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the supervolcanoes they are too explosive and the volcanoand the yellowstone volcano the caldera of yellowstone would be from situationstotally catastrophic then it comes back to repeat what is going on withyellowstone volcano at the end of this volcano I think betweenlate to broadcast at the end of this of this of this little review thatlet's make the yellowstone volcano from the caldera or of this super volcanoyellowstone let's pass the report seismic earthquake news not withoutearthquake news earthquake news the report of erupting volcanoesIt seems that I am entering I don't know for what reason butI guess why there is a lot but a lot of activity well let's continueSo with this friends, it turns out to give you an idea it's calledsuper volcano because its magma chamber is a thousand times a thousand times greater than that ofa normal volcano and obviously it's too explosive and itcataloged by a single explosion by a single rashin fact there are six active super volcanoes right now in the world66 super active volcanoes in these moments in the world of those volcanoes andRight now we are going to mention them but I repeat the magma chamber isa thousand times greater than that of a volcano normal and in fact that's why it has somelarge eruptions the largest that are remembered on the face of theearth the term was coined in the year 2000 just by the producers of thescientific dissemination program of the bbc london from that comparativelya super volcano can be considered as such as such when in an eruptionexpels more than 50 times the amount of material that expelled the krakatoa volcanowhen anak's dad broke up krakatoa in other wordsto give you an idea of ​​the volcano santelena made a category eruption4 the tuff volcano or even in Turin therein Italy the vesuvius volcano for example was fromcategory 6 well then the volcanosanta elena yellowstone volcano la yellowstone caldera its serious eruptionmany times more things would be something unimaginable something that has never been seenand there are six super volcanoes in the world or the best known six supervolcanoes imagine that all the states the damage there this is theyellowstone volcano the caldera of yellowstone is in the state of wyomingin the usa it would go as far as washington oregon nevada arizona colorado yuta elnorth texas oklahoma kansas missouri Illinoisohio minnesota wisconsin dakota del north south dakota nebraska orthe this image that I'm showing you is to give you an idea of ​​whichwould be what the scope would actually be we are commenting a while ago thatit would be of catastrophic dimensions unimaginable because unimaginablebecause until now has never there has been an eruption in the modern erathat we have data we know from the tuff eruption we know from the eruptionfrom Hawaii for example from the volcano more biggest in the world bigger thanyellowstone the volcano that is in hawaii it's an underwater volcano that volcano is moregreat but that's another topic we are talking about super volcanoes like thisyou would see from space this huge yellowstone volcano explosion and you haveactivity and this volcano is active yellowstone what's up with thelet's see I've been looking for volcano nailLet's see if I still have the images look is more or less would be theyellowstone cauldron illustration we have a magma chamber we have amagma chamber hopefully it will give me understand and this magma chamber bysome reason they don't break the crust but it stays on top it's sobig is so big that the volcano yellowstone to give you an idea ofhow much this caldera measures 55 km of wide by 72 km long to givean idea roughly measures this caldera I repeat 55 kilometers widefor 72 kilometers long and cesc and if It is located in the state of Wyomingwhere most of the boiler in fact they have had they haverecorded three super eruptions of this two million one hundred thousand years ago volcanoac 1.

