The National for Monday, March 23 — ‘Go home and stay home;’ COVID-19 cases surge

these are unusual times and this is an unusual location for tonight's program it's my back deck like many of you I'm working from home not because I'm sick or in isolation but to distance myself while Andrew works in the studio we're doing what we can to help stem the spread of kovat 19 but somehow somewhere we'll always be here with you and for you this is the national enough is enough go home and stay home a stern warning from the prime minister take social distancing seriously or else also tonight a BC woman who lost her mother to the corona virus speaks out from isolation I wouldn't wish this on anybody it isn't the way you want your family member to go her powerful message for Canadians about taking this virus seriously Ontario and Quebec shut down non-essential businesses this was a very very tough decision but it is the right decision what stays open what will close and is it enough to stop the spread and social distancing tips from a pro take care of yourself take care of your family to carry your friends if he can do it for months in space we can do it too [Music] we've watched the Cova 19 outbreak grow in Canada for weeks but today some stark numbers show it may be kicking into a higher gear four more people have died and Canada has now shot well past 2000 cases a number almost double that of just three days ago Canada's two biggest provinces are now the ones with the highest caseloads Quebec reported a tidal wave of new cases today if an Ontario will basically be shut down by tomorrow night non-essential businesses we're told to close up shop to slow the spread and the Prime Minister delivered a blunt message for the entire country it's time for all Canadians to recognize how deadly serious this is and stay home the Prime Minister among many Canadians frustrated with those not following protocols and as David Cochrane reports even tougher measures could come soon the Prime Minister has spent weeks trying to reassure Canadians now he's warning the ones who aren't listening we've all seen the pictures online of people who seem to think they're invincible well you're not enough is enough go home and stay home these pictures at a vancouver beach are said to have made the prime minister particularly angry as these normal signs of spring are a big sign of trouble people ignoring public health advice we need to slow and stop the spread of this virus if we are going to come through this strongly as a country without losing too many of our loved ones avoid crowded places to drive it all home the first of a series of ads to push public health advice that is acutely important for people in acute settings to protect the health workers at risk of being overrun to keep the virus out of long-term care homes where Canada has seen the most deaths even to keep essential services like grocery stores running not knowing is no excuse listening is your duty and staying home is your way to serve it's a message all especially want the snowbirds to hear as they fly home from the winter it is essential that they don't stop for groceries that they don't visit their friends or family on the way home that they're not stopping anywhere but going directly home and doing so safely go directly home and stay in your house you're putting thousands and thousands of people at risk it's the toughest language to date with a threat of tougher enforcement measures if people still don't listen to this point Ottawa has left the hammer in the hands of the provinces many of whom are happy to swing it David Cochrane CBC News Ottawa so despite aggressive messaging campaigns too many Canadians still not doing their part to slow the spread alison Northcott takes a closer look at the battle for compliance police directed traffic for this kovat 19 drive-thru testing site in montreal one way officers are involved in the fight against the virus they're also enforcing social distancing rules fielding 200 911 Saturday from people reporting social gatherings the province has ordered to stop on one hand we don't want people to start calling and you know I'll say ah my neighbor's taking a walk with and there's two people but on the other hand when people call it shows that they're becoming consciousness montreal police say they do have the power to make arrests but hope it doesn't come to that but in Quebec City police did arrest a woman for defying a quarantine order last week banku ver City Council passed a motion today allowing the city to find businesses and individuals who defy state of emergency rules on the weekend when I saw people playing soccer having picnics you know in the basketball courts playing playing hockey it was a nice day playing beer pong you imagine so I said to Council we have to act other provinces including Nova Scotia and Ontario are also using