The Tonight Show: At Home Edition (Hashtags: #MyQuarantineSuperPower)

-Hi, guys.

Welcome to another edition of”Tonight Show: At Home Edition.

” The sun came out just now, so I figured it's a perfect time to maybe do the introfrom outside.

We have a great show tonight, but before we get into the show, I just do want to sayit's so tough this week.

It's Thursday.

And I know everyone's at home, doing their part, staying at home, which is great.

I just wanted to give a specialshout-out tonight to New York City, because we do our show from Manhattan, in New York City.

And we're very luckyto do our show from there.

And, so, I just want to say, New York City, you're in my thoughts all thetime, but especially today.

We're losinga lot of great people — transit workers, sanitation workers, firefighters, police officers, people that are justdoing their jobs.

And that's all they're doing.

And I just want to let them knowthat they will not be forgotten, and what they're doing isan amazing job, and you make our country proud.

So thank you so much.

And just like the sun, the sun will shine again.

It will.

And we'll be back in the city, doing the show from there.

We have an amazing show tonight.

My favorites of all time, rapicons, New York City icons — speaking of New York –Ad-Rock and Mike D from the Beastie Boysare on the show tonight.

And their charity isfoodbanknyc.


Again, thank you, Winnie, for drawing these.

It kind of looks likeI could have done this one.




But the Beasties havea story called “The Beastie Boys Story”on Apple TV+ this Friday, coming out.

Also, we have Anna Kendrick, whose film, “Trolls World Tour, ” is out, also on Friday.

And Universal/DreamWorks didthis cool thing where they're releasing it through TV so you don't have togo to theaters.

I think that's a good move.

Her charity she's working withis The Trevor Project, which helps out LGBTQ youthcommunities.

And you'll see what they do, the great stuff, if you go to that website.

Also, our buddy Sting –speaking of legends — stops by to help meand The Roots out.

We might have forced himto do it.

Might have.

But you'll see what we do withclassroom instruments — kind of –just stuff that we can do around our house with The Roots.

It's an all-new “Tonight Show.

” Let's start it with a monologue.

♪♪ Hi, guys.

Welcome to “The Tonight Show:At Home Edition.

” Well, Passoverstarted last night, and I heard a lot ofpeople celebrating held virtual Seders using Zoom.

It's great if you ever wanted towatch your grandpa eat soup fromthe perspective of the spoon.

I saw that Pope Francis will be streaming Easter masson YouTube.

You know theseare strange times when the pope ends Easter mass with, “Be sure to like and subscribe.

Smash that like button.

” -Wait.

Was that number 2?-Yeah.

It certainly was.

Frances? That's right –Easter is in a few days, but there is an egg shortage.

Did you hear that? Yeah.

Which means a lot of kids won'tbe able to dye eggs.

So if you're a bald dad, do the right thing — let your kids color your head.

♪♪ Yesterday, Dr.

Faucisaid he doesn't think that we shouldever shake hands again, which will be weird whenevery job interview starts withan awkward chest bump.

Are you pretendingthat you're serious again? Well, why don'tyou just smile and just — -I am.

-What are you doing? That means you're being serious?[ Both laugh ] What does that mean?”Sesame Street's”.



[ Laughter ] “Sesame Street's” Elmois hosting a virtual playdate to help entertain kidsduring the pandemic.

Meanwhile, the Countwill help parents add up all the pounds they've gainedduring the quarantine.

[ As the Count ]10, 20, 30 pounds.

Ha ha ha! You ate too many cookies.

Ha ha ha! [ Normal voice ]I don't know what that is.

I don't get it.

I don't really knowwhat that means.

Alright, guys, sit up.

Sit up.

Here we go.

Ready? Some business news.

Disney+ has added more than50 million subscribers in the last five months.

That's incredible.

That's like taking all ofQuibi's subscribers and adding 50 million.

I saw that Verizonhas now stopped all in-home repairsand installations except for emergencies.

Meanwhile, parents were like, “I'm stuck with two kidsunder 10 and no Internet.

This is an emergency.

” Hello! Hey, put your hand on top of myhand and say, “Wing-wing.

” -Wing-wing.

-Hello? -I'm gonna do that.




-Hello?[ Laughter ] -Can I do that again?-Yep, you can.

Hold on.

Let me tell a joke first.

Waffle House is starting to sellits signature waffle mix and sold out of itin four hours.

The first 30 peoplewho bought it also got a lipstick-stained mug anda dried-up syrup container.

And, finally, I saw that Aprilis National Poetry Month or, as parents whoare homeschooling put it, “Merlot is red, Bud Light is blue.

Today, mommy and daddyneed juice time, too.

” There you go, everybody.

That is our monologue! It's time for “Hashtags”! Yay!-Whoo-hoo! -Hi, everybody.

It's time for “Hashtags.

” We played this game onlinewhere we give you a subject or a topic and then weask you to comment on all those.

And, so, our subject was”my quarantine superpower” this week.

We went on Twitter, and I put an example.

I said, “I have the superpower — I can start an argumentwith a single look.

” And, anyways, thank you, guys, so much for submitting.

It was number 5 trending, so thank you so much for that.

I appreciate it.

So, now I'd like to do thisweek's “Hashtags.

” You ready?-Yeah.

-I'll give it to you.

You give it to Franny, okay? This one is from @PSU-Rose.

She said, “I can tell theU.


Mail truck from the UPS truckfrom the FedEx truck based only on the sound of theirengines and brakes.

” -What do I do with this?-You can stack them.

This is from @LizSin35.

“I can make my face looklike I'm fascinated when my husband tells thesame story again.

” That got a smile.

Here you go, bud.

This one's from @RoamingOceans.

Said, “Rapid wine-evaporationcapabilities.

” This one's from ScottinOhio4Now.

It says, “I can make the numberson my scale go up every day.

” Oh, that's a good power.

There you go.

-[ Laughs ] -This one is from FedUpHumanKS.

“Convincing my kid I'm on Zoom when I just want to bealone for a bit.

” -Um, Daddy, why are you sitting on me? -Who is saying that?-Me.

-Where are you coming from?-Behind you.

-Are you upstairs?-Just look behind you! Right down.

-Are you a flamingo? -Down! -Let's just go toour last hashtag.

This one's from @MaryBarry80.

She says, “Is rage asuperpower?” Those were our “Hashtags.

” Thank you so much forsubmitting.

I really appreciate it.


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