3 thousand three and one million three hundred thousand years and the last one was 600 thousandyears so is that the activity of the volcano yellowstone over 600 thousand years agoto give you an idea it's something like this like 640 thousand years ago well thenthen I repeat again it's so big the boiler the magma chamber therethat does not erupt in a building volcanic as normally thepointy volcanoes that we normally we know no it wouldn't be so whatwhat happens with these volcanoes is that when the mother becomes so cloakthe lava remember that the lava of this side of the American continent is avery viscous lava very dense but very explosive then for its highsilicon content which is silicon this is the crystal well the silicon ifyou when maryland is a crystal that powder is silicon is that amountsilicon are those with magma the magma that's inside washes when it'soutside well then when it arrives at this amount what you dois that it gets to swell in the part on the surface it swells and fallshow is enough gas what comes to accumulate when by geysers or therea leak or there is a release of energy gas what else what happens like hereshows it is that these the valley where is the boiler like you get toassume why for this reason it gives the idea of ​​like I'm alake is always a lake but it's not the lake is so to speak the crater of thevolcano and I repeat again sometimes like that swells and kind of goes down likethat swells like it goes down then this would be the illustration of the magma ofall yellowstone field and hey for that where is around yellowstonethere are burned trees dry trees and with this I tell you everything because there isjudges saying if the yellowstone volcano the world ends nothe world is going to end rash three times and it's not overthe world but if it would be of conditions totally catastrophic I don't go back torepeat and that is very clear no volcanic eruption of whichwe have had neither the krakatoa nor neither tuff nor tomb now nor vesuviusneither etna no volcano and volcano popocatépetl that's something like this forso they realize no no we haven't Those volcanoes have nothing to do withwhat could be yellowstone repeat the volcanosantelena was a g4 the volcano vesuvius the volcano of etna for aidea for example here i'm following a geologist who says if it erupts orthat when it explodes because the problem doesn't is if it's going to be a rash or not if it's going to berash the problem is when when erupt the yellowstone volcano or thecaldera the super volcano yellowstone account stop that in one placewas erupting the popocatepetl vesuvius the tomb now thetufa krakatoa etna stromboli nevado del ruiz and all the volcanoes ina single rash and in one place so that they realize that idea theimpact would be so great that bolt that the energy would give seven times at least seventimes the the shocksseven times they would go around the planet stuff and does a yellowstone volcano notit would be like this building this this illustration is very bad because it's nota volcanic cone this would be the kind of explosion that would burst the boiler andobvious of course that when you get to be rash or when it becomesyellowstone volcano eruption these volcanoes are only one blastand then it turns to turns to sleep what happens is that the cameramagmatic there is only it disintegrates and alreadyit cools so the theory of remember thatabout six months ago we had said of a scientific study they wantedinject ice into this volcano if you they remember that good because that obeysthat theory that if they inject ice if they inject ice then thatit could just delay it could delay the effects of this supereruption would be consequences unimaginable all that is the flora thewildlife everything is the state of Wyoming would be totally dustyhere it is calculated that per kilometer square would be falling in the firstspace as I mentioned a while ago acan that in this in this part the areared would be at least three or four full states of usawith approximately 2 to 3 meters of ashthis would be the size of the eruption yellowstone size I mean we can'tnot even imagine us the size of this rash and I repeat again herethere is the matter here is the boiler of yellowstonethis is the magma chamber and that's why it Add where you are obviouslyopen or earthquake remember that in last October to be exact itagree that he had in fact had to close yellowstone national parkbecause the seismicity had increased then this is the boiler ofyellowstone and this is why that's why around the trees are drying up andlike the crater is swelling like this I don't even wantimagine what where is given where what would be the impact of thisyellowstone volcano that would be something similar to this would be a situationreally really unimaginable for many people thenno we can't even imagine we so much is as if they had madeeruption all volcanoes at the same time and eye I already think that for thisweek I will bring you the report of the hawaii underwater volcanothat's the hottest and most volcano largest in the world and that volcano is morebigger than ice well that size and that's the camerathe magma chamber that I repeat in yellowstone for example here they are notillustrating that it has 1, 400 degrees centigrade inside and this is ityellowstone national park i come back to repeat for people who arebeing late measures approximately 55 kilometers wide by 72 km longthat's how big the volcano is yellowstoneso I invite you to a reflectionalthough it is true that there will be rash well let's hope thatmake it as bearable as possible least warn the volcano I guess it shouldshould be activated with large earthquakes imagine the day theyellowstone volcano envelope envelope envelope the same yellowstone lake if you get tothere are earthquakes of 5 or 6 that get all the people of nebraska out ofwyoming of idaho of all of all the states parting partingseparate in the upper part of arizona from texas whythis would be really catastrophic and these are data from nasa so thesetrees that are around the boiler they are dry and they are dry andgood to give you an idea this is the reality for example here aconspiracy middle theory says that it would affect almost almost the entire continentall that is usa that's what i know says but this becomes more an act alittle bit more complicated complicated than this happened and there is even thisidea this map suggests suggests that the sky volcano where to make aviolent eruption as planned It would reach the north of Mexico becausehopefully not so hopefully this core of it coolwell that theory of some scientists who say it's so goodwho are suggesting that you inject pressurized ice to cool it as thisIt is a hypothesis because I do not know if it also ziketan how feasible am I notscientific but my reasoning is that why are they going to what are they going there whatneed to get the lava out no I wouldn't see him much sense I don't think they can with thenature I can't I don't think that can play look at this comparison ofthe fools that was the one I illustrated for give the santelena volcano an ideawhich is that proper this is the smallest the smallest seeyes actually let's see if I can not we will lengthen everythingso you can see it in May I also I will remove so as not to be sobe hindering them to give themselves a idea friendsthis is the size of the rash the santa elena volcano which is the first isthe little cube remember that eruption so spectacular there was goodWell, it's to that Santa Elena volcano that since the 1980 eruption it was something like this0.

