The Tonight Show: At Home Edition (Hashtags: #FirstThingImGoingToDoWhenThisIsOver)

-You did a good job.



Are you readyfor the show tonight? We have a big show tonight.

Do you know who'son the show tonight? -Who?-Captain America.



Captain Americais on the show tonight.

Chris Evansis on the show tonight.

Also, we have Kane Brown.

Good music from Kane Brown.


-You like him.

He's good.

But guess who elseis on the show.


-Hmm, who writes”Elephant and Piggie” books? -Mo Willems! -That's right!Mo Willems is on the show! -Whoo! “Don't Let the PigeonDrive the Bus!” -Ohh.

[ Babbling ] -[ Speaking indistinctly ] -Do you know”City Dog, Country Frog”? -Mm-hmm.





Mo Willems.

-Mo Willems is on the show tonight, and he's going todraw with Daddy.

Isn't that fun?-Mm-hmm.

-What are you guys eating?Where'd you find Tic Tacs? -[ Chuckles ] -[ Speaking indistinctly ] Way old.

Are they soft? -♪ We in the house ♪ ♪ Come on ♪ -Tonight, join Jimmy and his guests.

Chris Evans.



Mo Willems.



musical guest Kane Brown.



and the legendary Roots Crew.

It's “The Tonight Show:At Home Edition.

” -♪ We in the house, y'all ♪ -And now here's Jimmy.

-All right.

Let's getto some jokes here.

Ready? Today more expertstestified before Congress about the coronavirus, but who wants tofollow Dr.

Fauci? That's like hearing, “Ladies and gentlemen, that, of course, was the Beatles reunited.

Now give it upfor the modern-dance trickery of the Jabbawockeez.

-Huh? -What are you doing?-I'm dancing.

That's right.

Todayvaccine expert Dr.

Rick Bright said that withoutbetter planning, 2020 could be the darkest winterin modern history.

Yeah, it's not a good signwhen our experts sound like the Night's Watchon “Game of Thrones.

” “Winter is coming.

” Can we see a photoof Dr.

Bright testifying today? Ouch.

That's not a face mask.

That's a man's headin a slingshot.

Hey, I saw that Disney Plus is coming outwith a six-episode series about the making of “Frozen 2.

” -They already did.

-No, no.

They're coming outwith a six-episode series about the making of “Frozen 2.


-Yeah, 'cause there's nothingkids love more than destroying the magicof an animated film.

Get this.

A Broadway show basedon the life of Michael Jackson has been postponeduntil next March.



when it will stillnot be a good idea.

-Um, I saw thatas restaurants reopen, many will only offerdisposable menus.

That's too bad.

My favorite partof the meal was opening the menu and seeing all the stains fromthe people who ate before me.

[ Chuckles ] [Southern accent] “We definitelygotta order that gravy, honey.

We gotta order that gravy, huh?Yeah, that looks good! Drippin' on that menulike that.

” What? You like that? [ Laughs ]You don't like that voice? [ Normal voice ]All right.

Listen to this.

Krispy Kreme announced thatthey're running a special offer of 12 free doughnuts to graduatinghigh-school seniors.

That's nice.

So even if colleges don't open, you'll still get a jumpon the freshman fifteen.

Maybe they'll come homeand unplug your treadmill and your workout equipment, as well.

This is getting crazy.

There are reportsthat Kim Jong-un is once again missing.

When they heard that, North Korean officialswere like, “Okay.



” [ Rattling ] -♪ No Tic Tac, no Tic Tac, no ♪ -♪ Tic Tac, Tic Tac ♪-Mommy.


-That's not a song, right? -♪ Tic Tac, Tic Tac ♪ -No, that's not.

That's not a song.

-It is now.

-All right, guys.

Almost done here.

Here we go.

Ready? -Mm-hmm.

-[ Speaking indistinctly ] [ Giggling ] -There are reportsthat Kim Jong-un is once again missing.

When they heard that, NorthKorean officials were like, “Okay, we need to get one ofthose Bluetooth key finders and glue it to his back.

” “All right.

Get him gettingclose and shark-tag his ass.

” [ Girls giggling ] Hey! Sit down, guys.

In the back.

Be careful.

We're not driving.

And finally, scientistsjust determined how fast the virus can travel in a restaurantusing a blacklight.

Scientists saidthey learned two things.

The virus travels quickly.



and never turn on a black lightat a Denny's.

There you guys have it.

That's my monologue right there.

We have a great show, as I said.

Chr– [ Girls giggling ]-Oh, my gosh.

Are you okay?-Chris Evans is here.

You guys, we have Mo Willems, great author.

We're going to drawwith Mo Willems later and talk to him.

And then we have musicfrom Kane Brown.

It's great.

But first, how about a little Hashtags? Do you want to dosome Hashtags? ♪♪ -♪ Hashtags ♪ -Okay.

Here we go.

We're goingto do some hashtags.

Okay? This is a part of the show where we play along on the Web.

[ Laughter ] We're going to play Hashtags.

This is where we give a topicon the Web, right? And then you could tweet.

Can you not see me again?You can't see me, right? But you can see everybody else.

Where's Mommy? Where's Harry?Where's Winnie? Where's Daddy? Yeah.

[ Girls giggling ] I don't understand this game.

Can you see Daddy? -Do it again.

-I'm right here.

Where's Mommy? We can't even see Mommy, either? -Mm-hmm.

[ Girls speaking indistinctly ] -This is.



This is all.


-Ah! Yeah! -No, no.

We're allin the back of the bus.

-[ Speaking indistinctly ] -Doing some Hashtags.

Ready for this first one? -Mm-hmm.

-This first one's from @Kerry08270639.

She said, “I'm going to dress upas Mel Gibson in 'Braveheart' and scream FREEDOMas I enter every bar I find.

” [ Laughs ]You should do that.

Okay, let's juststay seated here.

This one's from.



She said, “Channel a Walmartgreeter to everyone I meet.




Yay! You're here! So nice to see you.

” It's like — Yes, everyonebe in a great mood like that.

-Yeah! -This one's from.



She said, “Go down the toilet-paper aisle like Julia Andrewsin 'The Sound of Music.

'” ♪ The hills are alive ♪ -[ Mimicking Jimmy ] -♪ With the sound of Charmin ♪ -[ Mimicking Jimmy ] -This one's from.



She said, “I'm going tobuy tickets to Hawaii for my whole family anddrop them off at the airport.

” [ Imitates explosion ]Dunked on that one.

[ Laughs ]That was a good one.

-That one didn't make sense.

-This one is from.



She said, “Stop picking myoutfits from the waist up only.

” [ Laughter ] This one's from.



She said, “Load my kids up on the Easter candythat I've been hiding, drop them off at my parents andthen yell, 'Tag.

You're it.

'” [ Laughs ] -Are you giving mean off the shoulder? Ooh.

Thank you.

-[ Giggles ] -This is from –This one's from.



[ Laughter ] “I'm going to enterreal meetings like they're a Zoom meeting.

” “Hey, can everyone hear me?Hello? Can you guys hear me? Am I unmuting?So I mute myself?” This one's from.



She said, “Finallysee my husband again.

We've been quarantined together, but whatever this personalityis is not what I signed up for.

” [ Laughter ] That's a funny one.

-This one is from –Last one's from.



He said, “Whenever I check outat the grocery store, I'm gonna buyone six-pack for me and one six-packfor the cashier.

” Yeah, baby! I love that!That's our Hashtags right there.

We'll be right back with more”Tonight Show, ” everybody.

[ Laughter ] ♪♪.

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