Stories From the Bunkhouse (Bonus): Cowboy Camp | Yellowstone | Paramount Network

– Jimmy, let's go.

– I think it's safe to saythat neither of these guys really attended cowboy camp.

Ian wasn't there and Denimsuffered from altitude sickness so profoundly that he wasn't really there.

(rock music) The Denim that we knowand love wasn't there.

– That was, yeah, no, I mean.

– To hear Jake Ream tell thestory of what your complexion was like, what your fetal position, just couldn't feed yourself.

– Every two hours, I wouldjust open Denim's tent and be like, “Hey bro, youwant some orange juice?” – It was the most– Because you're going to thisthing, you get this show, and then y'know, you're super excited, and then I had alwaysgotten altitude sickness, and I've had it for over a decade.

And there's like, this huge thing where last time I was in Colorado I ended up in the hospital.

And they're like “Y'know, you can't do elevation, “It's just really notgood for you”, whatever, and if you go too long itcuts off oxygen to your brain blah, blah, blah.

– If you had a lick ofsense, you'd quit too.

– So I get this show andfind out, it's in Utah and I'm like “Yeah, whatever, that's fine.

” And so I bought a training mask– – Utah has mountains? – Yeah.

Classic, classic Southern California me.

But yeah, going up there andI remember sitting in the car with like, Wes, Dave, Luke and Jake, and we're driving upthis mountain, I'm like “Yeah, so, like, y'knowwe're just gonna go camping “just a bunch of guys in the mountains.

“It's gonna be super cool, gonna be at like 4-5, 000 feet.

” And Jake's like “No, we'regoing up that mountain there.

” And I'm like, “Well, what is that?” He's like “We'll besleeping about 9, 500 feet.

” And I was like “Uh, okay, cool.

” And then Jeff hadn't gottenthere yet, and neither did Cole.

So we spent the first day, Ihad done something ridiculous, 'cause I wanted to belike, one of the guys.

I had started guzzling beef jerky.

Like, they went to the storethat was on the way there and like, they bought awhole bunch of beef jerky, and I was like, “Yeah, I'm abeef jerky eatin' guy too!” – What does that have todo with altitude sickness? – I have no idea.

Well, 'cause what happenedwas that my stomach started getting sick, 'causeI was eating all this jerky.

And then somehow, after that– – Like a true cowboy.

Yeah, his stomach was upset.

– You need to see a doctor? – Like in all those cowboy movies.

– And then, I was curledup in fetal position for like two days, I lostlike 10 or 12 pounds.

I saw, the first time ofseeing Jeff, he was like reading a book or whatever, like six o'clock in the morning, he would check in.

– “'sup, brah?”- Yeah.

– “Got some electrolytes?” “No.

” – Well, I remember Colehad come in and just like, threw like, Vitamin C at me, he was like “Hey, take this.

” And I'm like “Bro, I don't, I can't see.

” (laughing)And then finally, somebody convinced me to like, “Dude, you gotta, for your health.

“You gotta, you gotta leave.

” 'cause I spent two nights in a row just, not in a good state.

– [Jefferson] Not in a good state.

– So I would say Jeff, Jeffhad a experience at cowboy camp that neither I nor Ianhad, but I have videos– – What was yours like?- Which by like, by a certain metric mightmean that I'm the best cowboy.

– Ow! – Well riding a horseat elevation is adifferent workout.

It's a different experience.

But I love this show so much– – You'll suffer for your art?- That I will just endure through all of these things.

But I'm very happy, 'causeI'm stronger because of it.

– Hell yeah.

Stronger because of it.

– And I'm really good, when I come back to Southern California– – Oh my god, super athlete.

– I'm like really an athlete.

– Ultramarathons back at sea level.

– I'm really, I playbasketball in my cowboy attire, 'cause it's just not hard enough.

– Rides two horses at once.

– With both legs through— That's cowboy hard mode.

Two horses.

– It's not easy.

– Four lassos.

(laughing) – [Announcer] Yellowstone, presented by RAM trucks, Motortrend's back-to-backTruck of the Year.


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