1 cubic meter to say something that was the release of energythe one that follows that is much older was box remember 1983 we'vesaid many times about the krakatoa volcano In Indonesiathat was 4.

3 cubic meters after the healthiest volcano is calculatedit had something like 18 cubic meters thousands of cubic meters thousands thousandsso this is for thousands sorry yellowstone the first eruption would be from67 cubic meters the second eruption he had was something like 240 cubic meters thousands of cubic meters andthe other 600 thousand thousand meters cubic to give you an idea whichit was the one of the krakatoa which was the one of santa elena and what would be the rash onamount of energy is an illustration of course but in amount of energythis would be the krakatoa krakatoa volcano sorry yellowstone volcano that would bemore or less the picturethe proportion in conclusion we cannot give us even an idea of ​​what it isthe supervolcano and also lastly for round are six super volcanoes thatthere is in the world well what are they the aira volcano or the caldera de aire isa super boiler that is located at southern japan specialists suggestthat the boiler was formed ago approximately 22 thousand years because ofa massive volcanic eruption measures approximately 17 kilometers by 23kilometers is much smaller than yellowstone and includes the volcanosakurajima which is one of the volcanoes most active in the world right nowthe sakurajima volcano is doing eruption right nowwhen we are on May 25 of the year 2000 2020 another volcanomore or less like this if this volcano it's called is on the island of newZealand was created approximately 26 years ago.

1, 500 years as a result ofmassive eruption the caldera entered eruption in 181 of this aerialcommon and shows signs of great weaknessthis is another this is another volcano the third volcano la caldera de valleswe have in the caldera of valleys is bold this this caldera de valle selocated in new mexico on the side of us was created over a million agoyears with a massive eruption of 150 cubic miles according to estimatesseismic activity is not yet recorded this volcano from the caldera of valleys thisit's a caldera caldera de valleys there new mexico is activeand this new mexico the eruption more big man in valley and calderait was something like 760 thousand years ago and since 1980 there has been aincreasing activity in the seismic zone at a difference of 10 centimeters fromelevation this volcano is swelling lomba and is swelling and isactive this volcano the specialists they warn you could do it againrash at any time and also it's in a lakethe other lake is the tufa volcano that raised it rises 900 meters above thesea ​​level it is 100 km long and 30 km wide andhides the largest volcano in the world there is a theory that when thissuper volcano erupted caused so much destruction that ended lifeof most humans in the planet is not a proven thing of coursebut yes it does erupt it would have caused a bottleneck would have already limitedthe reproducibility of the human species and the other the fifth placethe volcano yellowstone is one of the most volcanoesfamous and most active in the world one of the main tourist attractionsin the great prismatic fountain that is at once one of the largest thermal poolsof the world the mouth of the immense volcano activeis in continuous activity seismic have been recorded annually over200 earthquakes or earthquakes vulcano tectonics and it could go intoeruption at any time as this is the information of the national park ofrepeating yellowstone are something like 9 thousand square kilometersand well this is the matter they come being in the state of wyoming and withinof the state of montana and also in the idaho state so is the parkyellowstone national and in case anyone wants to go visit him to seedo you know and well this is a great I think the prismatic source is the mostthe world's largest is attracted evidently and clearly said by hiscolors let's see if we can put thisthe prismatic source because obviously how is sulfur dioxide this is thefamous prismatic fountain of the volcano yellowstone well then friends well thisI just want to invite you to a moment of reflection and what would happen aswe would go if the volcano erupts yellowstone or any one of these sixcalderas or the largest and most volcano hot the world that is the volcanosubmarine found in hawaii already I believe that for this week we willtalk about this hawaii volcano in conclusion are questions that would be aunimaginable rash that easy unimaginable well friends thenthank you very much thanks for being here with us now if it's because I broughtthis topic today to camps for this is remember that I told you that after 2324 and the seismic activity will decrease well what do you thinksee these are the earthquakes the earthquakes now let's change the subjectleave me all your comments and right now I read all your comments byfavor I said I was going to drop the activityseismic there are two earthquakes out of three and it ends of trembling an earthquake there in Chile theseare the last tremors the earthquake do not forgive the tremor the tremor ofChile was 4.

