she already won me over.

– Let's do this, Adriene! You and me and the rest of the world.

Let's crush this! People should stretch more, everybody.

– [Adriene] Step and hop it back to plank.

– [Keith] More planks.

– This is my version of down dog and that's his version of down dog.

(all laughing) – I think I like thisbetter than doing a class because I get a little selfconscious about the quiet, spiritual aspect of yoga which I respect, but I am just in the mood for for classes.

– So we're gonna pivot on the left foot.

Coming into warrior two.

– [Keith] How do I do this? – I'll tell you what, doingthis as the fourth exercise, it is not as soothing.

– [Adriene] Make sure theright finger tips forwards, slow tilt into trikonsana today.

– [Adriene] Ground and beginto wake up through the legs.

– I'm not sure I should've had pizza.

I feel a little nauseous.

– Hi!- Hello there, mister.

– [Adriene] Keep in linewith the arches of the feet, and keeping the shoulders plugged in.

– Uh oh.

(laughing) – [Ned] We've got aspecial photographer here.

Oh thank you, that's very good.

– Oh no! – Yup, yup.

(laughing) – Form the palms together at the heart.

Take a deep breath andlet a big exhale out through the mouth.

(breathing heavily) (upbeat party music) (exhaling) (upbeat party music) (exhaling) Close your eyes.

Notice how you feel.

– No, Wesley, no! – No, no, no, no, no, no! – I feel good.

I feel centered.

I feel exhausted.

We should all do yoga.

I think it should just be required by law.

– What I learned todaywas that there's so many different workouts out therethat can cater to your needs, and the type of exerciseyou're looking for, and a lot of great YouTubersare delivering that content.

– [Ned] Did you have a good time, Wes? (Wes laughs) – [Ned] Yes! – Your favorite was Fitness Marshall? – Yeah.

– I think my favoritehad to be Blogilates.

– Oh really? – It was supportive, butalso really difficult.

Yoga was hard for me.

– It's hard mentally, for you.

– Yes, yes.

– Working out is one of thosethings that when I'm doing it, I'm like, it's a struggleand I'm complaining a lot.

Oh, my ass.

It's so painful! (grunting) Oh, that's terrible! Oh God! That's just how I get through it.

– Now the Try Guys are fitness trainers.

Bet we might even tryto put together our own at home D-I-Y fitnessvideo for y'all to try.

– What would ours be like? (sighs) Four different sections.

– Mhm.

– Each, wildly different intensities.

– Wildly.

– One full body workout.

– I know we're all stuck in our homes, but there is no excuseto not stay physical and work these into your daily routine.

So get out there, get active, but stay in there, get active.

(upbeat music) Bowie, you need to stop licking my ankles.

I get that they're hot.

You're being too much, go to your place.


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