the threat of fines to ensure people comply there was a police cruiser going by and he was using his loudspeakers and his microphone telling a number of pedestrians to stay six feet apart where encouraging and promoting compliance obviously we don't want to get into you know giving people tickets but if that's what needs to be done and that's what we'll have to do the people are getting the message a small group are ignoring the message Ontario Premier Doug ford says convincing them is not just up to police follow the rules and we see businesses open I won't hesitate to call them out by name police hope they won't have to resort to fines and that people will listen and follow Public Health orders Alison Northcott CBC News Montreal so let's take a closer look at the latest kovat 19 numbers in Canada there are now at least two thousand and ninety two reported cases that's an increase of 620 from yesterday Quebec stands out with a huge spike of 409 in a few minutes we'll explain how that province has changed how it counts cases but Ontario is up by 79 BC by 48 and Alberta by 42 across the country people are getting sick Tina love green looks at who they are Theresa Comey says her mother never liked to be the center of attention if she's looking down she'll be electricity stops talking because she was so private but she's speaking about the 89 year old the introvert with the heart of an artist because she died from kovat 19 while Adeline Valley care center that you wouldn't want something like that to happen to anybody that you knew let alone a person that you loved because you're a hundred percent helpless you're 100 percent powerless in the situation the situation is and you have to navigate it but there's a bigger message to share to look around and see people not taking it seriously and until each person has touched themselves by a family member they can't understand the enormity of this entire situation most of those who have died in Canada have been elderly largely in their 70s and 80s at least 15 of the country's 24 fatalities were residents of three seniors care facilities in BC and Quebec a man in his 60s died in Edmonton and the youngest known death was an Ontario man in his fifth with an underlying health condition at least 40 patients are fighting the virus and intensive care units across the country it's very dangerous and we don't know how far it can go Joe teach Audrey's husband Jay is one of them the 52 year old pastor has viral pneumonia and has been in the hospital in Calgary since Wednesday and Bay County mom why you're so stressed out why you are so stressed up by why is in a good hand the entire family has tested positive for the virus meaning they can't visit him in the hospital it puts all this complexity around their passing and there won't be a funeral for Teresa commis mother at least not for a few more months it feels terrible to mourn somebody in isolation that's the added cruelty of the virus having to stay away when you want to get together the most Tina love green CBC News North Vancouver BC as we said the number of new cases in Quebec today is jarring it nearly tripled its case count in just a day but the fear is a bigger surge is still to come Christine be racked with how hospitals across Canada are gearing up for what's coming we can see today an important increase in the number of cases it didn't happen overnight but it's a huge jump from over 200 confirmed cases to more than 600 the tally now includes positive test results from all Hospital run labs in Quebec before today some of those cases required a second verification test but a surge in cases means people aren't keeping their distance from one another and the virus is spreading healthcare this is kind of a weird inconvenience it's an odd time but for us this is actually very scary based on Canadian case reports so far six percent of kovat 19 cases have been hospitalized staff are now caring for about 120 patients and Counting for a 20-day stay in hospital caring for a single patient requires about a hundred pairs of gloves masks and gowns hospitals are calling on anyone with unused supply to hand them over we know there's lots of personal protective equipment in the community dentists veterinarians nail salons construction sites pest control etc and we know the community wants to help University researchers are answering that call the danger in a clinical setting is that as they get low on these supplies they have to start reusing them or making their own in some American cities they're already running out we're about ten days away from our public health system not being able to support coronavirus patients Health Canada says it has secured millions of masks that should be arriving shortly still there's concern that as a surgeon patient starts it won't be enough Christine Burak CBC News Toronto okay let's bring in dr.

