The Tonight Show: At Home Edition (Thank You Notes – Bernie Sanders)

-That's my favorite song.

Guys, welcome to “The Tonight Show:At Home Edition.

” My name is Jimmy Fallon.

Thank you so muchfor tuning in to our shows.

We're trying to give you a fresh hour of entertainmentevery single night.

It's been pretty grim news, every single day, but today was a little glimmerof hope in New York City that we may haveflattened the curve, which is, you know, far from over, but, any good news, I'll take.

And I think that's awesome, that we're all staying at home.

It's working.

So, everyone staying at home, thank you so much for doing that.

It is doing something, so, I applaud every oneof you for doing that.

I know how hard it can be.

I'm very lucky to havethis house and this family, but, it's tough, so, I applaud you guys.

Thank you for staying at home.

Let's flatten that curve.

We have a great show tonight.

Kerry Washington is on the show.

She's a good friend of our show and she has a new show called”Little Fires Everywhere, ” that her and Reese Witherspoonare starring in on Hulu.

And get those two together, I'm there.

I'll watch that show anytime.

Her charity is.



and we thank Kerryfor coming on.

We'll be talking to herlater in the show.

Also, Andrew Rannells, from the show “Black Monday, ” will be on the show.

On Showtime.

Andrew, he was supposedto be our show Friday, before we left the studio.

His charity is Meal Train.

I've never heard of this.

This is a new charity to me, but it's fascinating, how they're feeding people that areon the front line.

It's a really cool way to do it and I think kind ofan unknown charity, so that's a great thing to broadcastto millions of people watching our showon NBC and on YouTube, so thank you so much.

Click on thatand donate to that.

Very cool.

Then, we're closing out the show with Anderson Paak [ Clap ]and the Free Nationals! Anderson Paak!He has a song in the new”Trolls World Tour” movie, [ Shouting in distance ]which is out today.

Right now, you can get it On Demand.

Go to — Well, “'Trolls' movie” — I don't know.

Google “Trolls.

” How do I watchthe “Trolls” movie? -I don't know, but we will be watching it.

-I know we'll — more than once.

Really? You don't wanna hear”Mary Had a Little Lamb” 150 times?-But we can do all.

-We can do all.

-We've got time for all of it.

-Uh-oh, what's –Oh, no.

You know I don't like oneanimal, and one animal only.


-My goodness!What is this? -[ Hissing ]-What sounds like that? -[ Hisses ] -Sna-a-a-a-a-a-a-ke! [ Laughing ]Oh, no! Get that snake away from me.

Aaaaah! Aaaaah! I'm so scared of the snake.

-Ahhhhh! -Thank you so –Oh, no.

Get that snake –I'm afraid of the snake.

I'm afraid of paper cuts, too.

I will say thatAnderson Paak's charity.



-Winnie, I wanna play that, too.




That he is doing is.






which is raising money, 'cause a lot of the crews that are partof these giant tours and theses concerts areout of jobs as well.

And unemployment, honestly, is at an all-time high.

I don't know –I mean, this is my crew, so I don't know what I'd dowithout my wife.

Thank you, honey.

-[ Chuckle ] -And, Winnie and Frannie, thank you guys so much.

Again, Frannie, one of your best, one of your best works.

I think, around here is whereyou just thought about, you know, playing something else.

But it's Friday.

Let's go do somemonologue jokes.

♪♪ You wanna get up?[ Tapping ] [ Patting thighs ]Come up! Up! Up! Up.

Good girl.



Good girl.

Sit! -[ Laughing ] -Good girl! Sit! -[ Laughing ]-Good girl.


-Just tell her to be cute.


Be cute.


She's such a good dog.

-[ Laughing ] [ Sigh ] Thank you, Gary.

Breathe! Breathe heavy.

-[ Laughing ] -On my leg.

-[ Laughing intensifies ]-Good girl.

See? We did a little trickI taught her.

-“On my leg.

” -Not many dogs knowthat one, huh? But you do, Gary.

You know it.

-[ Laughing ] -[ Taps desk ] Yeah.

Welcometo “The Tonight Show:At Home Edition.

” Well, you guys, this Sunday is Easter.

Happy Easter, everyone.

You can tell everyone is trying to be safe for the holiday.

Earlier today, I saw the Easter bunny rubbing Purellon his jelly beans.

That's right, Easter is Sunday, and it's hardto make things festive.

We're really in trouble.

We don't even have the fake grass to putin the Easter basket.

After the show, I'm gonna haveto take a Kermit doll and crank himthrough our pasta maker.

[ Laughs ] That's right, it's almost Easter and, even though everyone isin quarantine, on Sunday, millions of parentswill be like, “Sweetie, I boughtyou this dress and you're wearing itfor my Instagram post.

” -[ Laughs ] -Gotta get those likes.

Let's get to some news.


Fauci says he expects that students will be ableto return to school in the fall, or, as homeschoolstudents put it, “Wow, that's just40 months away.

” Listen to this –In London, two people across the streetfrom each other performed “Romeo and Juliet” while their neighborskept yelling for them to both drink poison.

[ Laughing ] [ English accent ]It's 3:00 in the morning! A man in England spentfour days walking up the stairs in his houseuntil he ascended the height of Mount Everest, which just goes to show you, anything is possible when you're avoidinghomeschooling your kids.

And, finally, there's a website called “Make Me a Cocktail”that shows you how to make drinks with theingredients in your fridge, though, after a monthof quarantine, most people's only optionis a duck-sauce-tini.

There you have it, everybody.

That is my monologue! It is Friday and that's usually when I send out some emails, I check on some stuff, and I usually some writesome thank-you notes.

Let's do some thank-you notesright now.

Let's go.

[ Funk sting plays ] James, can I get some thank-younote writing music, please? ♪♪ Perfect.

Thank you, Bernie Sanders, for running such a principled and inspiringpresidential campaign.

Tonight, treat yourselfto that whole bag of Werther's Originals.

You've earned it.

♪♪ Thank you, recently released”Coachella” documentary, for making me feel nostalgicabout a woman in a flower crown hugging me and thenvomiting on my back.

♪♪ We'll be back there soon, guys.

♪♪ Thank you, wearing face maskswhen you leave your house, for making every tripto the grocery store feel like “Mad Max: Fury Road.

” ♪♪ Thank you, quarantine, for bringing outthe best in Americans — our resilience, our actsof support for one another, and, for some reason, an obscene amountof banana bread.

♪♪ I'm on two loaves a week.

♪♪ Thank you, everybodyleaving a Zoom conference, for giving me a brief moment to see how all of my coworkersare really feeling.

Bye, guys! ♪♪ Thank you, changing your bedsheets, or, as it's called now, cleaning your office.

♪♪ Thank you, not wanting to waste food, for justifying last night'sonion-and-cookie dinner.

♪♪ ♪♪ Thank you, NASA researchers announcing there's gas coming from Uranus.



If only there was a joke there.

♪♪ Thank you, bathrooms, or, as parents with toddlerscall them now, panic rooms.

♪♪ Thank you, America staying home.

Even though we're apart, we can come togetherover one simple idea — teachers should makea billion dollars.

♪♪ Those are my thank-you notes.

We'll be right back with more”Tonight Show: At Home Edition.


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