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(dramatic music) (low grunting)(glass shattering) (gun clicks) (exhausted breathing) – [Ryan] What a (beep) situation this is.

(dramatic bluegrass music) – Y'know, he's been waitingfor his opportunity to prove his worth, to doa bit more than he's been tasked to do.

– I got it.

– And so when he's calledupon to do something, y'know, extracurricular, go with the boss's son, uh, it's like 'Yeah lemme go grabmy stuff! I can't wait to go!' Does he know how far he's willing to go? What he's been asked to do?And does he know where his limit is yet? No, I think he's justhappy to get in the car, and then he's gonna figureit out along the way.

And then guns come out, (dramatic music) And, you know, we get to a point where y'know, we're seconds awayfrom pulling the trigger and killing somebody.

And he stands up right there, – Forgot to ask me for my keys.

– So, I think he's goingto forcefully push through these people and circumstancesin time until he gets what he wants, and demonstratethat he can be trusted, and uh that he's a verypowerful asset for the work that these people do.

(bluegrass music) – How fast do I need to go? – [Ian] Tell us about your, Has you ridden a horse before– – [Jeff] I had never riddena horse in my entire life.

In my audition, TaylorSheridan said, “So you ride?” – [Rip] Know how to ride a horse? – [Jeff] I said, “Y'know, Taylor, I've spent a lot of time around horses.

(both laughing) I had never ridden in my life.

– Figures, c'mere gimme you're shit.

– But I'm lucky, right? 'Causeyou guys are supposed to be hard, tough cowboys.

And Jimmy, he's not a hard, tough cowboy.

(distress horse whinny)(helicopter engine rumbling) – Jesus christ.

– No- So I just get to like y'know – [Ian] You get to live the adventure – [Jeff] Exactly, I get tosorta learn along side Jimmy – [Denim] With Jimmy, yeah.

– [Jeff] Whereas, everybodyelse comes in there, Dave Annable, Luke Grimes, come in there, they're supposed to be the sorta hardest, best riders there are.

– Yeah, that's yeah.

– Woo!(dramatic music) – And they are, they're tough guys.

They're very toughguys, but I had it easy.

– It's easy.

– Easy? – 'Cause uh, all Jimmy'ssupposed to do is learn.

He doesn't have to be an expert.

(pained yell) – [Denim] My horses name was Colt.

I trained with Colt- [Jeff] Yeah.

– Um, so we got a really good opportunity to get to know one another.

He's a stubborn four-legged animal.

– [Jeff] Yeah I got the easy mode horse, and Denim's got the hard mode horse.

– Yeah you got, youdefinitely, high powered.

– [Denim] He wants to getAfter it a little bit.

– [Ian] He has issues, he's thinkin' about stuff.

(low country music)(horse snorting) – [Jeff] My horse is like, he's chill.

He's like, you couldn'tpiss him off if you tried.

They're like, everyday, they're like, “Hey man–” – [Denim] Boom! Is it– – [Jeff] Boon!- [Ian] Boon.

– They're like, “Hey we'regonna put Jefferson on you, just go easy on him.

” Everyday, and he does! He's cool.

He's like the Forrie J Smith of horses, y'know? – Ah huh.

– Sorta got my back Slow, steady- [Denim] Yeah, steady.

– [Jeff] Yeah – [Denim] Yeah, but with purpose.

– Oh yeah! I'll be like”C'mon Boon, C'mon!” He'll be like, “Bro the mark'sover there, just chill.

” (all laughing)- [Jeff] I'll be like “Nah bro, you're blocked.

They eye line's blocked, I'm takin' you over here.

“- [Denim] We gotta do this Yeah he knows what he's doin'.

– He's like, “Hey, Jeff, dude, you keep rubbin' on your mic, man.

” (Ian and Denim laughing) You're really fuckin' withthe sound department.

” – [Ian] You've gotheadphones on and like– – [Jeff] (laughing)Exactly! He's got monitors (all three speaking at once)- He's got the monitors, like, “Hey Jeff, just relax, bro.

A lot of tension inyour vocal cords, man.

” (Ian laughing) – Remember how we did thatsaddle exercise before– – [Jeff] Yeah, he's my combinationhorse and acting coach.

– [Denim] Yeah he also doesyoga classes on Saturdays, he's really weird.

– Used to mellow me out–(Denim talking over Jeff) He does nutrition.

He'slike making smoothies – He's always been big into hay.

(all laughing) (pained grunt) – I don't know if that'sgonna get it, Jimmy.

(upbeat drumming)- I don't know.

(men yelling) (low guitar strumming) – [Denim] Sometimes I feel like, disrespectful to even get on a horse with how good they are, y'know? Like, it's, I mean I'm a decent rider, but I could spend the rest of my life, and I wouldn't be half asgood as these guys are.

(hooves trampling) Just the pounding on their bodies, and I think I'm sore aftersitting on, just sitting for a shot, for like 8 hours.

I'm like, “My back and mylegs hurt and everything hurts” and it's like they're on circuits, like cause when they'renot filming, y'know, they're on a circuit.

– When a cowboy needs theextra money, he wins it.

– [Denim] What theirbodies are capable of is, pretty remarkable.

– And like, Forrie has competed.

– Wins it how? – Bronc ridin', ropin', bull huggin', cuttin'.

All the shit we do every day, but you can barely do it as it is.

– Forrie has beencowboying his whole life, but he's also been acting for forty years.

So he'll give you advice about everything.

– [Forrie] It's cowboys orkids right there, Jimmy.

– [Jeff] They'll be at thecrafty table and he'll be like, “You wanna know the bestway to peel that orange?” (all laughing) And it's good advice! It's good advice.

– Rough business becomin' a man, ain't it? – [Jeff] Forr– (laughing)He's gonna kick my ass.

You don't like my advice, Jeff? – Jimmy, you ain't got sense enough to pour warm piss outta yer boot.

– No, he gives great advice.

And because he's beendoing this for a long time, he looks out for us, and feels like Lloyd.

I think Forrie, the boundarybetween Forrie and Lloyd, is pretty thin.

Which is amazing! – This is why you don'tgo to the bar without me.

– It's amazing to have thisactor who's been doing it for a long time.

He's been cowboying for a long time and– – And he's in his element like– – It's his backyard – [Denim] My favoriteForrie thing is, y'know, it's like Five O'Clockin the morning, y'know, we're getting out of thevan, everyone's dog tired, and you hear Forrie out here, “I'm just happy to be on a call sheet!” (all three laughing) – [Denim] Yeah bro, that is like him.

You know, I mean like hejust loves it so much, and that energy really is infectious.

– [Jeff] And that's the difference between Forrie and Steven Williams.

Cause you say to Steven Williams, “Hey Steven, how are you today?” – Beautiful day until now.

– Not good.

(loud laughing) – I'm not good.

– Not good, gettin' tooold for this (beep).

– Yeah, Forrie's been up, Forrie's like, “Wow, late call timetoday! Four-Thirty AM! Been up since one, didn'tknow what to do with myself.

” (bluegrass rock music).

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