Isaac BOE gosh now an infectious disease specialist so dr.

Bowe gosh this surge I mean when does it peak and and how big does it get it's really hard to know and a lot of that's going to depend on how we do as Canadians with our social or physical distancing measures and if we really take this seriously and we actually all abide by these principles we can certainly limit the surge of cases that we're going to be seeing in Canada okay but that there continues to be sort of clear examples of people out there who aren't following the guidelines or who aren't taking it as seriously as others what is what is the realistic consequence of that yeah I mean truly if we don't if we don't all abide by these principles we're gonna see more and more community transmission and we're gonna see a greater number of new cases per day day after day I should also remind people too that some of these new cases are really because we're seeing more diagnostic test kits available and a loosening of the restrictions on who can get tested and as these test kits roll out we're gonna start to make more diagnosis and we're also not only is this gonna be reflective of sick people in hospital but this is gonna be reflective of people who are not that sick who are in home or community settings as well so that might also be contributing to the greater number of cases we're seeing right that's an important point to note dr.

Bowe gosh thanks so much any time now as we mentioned the two biggest provinces Ontario and Quebec have been near total shutdowns drastic measures to fight the spread ellen morrow takes us through it we must get head of this virus to beat this virus and getting ahead Ontario's premier said means shutting down this was a very very tough decision but it is the right decision this is not the time for half-measures starting midnight tomorrow non-essential businesses in the province will be closed remaining open grocery stores pharmacies takeouts and liquor stores cutting access to alcohol authorities say would cause problems you know whether we care to admit it or not there are many people in our community who have significant dependence issues hardware stores will also stay open and drew Rotblat has put in strict distancing measures at his store in downtown Toronto we're limiting it to one or two customers at a time and you know everybody seems to be complying with sanitizer when they walk in Ontario follows Pei and today Quebec Francois Lago explained the lockdown like this we put chances on our site that it goes better after so I think that in doing more than less it's helping everybody wise word says this infectious diseases specialist everybody knows what to do and they gave us a chance and you know some people kind of blew it didn't act the way that they were supposed to think that resulted in this lockdown which i think is totally appropriate they go to that dark place the announcement of the lockdown prompted Susan naggy to go shopping I think it's going to be a weird new normal for people and I think that there's gonna have to be a lot of adjustment adjustment and isolation the reality of living with kovat 19 Ellen Morrow CBC News Toronto so Cove at 19 having a major impact as provinces and cities look to manage the virus Anita bath is tracking stories from communities across Canada for us Anita Andrew that non-essential business shut down in Quebec Ellen just spoke about well it caused a of confusion today it wasn't clear what might stay open and what might closed so long lines formed outside grocery liquor and cannabis stores as people rush to stock up turns out those stores will in fact stay open now in Ontario the provinces schools are rescheduled to open in two weeks but today a change of heart I believe and does the minister believe April 6 kids are going back to school the kids won't be going back to school in April the six but again this is changing hour by hour day by day there are still thousands of people returning back to Canada and that has Ottawa taxi driver sounding the alarm they are often the first point of contact when someone leaves the airport taxi drivers are now waiting to see if they end up getting designated as an essential service by the government when I finish premier when I go to my house with my kid how I can I stay with my kid my kid is worried about 24 hours when they outside but I have to work and I have a motorcade I have a kid I have any the food so but the car man doesn't do anything for me a quick look at Nova Scotia checkpoints have now sprung up at every major entry point into the province that means highways ferries airports everything is being patrolled and everyone is being questioned anyone considered a non-essential worker is being told to self isolate for 14 days even if coming from another part of Canada Nova Scotia has 28 positive tests that are new bringing the total tonight to 41 and one of those is a child under 10 years old Adrian alright thanks Anita well Canadian officials are trying to hammer home the importance of physical distancing Donald Trump is considering easing restrictions in the u.


