The Tonight Show: At Home Edition (Steve Higgins Shows Off His Zoom Backgrounds)

-Hi, everybody.

Welcome to another edition of “Tonight Show:At Home Edition.

” And it's very rainyand cold here, but I am braving the stormwhile my wife and dog and kids are safeand cozy on the inside.

And I hope that you aresafe and cozy on the inside of your home.

It's a great dayto stay at home.

We have a fun show tonight.

Blake Shelton is here, country music legend.

Why was I doing that — What was I proving by being –nothing.

I was proving nothingby being outside.

Anyway, I'm inside now, and I hope you guys are insideas well, safe.

Blake Sheltonis on the show tonight.

He's doing a songwith Gwen Stefani to close our show called”Nobody but You” off of his album, “Fully Loaded.

” His charity tonightis MusiCares.

They're doing something forpeople in the music industry affected by COVID-19.

It's a great charity.

Thank you for being here, Blake.

Also from “Saturday Night Live, “you know him, you love him, he's also in”Trolls World Tour, ” Kenan Thompson is here tonight.

[ Clapping ]Ah! We love Kenan, and his charity isnokidhungry.


And then later we'll beplaying a game, an online game called”Quiplash, ” which I love.

And the makers of that game, Jackbox, said that they will matchup to $25, 000 in donations toredcross.


So thank you guys for that, and please donate when the time comesif you're watching on YouTube.

I'll be playing withsome fun people.

Alright, let's start the showwith a fun monologue.

Here we go.

♪♪ Welcome to “The Tonight Show:At Home Edition.

” Well, guys, the weather herehas been crazy.

All day there's beenthunderstorms with wind gusts of over 70 miles per hour.

I can tell my wife is gettingtired of me.

Today she told meto take a selfie stick and go film on the roof.

I almost got a chair squeakout of that one.

-[ Chuckles ] -That's right, the wind wasover 70 miles per hour.

The only fun part of the daywas gathering the family in front of and open windowand re-enacting Beyoncé at Coachella.

Let's get to some news.

Earlier today, Bernie Sandersendorsed Joe Biden for President in a joint live stream.

Yep, and like most streamsinvolving those two, they stood therefor a few minutes waiting for it to happen.

Well, guys, the CDC now saysthat the coronavirus can be spreadthrough your shoes.

Which means everyone'sabout to become that annoying dinner partyhost who goes, “Do you mindtaking off your shoes? Thank you.

We just got our carpet cleaned.

And so, you know, just — or you can leavethem on if you want.

We'll just — we'll feed youthrough the window.

” Alright.

I always had thatone neighbor growing up that I had to like takemy shoes off and I go, “Really? You think your houseis that nice? Okay.

” Okay.

Some TV news –over the weekend ESPN aired a seven-hour NationalSpelling Bee marathon and then a tournament of NBAplayers playing horse.

Then afterwards, everyone turnedto the Weather Channel just to feel something again.

A new “Bachelor” spin-offcalled “Listen to Your Heart” premiered tonight, where 20 singles try to connect romantically bymaking music together.

So if you think it's bad when aguy whips out an acoustic guitar at a party, imaginethe entire party is filled with that guy.

And finally, a 93-year-oldPennsylvania woman went viral after putting a signin her window that read, “I need more beer.

” [ Chuckles ] Yeah, it was funny until everyone realized it wasa 33-year-old woman who's havinga rough quarantine.

It got even crazier when sheturned the sign around and it said, “And shrooms.

” You guys, that is our monologueright there.

I wanted to check in onmy friend and our announcer, Steve Higgins, who is at homesafely with his family.

Steve Higgins, how you doing, bud? -How's it going, Jimmy? -It's so good to see you, man.

I miss you.

Oh, Zoom background.

-Fantastic, huh? -Yeah.

That's a good one.

I don't have that one.

-I upgraded to Pro.

It's fantastic.

-What is that one called? -It's calledTropical Paradise.

-I have like Spaceand San Francisco.

That's all I have.

-Oh, dude, you got toupgrade to Pro.

Check out this one, this one is fantastic.

-What is this called? -It's calledMan Looking at Waterfall.

Look at that.


-Majesty of the waterfall.

-Yeah, why not just showthe waterfall? I mean.



-You can kind of see itin his eyes if you look real close.

-Can you? -Well, look, he's pointingat it, see? -No.

What else do you got? -Oh, this is my favorite one.

Check this one out.

-Is that a bag of dog food?-Yeah, it's like I'm hanging out in front of a big bagof dog food.

Check it out, it's likeI'm almost there.

-Oh, yeah.

-I'm gonna grab that dog food.

-Is there any other ones? -Oh, you're gonna love this one.


-Ew, what's that?-Mystery celebrity armpit.

Whose is it? We don't know.

-Mystery celebrity armpit?-Yeah.


[ Laughs ] I wouldn't be able to guessany celebrity armpit.

-No, that's why it's so great, 'cause it's a mystery.

-Hey, I should get going, dude.

This was — -You know what?-What? I got to go, though.

-Mystery solved, it's my armpit.

-[ Laughs ]You got me, dude.

Very good.

That's great, buddy.

Nice to see you again.

Take care, okay? -Wait, how are Frannyand Winnie? -They're great.

They're so cute, I know — Oh — There's your kid, your family's there too.


-They love you.

They — [ Laughs ]-Yeah! -So much fun.

[ Talking over each other ] [ Laughter ] -Oh, my God.

[ Laughter ] -Yeah! [ Laughter continues ] -All right.

Well, all right, I'll see you –you guys are nuts.

-Bye, Jimmy.

-We'll see ya, Jimmy.

I'm bleeding pretty bad.

-All right, guys.

We'll check in with you later.

-Oh, my God.

Who turned the lights out?.

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