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Hello, my name is Tania.

Recently, I became honored of two properties in Turkey.

I bought one in October of last year, I was physically in Antalya, and when I came back to the United States.

I purchase another one over the phone.

I would like to share my experience with purchasing a property from Antalya Homes® and working with one of their agents, Mr.

Mehmet Ali I wanna talk about how unexpectedly easy was to buy a property over the phone and hopefully, provide future buyers with helpful information.

that will allow them to feel comfortable with the entire process So a little bit background about how all of these happen for me I do live in The USA and I’ve always had the dream of owning a property in another country I just did not know which country I wanted to own a property in.

so my mom and i visited Antalya last year and i saw right away I had everything I wanted in a vacation destination and even a second home.

So I could list a hundred reasons why I loved Antalya and however just to summarize to keep it short basically the closeness to nature.

as well as city life was the perfect mixfor me.

When we were there, I did not waste any time making my first purchase in Antalya.


Mehmet Ali was the agent who helped us.

He was absolutely amazing.

He picked us up from our AirBNB.

He showed us around Antalya.

Giving us greatperspective of areas we were surrounded by including taking us the Konyaaltı Beach.

I wasn't completely sure whether or not I wanted to buy a property in Turkey.

I wasn't familiar with how it all worked and I was a little bit apprehensive.


Mehmet Ali helped me understand the whole process.

He made me feel secure about my decision to buy a place in a foreign country.

He took the time to try to understand what it was I wantedby asking insightful questions.

that helped him determine exactly what I was looking for.

After his presentation and our discussion.

I was able to quickly choose the apartment that Iwanted so this was around 1:00 p.


4 hours later, I had a tax ID number I hadMr.

Mehmet Ali as my power of attorney I met the seller and I signed thecontract and it was finished it was done I was so excited and a little bitshocked at the same time because in The United States there's no way you can buya place in 4 hours it takes a month or even longer so it was such a greatexperience we were very satisfied.


Mehmet Ali was very professional thewhole time he was patient he was incredibly knowledgeable about everyask about real estate business he put 100% effort into his work and wecould tell that he truly cared about what he did.

So we returned to the Statesand I knew that I would be purchasing another apartment in Antalya this timehowever, I wanna it to be more for my family and I to enjoy on a vacation orto potentially live in rather than for an investment which I had decided to buyan investment property when I was there so this was a little bit different Iwanted it to be bigger I wanted it to be closer to the beach and it was importantfor me that it had a beautiful balcony that overlookedyou know something whether it was the mountains or the sea so I had a littlebit more exterior criteria for that so I was at home and I would turn on mycomputer I would get on the Antalya Homes® website and I would look on theiron their site for apartments and all of the apartments that they have for saleare listed on this website I found a few that I liked and I send them over to Mr.

Mehmet Ali.

He immediately took my first choice and contacted the seller tofind out if he could work if the seller could work with my budget Mr.

Mehmet Aliwent to the property and called me via FaceTime i was able to see thesurrounding areas of the building i was able to see of course inside of theapartment the bedrooms, upstairs, kitchen, every part of the apartment itwas like I was there through FaceTime i was able to see everything he showed methe distance from the kitchen to the living room he went outside and I got tosee the view from the balcony which was perfect it was beautiful exactly what Iwanted I felt very comfortable moving along with the process and decided to goahead and put a down payment for the property.

I had almost one Bitcoin that Idecided to use for the down payment.

It was my first time actually using Bitcoinfor transactions and I didn't know what to expect.


Mehmet Ali and the chairman of the company helped me every step of the waythey provided me the account number and clearly explained the very simpleprocess of using this form of currency.

I was immediately notified when the moneywas received and about two days later I was sent the contract and because Mr.

Mehmet Ali is my power of attorney he was able to sign it for meso basically throughout the whole purchase of my second apartment therewas no need for me to be there everything was done over the phone afterthe contract was signed I sent over the rest of the money and again received avoice text letting me know that the money was received they did an amazingjob communicating back and forth letting me know when they received the moneyletting me know if there was any issue at all which there wasn't but there wasjust that constant communication which I really appreciated and it really helpedput me at ease throughout the whole process now I'm just days away fromreceiving my second title deed and I didn't even have to be there.

so when you're dealing with a lot of money and you'resending it overseas it can definitely be stressful and I think it's completelynormal for a person to be nervous about it and honestly if I wouldn't have gonethat first time and if I wouldn't have met Mr.

Mehmet Ali I mean I wouldn't have gone to the office I probably wouldn't have made my first purchase over thephone.

However, this is why this testimonial is so important because I am telling you that you can trust Antalya Homes® and you can trust the people thatwork with Antalya Homes® Behind every sale and behind any company it's justsimply a matter of honesty and integrity and trust basically okay so when anorganization values those characteristics and it's the foundationof their company buyers have absolutely nothing to worry about you can just goonline and shop and pick out your dream home 100% worry-freeif you can't get to Turkey get on their website.

Find apartments as soon as youcontact an agent they will be ready to go for you it was really an easy process so in closing this has honestly been oneof the best adventures of my life and I am beyond grateful and I'm so lucky tohave come across beautiful Antalya and Antalya Homes® and all of the peoplewho make it possible for me and others like me to own a property in Antalyait's just it's it's amazing it's incredible and I still sometimes can'tbelieve that I have something there finally thank you Mr.

Mehmet Ali, foreverything that you've done you've been constantly professional andconstantly kind and helpful and you genuinely care about what you do andyou're genuinely care about your clients and i don't just thank you but my familyreally does too and we are excited to come to Turkey and to actually enjoy ourapartment.

Soo, thank you.




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