as early as next week so this as the number of confirmed Kovan 19 cases grew to 40, 000 in the US by this evening deaths jumped past 500 and mayors and governors across the country are still pleading for help as Paul hunter tells us the US president really wants Americans to get back to work this is not a country that was built for this it was not built to be shut down hinting that his own guidelines encouraging social distancing are in turn slamming the US economy Donald Trump today suggested he may be about to rescind those guidelines America will again and soon be open for business very soon a lot sooner than three or four months we're not gonna let the Cure be worse than the problem said Trump tonight a decision on whether Louie's up will come in about a week but as mega lineups continue for Corona testing US hospitals brace for being flat-out overwhelmed not least after a blunt new prediction from the Surgeon General I want America to understand this week it's going to get bad in hard-hit New York today a giant Convention Center was being turned into a makeshift federal hospital and some worried if Trump now promotes a prompt restart for US businesses the resulting closer social interaction will only make things worse still tonight Trump seemed optimistic people have learned social distancing he said hotspots can be monitored supplies are being stepped up we're having millions and millions of masks made as we speak he had a warning for those hoarding supplies or selling fake tests the Department of Justice will be aggressively prosecuting fraudulent schemes and he highlighted the start of testing for that malaria drug he's promoted as a possible treatment it would be a gift from God if that worked it would be a big game-changer Trump who's often called this the Chinese virus said it's important the US Asian community be protected adding this isn't their fault and on the health risks in reopening the economy Trump seemed a call for perspective he said lots of people died in car crashes every year that doesn't mean there's no more driving paul hunter CBC News Washington more signs tonight the 2020 Olympic Games simply cannot go on as planned next on the national Canadian athletes put Olympic dreams on I know there's so many people this was their last Olympics this was their last go and you kind of just have to just hurt for them and we put your questions to the doctors including this one if I've mainly been staying at home alone is it safe to meet up with other people who have also been staying home alone I guess I'm overwhelmed and tips for parents now suddenly turned teachers for those kids stuck at home we're back into welcome back as we continue our coverage of the corona virus pandemic the British prime minister has issued a stern new order from this evening I must give the British people a very simple instruction you must stay at home Boris Johnson says people should only go out for the following reasons for food or medicine to exercise once a day to provide or receive medical care or to travel to and from work if it's absolutely necessary he also ordered all non-essential shops to close and threaten fines for those who do not comply so Olympic Committee's of the US and Australia are now following Canada's lead they too are now calling on the International Olympic Committee to postpone the Tokyo games as they meet as Jaime Stratton tells us it seems Japan is considering that possibility Noel Montcalm hurdler Noel Montcalm is also a registered nurse and understands why the Canadian Olympic Committee isn't sending athletes to Japan we don't even know what you know the next weeks to months even even look like right now so I mean disheartening to say the least but a right decision Canada's move comes as the International Olympic Committee faces intense pressure to postpone these games the United States is now also calling for a postponement so too is Australia since the hurdler say jwatson supports Canada's choice but understands why the IOC wants more time somebody from the IOC message me and they said this is like a Tetris game there's so many moving parts and there's so many things to figure out longtime IOC member Canadian dick Pound suggested today the games will likely be pushed back to July 2021 even the Japanese are having doubts Metheny panel with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe a today finally acknowledging a postponement was on the table Dianna Matheson part of the Canadian soccer team that qualified to compete in Tokyo says it's been impossible to properly prepare as athletes try to socially isolate we as Olympians are trying to take steps to lead and doing the right things workout at home we're going your dens going solo runs but please stop playing soccer in the parks with with 20 people I'm not playing soccer you shouldn't be there as the IOC figures out how or when these games will take place saige Watson says it's a tough time for everyone I know there's so many people this was their last Olympics this was their last go and you kind of just have to just hurt for them but the Canadian Olympic Committee says these times are different a time for empty stadiums and a time to put the Olympics on hold Jaime Stratton CBC News Toronto okay in just a few moments time our team of doctors are gonna take on the questions that you have been sending us including this one how will this virus eventually stop does it just die out and disappear we're back in a moment or first this for many like montreal canadiens thomas guitar the absence of pro sports is tough but athletes commentators and fans are now getting creative to beat the cove in 19 a solution blues from England's probably short-lived social distancing soccer league this the final of the to learn evokes in a park contest and that was absolutely terrible few runners in the distance not keeping enough distance frankly to feline martial arts it's a putt punch by Winston but punch and now it's sniffing now we're holding staring contest is now in progress and a there's Toronto Raptors serge ibaka exciting world of competitive dishwasher loading [Applause] if you've got a great isolation boredom killing video email us at the National at cbc.

ca welcome back kovat 19 is driving an incredible amount of change happening right now in our day to day lives and that has led to a ton of questions about how to stay safe and how to stay healthy so every night we're turning to a team of doctors to help find some answers with me tonight respirometer Sameer Gupta and dr.

Isaac bogus and infectious disease specialist hello general and thanks again for joining us dr.

Bowe gosh let's start with this first question and this is one I got to say that we've gotten an awful lot here it is should you be social distancing from your own partner or your own spouse if you live in the same house but are still going to work regularly still going outside yeah I mean it's a bit of a judgment call and I think that different people have different risk thresholds and of course if you're both very very careful at your place of work you're both being mindful of hand hygiene and you're both clearly without any symptoms you know many people are choosing to have some degree of normalcy in their life and still maintaining the same household relationship that they did before this certainly some other people are choosing not to do that and and that's okay and some people are have been sleeping in separate bedrooms but I really think that it's it's totally reasonable to have some sense of normalcy in the relationship at home and if both people are completely healthy and well I think that's totally fine okay doctor dr.

