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Hello guys.

Welcome to the Street workout game.

Particularly, a street workout can be fun in many ways.

But again, for some people who do the same workouts all the time it can become monotonous and boring.

And for that reason, we decided to present to you an interesting game that we designed with the help of cardsand of course exercises that we do often.

A brief explanation of how exactly we came up with this.

You can modify by yourself when you work.

We gathered here with a few friends and we will all sit in a circle and in the middle will be this deck of cards.

Alternately, everyone will draw a card, and each of the cards will determine what that person should do.

What exactly did we create.

Depending on the sign, four exercises will be perfromed.

The first are pullups, the second are dips, the third are push-ups and the fourth are jump squats.

The sign that determines the exercise that will be done is.



Hertz, heart, pullups are done.

Diamonds, ie dice, are dips.

Spades, ie leaf, push-ups are done.

And at the end of the club, ie clover, jump squats are done.

Here we havesome characters that are not numbered, such as the king.

When the king is drawn, as much as he means will be done, when some other games are played.

So 14.

The queen is 13.

The jack is 12.

And the ace will be neither one nor eleven, but twenty.

The ace will be twenty reps.

Besides, we have these little numbers: two, three and four.

We decided, regardless of the sign, to do a set of muscle ups, dips in the upper part of the position and then pullups.

We have another card left here, and that is the joker.

Who draws the joker.



Since we have 54 cards here, 52 plus two jokers.



Whoever draws the joker, he will pause current circle.

Besides, if someone fails to do what he is given, then he will be eliminated.

But of course this is not a competition and it's all for fun.

Enjoy in what comes next.

The first round begins.

Aške pulls out first.

Let's go clockwise.

Let's go.

Five heart, means five pullups.

Could it have been easier? My part is over.

Let's go nex.

Come on Šomi.

13 pushups.

We normally do thisafter training, purely for fun.

Now Joe, come on.

13 jump squats.

9 dips.

So 10 of spades, means 10 push-ups.

6 dips.

The first round is over, let's go to the second one now.

14 pullups.

Pull-ups are dragged to me.

Seven of diamonds, that's seven dips.

That's esey.

Seven dips.

Come on Šomi, let's go Šomi.

20 pullups.

You can do it Šomi, come on bro.

Just wrokout.

COME ON ŠOMI! 6 pull ups.

A set and the easiest possible.

Two muscle-ups, two dips, and two pullups.

A set, and the worst one.

6 pullups.

Let the third turn begins.

It starts NOW.


Jocker means that you skip turn.

20 jump squats.

9 jump squats.

10 pullups.

Let's go Kinez.

This one?Yes, yes, that one.

12 pushups.

14 jump squats.

7 pushups.

Let's go now, this is the fourth round right? 8 pushups.

I'm done, let's go next.

20 dips.

You are lucky with the aces.

Let's go set.

Three muscle-ups, three dips, three pullups.

Well done Šomi, you made it.

And 20 pullups before this.

8 dips.

It's a two.

Kinez does most interesting things.

14 pushups.

13 dips.

Fifth round starts.

7 jump squats.

12 jump squats.

Let's go Šomi, time for another set.

10 dips.

14 dips.

6 jump squats.

It must be a set.

5 pushups.

Four of heart – a set.

What round is this, sixth? – Sixth.

7 pullups.

I can't get a set and that's it.

Seven is done.

20 pushups.

What is this, he collected all of the aces.

Come on Šomi, another set.


8 pullups.

9 pullups.

12 dips.

Look at his proud face.

Come on, let's finish this turn.

And here is another set.

9 pushups.

10 jump squats.

That's it, full body lets go.

Guys, share the like for dis definition.

Opa, set.

Llike a Hanibal, bro.

Guys, this is a new Markioli.

Well that's fine, time to rest.

13 dips.

12 pullups.

I will take the closest one.

13 pullups.

5 skok čučnjeva.

Which means, remaining card is another set.

And the turn is finished, but.



So we used againall cards, to close the circle.

7 jump squats.

The sets follow him.

You don't need training today.

Eight laps, then.

One deck of cards was used up.

There was some interesting training done.

You could see how to make fun of the whole workout.

So, we met here and we did it .



You can change that, variations, you can change the repetition numbers.

Let's say you multiply by two and so on.

But we showed you an idea.

I hope you liked it.

Feel free to try it.

Write in comments do you like it.

The team is great.

We will continue our training.

After that, we will work on abs.

Stretching afterward is necessary.

See you in the next clip.

See you.

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Do sledećeg klipa, želimo vam uspešne treninge.


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