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Really! This car is amazing! I really want buy this car What car model can make me want to replace immediately after test drive Except Suzuki Ignis that's it Suzuki Swift Sport Yeah! I finally test drive! But before I test drive let me introduce a good friend to you Xavier, the owner of Hong Kong, talk about this car I placed my order in March 2018 After booking a car, who knows that Japan's sales are too ideal No stock for me Later, I considered buying in the used car market or the Japanese car purchase website.

But there is also no stock Only commonly known as “ghost car” Even if it shows that there is a car, it is not available from stock All need to be ordered from the car factory to purchase Finally, I asked the importer in Hong Kong to order one for me At that time, it took three months to order a new car and ship it I ordered in March and will not be shipped to Hong Kong until June to July After that, the license plates will be issued according to the arrangement Because the Japanese version uses black glass windows for the rear seats and cabin windows Cannot pass Hong Kong vehicle inspection standards Because this car was also a new car The glass factory in Hong Kong does not have these three glasses in the rear If you buy from Sime Darby Since this car was purchased from Japan Sime Darby will not order it for me Only go to Japan to order original glass The headlight is LED, the car inspection center said its safety code Hong Kong hasn't got it yet so it can't be approved for successful car inspection Then toss about it I don’t understand, the new car is not registered Why is there? Finally, successful in October.

Regardless of the quality of the interior Sound insulation and handling while driving Much better than I expected Although its suspension system is designed by Monore Built for this car However, it is unknown whether this car was originally biased off-road This model has participated in off-road competitions in Europe Don't know if this reason Make the body height high Even under the original setting The space between the tire and the fender reaches a fist Is quite obvious in the inclination But will it filter out a lot of road noise? It won't The suspension is always biased towards toughness When driving over bumpy roads, the body jumps a little bit Not completely comfortable But when you are going to take a corner, the body is leaning and big So why did I decide to change the suspension so quickly For this reason This gearbox actually uses the gear ratio of the previous generation The advantage is very close range One, two, three, four, five gears keep turning Make driving happy and refreshing But when cruising at high speed For example, speeds of 80 and 100 km/h In 6th gear, the number of revolutions is a little higher If the gear ratio of the 6th gear is a little bit apart Let the number of revolutions decrease a little Will be more fuel efficient In 6th gear, the speed is about 100, 110 km/h About 3, 000 rpm It's really refreshing when enjoying pure high speed Now the suspension system and exhaust throat have been replaced Because the weather in Hong Kong is hotter than in Japan Also changed the intercooler Always a Turbo car, the resistance decreases when you want to inhale Make the engine more comfortable So also replaced with new intake and Blow-Off Valve As I daily use But I think it’s important to have fun while driving Otherwise, you will become a driver I'll finish it soon Otherwise, I really don’t want to leave.

Difficult to drive the car Okay, finally I can test drive the Swift Sport I am very happy today that the owner is willing to lend us a car And it's even more for leave So really thank him I really don't want to leave the car Actually I don’t even want to continue shooting Driving it all the time Need to remind everyone This car has replacement parts Everyone should know from the interview just now This car adds a lot of cool stuff Not all original But it doesn't matter In the chat with the owner just now I have learned How did Swift Sport perform from Swift After adding cool stuff, how is the performance different All quite understand Swift I introduced before Actually, I already told everyone The reason I like this car is I don’t know why Suzuki can make a car.

The chassis and frame are so solid Plus its own light weight So it’s a good start, with flexible bends Just be flexible Its grip and steering are sharp and precise This is overjoyed You didn’t expect that there are Japanese cars Able to achieve such a sense of manipulation This is how delicate the Japanese make cars It is also the reason why I like Japanese cars I now feel very excited overall Because it keeps you challenged After adding air intake, intercooler, and a blow-off valve And the suspension and exhaust throat have been replaced So no matter when the torsion of the first section erupts For example, it is now in 3rd gear In the middle and late stages, the power can still continue So the power is average It will make the driver more comfortable in performance The point of playing this car is apex corner We'll be faster on the bend When competing with others on the bend Whether it can exert its ability I like this car, its chassis and frame are solid But the owner is at the bottom of chassis Have added brackets Make it more stable You can feel it immediately when driving For example, in this test drive road Even if it's not very fast But I can already feel the stability after installing the bracket Because this car becomes more solid One can imagine that when test driving in Tai Mo Shan It can give you more fun driving It is thin in size and short in length Make it more flexible I think this car is very lively If you compare with the proxy version Swift you tried before Swift Sport is a bit like Goku Kind of like adrenaline As if to tell you You can continue to challenge my limits I'm still far from the limit So the driver can constantly challenge it Regardless of bend or speed Do you hear the sound? Although the exhaust throat is also replaced The exhaust sound is very solid This sound wave is really exciting Plus there is a Turbo Driven by torque There is no fault in the explosive power of the first section Explosive power, light body The moment of power burst was very good Its 6 speed manual transmission Very manipulative What does it feel like Every gear is clear It is very clear to go into first and second gear Owners of different gears can clearly understand The other is about clutches I think this clutch is quite heavy It’s not the focus of my previous test drive of the Fairlady Nismo version The weight makes you feel cramped But the clutch of this car has weight Because of tightness, the force will be pressed back on your feet There will be obvious feeling when stepped on And the benefit of its clutch weight is For example, like me now Reverse Release the clutch When the force of the clutch returns Let me know more clearly to what extent This is more convenient for me to control Roughly these Because I don’t know what to say It has no disadvantages I don't want to talk about disadvantages because I have said so much, but also what the shortcomings are for The shortcomings are actually discussed by the owner The owner talked about the original suspension is already good But the inclination is always large So replace the suspension So now this suspension is very good Sufficient road conditions, enough support But it can already give you enough driving comfort on the filter So this new shock absorber is very good Haven't tried it in a long time It’s really that simple to like a car The impression after the test is Work hard to make money Buy it as a second car OK, test drive ends here What do you think about this car, we can discuss it together Finally, I hope everyone will support us In addition to Like and Share, watch ads and subscribe With everyone's support, we will continue to operate See you in the next video.

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