Gupta this next question is about what happens once you get home so do I need to wash my hands regularly and repeatedly while I'm at home or only after I've had contact with the outside world yeah I mean theoretically the time that it's most important is when you've had contact with the outside world but even if you haven't had that contact it's it's a great habit to get into and you know don't forget that there are other infections than Cova 19 so it's it's a good habit to get into to protect yourself against all sorts of infections right fair enough and and I suppose odds are you're much more likely to get sick from those other infections than cope in 19.

2 Boh gosh next question for you if I've mainly been staying at home alone is it safe to meet up with other people who have also been staying home alone you know short answer is we really should be doing that and really we've heard time and time again from our senior public health leadership that we've got to stay home spread out but having said that I think it's totally okay for people to you know get some fresh air go outside for a walk as long as you keep your distance from other people so if two people want to maybe go for a walk together but they're far apart from each other they want to go outside and get some fresh air that's that's totally reasonable but you know I think the real key thing is no congregations of groups of people and even if there's two people together let's keep that 2 meter distance okay dr.

Gupta this is about the 2 meter distance especially for people who live in condo buildings or apartment buildings how long can this coronavirus stay airborne if someone coughs or sneezes and I'm thinking in an elevator saying okay well I think the first thing to be really important to clarify here is that I think there's some confusion because a study that came out recently that showed that the virus can can actually be suspended in the air but that was actually a study where they used a medical device called a nebulizer so that was really not about everyday real-life conditions that was about conditions in a hospital with specific equipment so in your everyday scenario people coughing or sneezing it doesn't actually get suspended in the air it simply travels in these droplets and these droplets will you know they'll hit a surface or the landing on the ground but they won't stay suspended in the air so you know if you're in an elevator again it's hard to be six feet away from someone ideally they should be facing in a different direction when they cough or sneeze so that the droplets will go in that other direction but I think the thing to be most mindful for in an elevators type of situation is that all those surfaces are likely contaminated particularly the buttons so again it comes back to hand hygiene hmm okay dr.

Bowe gosh one more question how will this virus eventually stop does it just die out and disappear yeah short answer is no one really knows and there's certainly a lot of speculation here one of the prevailing theories is that you know this does we're clearly in the midst of a pandemic the virus is gonna run its course and then it'll likely circulate just on very low levels maybe with some seasonal variability like influenza maybe we'll see some of this virus in in the cooler winter months and then and they don't look go away in the summer months and it'll just sort of pass like like influenza season like we see with influenza no one's a hundred percent sure but really this hammers on the point that we really need a vaccine for this for this virus and tons and tons of efforts are being poured into creating a vaccine for this so we have a sustainable long term solution all right dr.

Bowe gosh dr.

Gupta we'll leave it there thanks so much for your time thank you thank you now as we've mentioned we will be asking your questions about kovat 19 every night going forward so send us the questions that you have you can message us directly on Instagram at CBC the national or you can send us an email at the national at cbc.

ca information about the corona virus is changing so fast it can be hard to keep up and even harder sometimes to sort out fact from fiction but CBC News has you covered we've assembled a new team called Kovacic tonight Katie Nicholson examines a wild claim spreading online that the virus is caused by the next generation of wireless technology irises are simply excretions of a toxic cell that's Thomas Cowan an American holistic doctor they bought out from the cell they happen when the cell is poisoned they are not the cause of anything in this video that's been shared thousands of times around the world in five different languages Cowan claims a virus isn't behind the pandemic 5g wireless networks are anybody want to make one guess as to where the first completely blanketed 5g city in the world was exactly that's not true some US cities and South Korea had 5g networks long before Wuhan and 5g is a long way from being up and running around the world but the video gained traction last week it was shared by American singer Keri Hilson to her more than 2 million Instagram followers it's actually been something that the Annie Beck's community has used fairly frequently as part of their argument against vaccination University of Manitoba virologist jason kendra chuck has heard this 5g poisoning idea before kendra Chuck says scientists have sequenced Kovac 19 they taking it apart and put it back together again they've infected primates with it who then exhibited symptoms I think the data is so overwhelmingly valid and validated to show that the virus has caused disease it's almost difficult for me to argue why as for Thomas Cowan he's currently on probation with the California State Medical Board and operating with restrictions on his practice after a 20-17 complaint about another matter Cowan has authored a book that argues against vaccinating children he did not respond to CBC News his request for comment about the video so no stay away from 5g networks which we don't really have up and running in Canada yet won't keep you safe from Kovan 19 Katie Nicholson CBC News Toronto okay next on the National parents who suddenly become teachers how to keep the kids learning at home Plus Canadian businesses answer the call and switch gears to make much-needed medical supplies hi I'm Chris Hadfield I spent a little time self isolating and some advice from a Canadian who knows a lot about living in isolation we'll be right back okö vat19 once again made for rough waters on stock markets today even as the price of oil and gold ticked up the TSX lost 632 points that's down 5.