2 and two earthquakes two earthquakes one 5.

4 and another 5.

0 thatthey already adjusted it to 5.

4 point 9 and 5.

2 and earthquakes there in the us are very loware almost persistent 2.

4 in conclusion under seismic activity inthe world and this is the last tremor back in chilethis 5.

1 earthquake has really been very low the news is that it is tothe low and see there are many earthquakes 12 snow in chile valparaíso cigars 24It is a 5 to New Zealand and thus the 5.

4 there in front of the philippines and sosuccessively thank you cigars two cigars two no activity at the momentlet's update this page friends it seems faster 5.

2 againzealand 4.

9 in the mariana islands 5.

0 new zealand in the india regionborder 4.

1 cigars 4 no earthquakes really important here in mexico thelast earthquakes let's see how it find see activity going downseismic nothing to do with previous days there was an earthquake in a zumba state ofmexico an earthquake motorcycle of 3.

0 we have the one from zamora the one fromperibán michoacán we have another earthquake in chancla de tapia puebla and another earthquake intuxtepec oaxaca are really not enough low under seismic activity as regardsto seismograms the popocatépetl volcano let's see the earthquake grama well no nothere is nothing still without seismic service since the 23rd of cenapred we are notgiving reports are broken down by least don't see friends here youpredicted the page of mister come Davison of a probable earthquake in Chilething that has happened and there is also forecasting some earthquakes fourover there to the southeast of mexico, so well that's the informationlook over there where japan the north of the india are minor earthquakes not sored as always for rashes of volcanoes so far this issomething normal we had said and we always say it was going to go down theseismic activity the popocatépetl volcano had an ash emission something like6 kilometers this was from the 26th of last may was today was today timeuniversal right now we are going to pass it and the volcano 26May the saban here already the volcano that also with activitythe semeru volcano and the volcano Guatemala's volcano of fire toohas important activity in fact these are the volcanoes that areerupting the papaya the pacaya sorry the maya motoclutch volcano and i'm in russia the volcano will animate tour and the volcanogong look on line dragon go neira bongo and the volcano and bu and the volcanothe third third third those are the volcanoes in conclusion because there is littleseismic and volcanic activity what not it is what does not yield are the rains seefriends in miami heavy downpours heavy rains earlier today likewe had said it from to jacksonville will give you but everything everythingwhat is here in miami we have a meteor and it's raining a lotit's also raining north of Tamaulipas and north of Monterreyalso in dallas and oklahoma there we also have another meteorKansas City there has also been rain in wisconsin those are the rains moreimportant all the rest of mexico without rains in central central americaHonduras managua a little rain in the guatemala coast we have a meteor inColombia front some rains here to the front venezuela without rains I remove inthe central part with rains peru in the high parts of peruthat's the activity and here we have a meteor that could that couldbecome even a hurricane and could impact what has beenOaxaca Veracruz but we don't know really how far is this goingis the activity see is still far it's in the mexican atlantic how goodin the pacific ocean sorry in the pacific ocean we don't know where it's goingya turn where it's going to go it can go to mexico or can go tocentral america and colombia panama then you have to be aware look according tothe trajectory east as you are planning to dividethis is for tomorrow Tuesday and for the day Wednesday I would be playing I would not be playingMexico according to the forecast would be fragmenting and I would be playing panama andColombia and Ecuador that would be for him Thursday it would even be torrentialdownpours there in this part of the world so right now is theweather and here this one catches my eye herealso in the north a possible hurricane at least onedepression at least until now let's see where it goes and wellwell that would be the information as at the temperature let's see how it isthe weather so far watch today it's getting warm tomorrowfor tomorrow it will be hot especially in sonora in baja california arizonaangels are going to raise the temperature and so on and in mexico it will berelatively calm well this one has been the report give a handabove help share this information and I hope it is usefulfor all of you very well many thanks handyman up there we got himvery little wets the look we have 216 people thank you thank youI appreciate very much that you visit us.

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