3 percent in New York the Dow Jones was down 583 points that's about three percent and the S&P 500 closed down almost as much that index has now shed all gains made during the Trump presidency now in this time of need governments have called on Canadian companies to step up and deliver crucial products that are in short supply they're in salzman looks at how some of those businesses are responding even before kovat 19 hit Canada moulded precision components was preparing to adapt production was gonna start slowing down we started trying to figure out ways that we could help support they make things like gears and housings using precision instruments and 3d printing now instead of auto components they're moving into healthcare apart from having to build an entire cleanroom for production it's a relatively straightforward conversion we can produce medical components a specific specifically for supporting the shortage and ventilators exactly the type of effort called for by the government last week this is a coordinated strategy that will leverage our industrial base to rapidly scale towards more Canadian production in fact the government's strategy came after conversations with the auto parts manufacturing Association it won't make up for the 100, 000 layoffs due to CO vid 19 but that's not the point we should about $100, 000, 000 where this product today the if we did a billion dollars worth of suppliers of medical supplies it'd be two weeks worth of business this isn't a business replacement this is we're all friends and neighbors and some of our friends and neighbors on the front line it's the same with other businesses distilleries and breweries making hand sanitizer and donating the product to people in need all the while keeping people working MPC has just been asked to make 25 million medical masks but that still won't make up for its regular business and if this goes on more than six months the company may be in trouble for now though all 60 employees are still on the job and they're even looking to hire 15 more and we're gonna need an army to take this on aiming to come out even stronger than when this began Aaron Saltzman CBC News Toronto well if that story opened a window to the strategy at some workplaces the next one shows us a new battle for parents on the homefront shuttered schools are presenting a potentially overwhelming challenge Deanna Suman action Sanuk at some solutions with five kids aged 2 to 17 olivia gravich always has her hands full but now she's not just mom she's teacher – I guess I'm overwhelmed I don't know where to find the resources and the resources they do have even though they have an abundance of them I don't know what to actually look for on top of that I have four different grades to try and teach her stress is shared by parents across Canada in Ontario homeschooling may be a reality for longer than previously thought the kids won't be going back to school in April the six officials have put some math and literacy resources online with more to come Alberta has a more specific plan for students to complete a certain number of hours each week but any plan requires something ravish doesn't have we don't have a computer we don't have those things and so I can't collect them each sit and have their time unless they're on my phone some rabbits live on farms scholastic publishers may have one solution for that putting resources online no computer or Wi-Fi needed we wanted this to be something that kids could rely on you know a family phone and a piece of paper and a pencil and they would be able to fill two to three hours a really meaningful learning time of day officials don't want parents to stress over perfection for me we don't want to transform every single parent of Quebec into teachers and this expert and mom of two agrees the research tells me that talk is super important to learn so just talk with your kids right and in terms of math talk with your kids about math we do little math games but we also just do like mental math tips for parents balancing new roles while teaching their children another lesson about the importance of resilience in tough times Deana semanek Johnson CBC News Toronto up next on the National we take a closer look at the situation in Russia Vladimir Putin's message to the outside world is that the Kremlin has it all under control inside the country though there's doubt but first some tips on self isolating from a guy who knows a whole lot about hi I'm Chris Hadfield I've spent a little time self isolating Chris Hadfield was an astronaut for 21 years the first Canadian to walk in space commander of the International Space Station his last mission kept him in space for five months his tips for getting through that and what's happening now number one understand the actual risk don't just be afraid of things go to a credible source and find out what is truly the risk that you're facing right now next he says Jews some goals assess your limitations and then act start doing things they don't have to be the things that you always did before take care of family start a new project learn to play guitar study another language read a book write to create so take care of yourself take care of your family take care of your friends take care of your spaceship and I wish everybody happy landings for breaking news and cope in nineteen updates CBC News Network is now free and for more ways to watch stream live coverage of CBC see a CBC gem CBC News CA and on CBC News app I'm Michelle Shepherd filling in for Jaime pusseh tomorrow on CBC's Daily News podcast front-burner an unlikely group on the front lines of Canada's coronavirus response grocery store workers and the risks that they weigh for a paycheck subscribe wherever you get your podcasts we are tracking several international coronavirus stories for you Italy registered more than 4, 700 new coronavirus cases today and 602 new deaths lower numbers for the second straight day though officials say it's too soon to call it a trend this crematorium in the north has been inundated with coffins workers there say they're trying to give every victim a proper burial but it can't keep up yesterday the government banned traveled within the country and froze all non-essential businesses and in France health officials are reporting 186 new deaths bringing the total to 860 the military set up medical tents in the hard-hit region of Alsace to ease the burden on hospitals there this one will be able to accommodate up to 30 critically ill patients at a time meantime the country is enforcing strict measures to slow the spread today popular tourist locations around Paris were nearly deserted and police officers were stopping drivers and pedestrians to make sure that they had documentation allowing them to be there Russia meanwhile is a different story it's got a population of nearly 150 million it shares a land border with Europe and China and yet has reported just 438 cases of coronavirus the government claims its measures are working but inside Russia there is doubt Chris Brown has that story the handout video from Russian health authorities projects a country beating back the coronavirus at the airport and on Moscow's Metro the message from Vladimir Putin is that Russia isn't like Europe's it were to feel the situation is under control he said which when they go to visit indeed Orthodox parishioners are so confident or oblivious that until a few days ago they were lining up to kiss church icons without even wiping them down but nobody knows exactly how much doctor anastasiya vasilieva who heads a doctors union says physicians have been telling her cases of coronavirus are being deliberately mislabeled by health authorities as pneumonia to keep the numbers low I think and they mean coronavirus but save Ramona ordinary Russians seem torn about what to believe the Bolshoi Theatre is closed but shopping malls are not when the Metro is fully operating and over the weekend Russia sent nine plane loads of doctors specialists and equipment to Italy to help out there as if to underscore the Kremlin's claim that it's doing so well it can spare the resources at the city's coronavirus call center where the operators seemed to sit pretty close together this worker told us she's not answered any panicked calls I think that they follow all our relations then again the government is also moving quickly to build a new infectious disease hospital in Moscow with hundreds of beds presumably because it's expecting a lot of new cases russia's government said today that anyone 65 years or older should stay inside and not go out everyone that is except for President Vladimir Putin he's 67 but the Kremlin says the new rule doesn't apply to him Chris Brown CBC News Moscow all right coming up a creative way to bring some cheer while physical distance the story behind this next in our moment [Music] this Piper wanted to do something special to help those struggling in the midst of the coronavirus so he threw a concert in front of a retirement home keeping socially physically distant and all they opened the doors and windows to let the music in and that's our moment played the bagpipes for many years and just thought be nice to try and lift their spirits I know my Nana she's 1994 just passed last year but she loved the bagpipes I mean I knew I couldn't go inside but at least I could play outside it's funny one instrument where you can certainly let it rip outside they could open up their windows and they'd enjoy it it was it was heartwarming for everyone in the village I do it just for the residents to get some entertainment a couple people held the front doors open they kept wanting to close but they eventually just held them right open so the sound would go in they put a good feet into me and into me brought back memories of World War two it's from heaven you feel kind of useless and I thought you know this is something that I can give back in this job you know lift your spirits hopefully and I think it's a service purpose and I did call them just on these beams good for him so it's funny you can just sort of imagine that scene he's talking about The Doors Andrews so they're automatic doors that close they kept closing and some people come waving their arms in front of them they close again so any anything they could to let the music in yeah well and it just goes to show you right there are so many ways to to help people to support people maybe you know a song maybe you can run an errand or maybe you just hold the door open that's the national for this March 23rd have a good [Music] you.

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