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I really have a diabetes.

I told my doctor that I will stock up Insulin as I am afraid that I cannot go out.

Stay Home The Series : EP.

1 Hello, welcome to Kia Zaab Channel.

Today is a new concept.

Due to Covid-19, we have to put ourselves on lockdown.

So, we will not spread virus to others, and vice versa.

Here is a Special Series, Stay Home Series.

This series will be continued until the situation is better and we can go out.

This is the 1st episode.

I have already stocked up some necessary things for emergency case.

As I told you to gradually buy the necessary things for stock up, But, after I have done it again and again, now a lot of things are piled up in my home.

This is my home.

I will show you what my mom and I stocked up inside.

No sponsor, I bought it myself.

Let's go.

3 Fridges at home.

What I learnt is that we should not buy a lot of things at a time, have to share them with others.

We have to gradually buy.

Now, all 3 fridges are full.

Here is the first fridge, next to altar.

Too much? Here are S&P frozen foods as we don't know when we can go out.

Have a variety of menus.

This one I bought it when buy 1 get 1 free.

Quite stingy.

Here is an Ice Cream.

I can eat this one, no sugar.

I am showing you what are inside my fridge.

Here are my younger sister's Ice Cream.

She likes to eat Dairy Queen.

Here is Fruit Cake, I made it myself.

I used to sell bakery, but not now.

Fruit Cake can be kept for a year.

Next, I think it's not too much.

Drinks and Snacks.

Here are for my dad.

(Orange Juice, Milo, Lactasoy).

This one is mine, Doi Kham.

Chrysanthemum with Chamomile Tea, No Sugar.

So, I can eat.

My mom doesn't like to drink plain water.

I stocked up Green Tea for her.

Next, Insulin.

I really have a diabetes.

I told my doctor that I will stock up Insulin as I am afraid that I cannot go out.

Around 5 tubes here.

Next, my mom's fruits.

Not for stock up.

If my mom doesn't eat fruits, she will have digestive problem.

So, I bought them for her.

Here are plain water.

Next, necessary things like Detergent Liquid, Dishwashing Liquid, Liquid Floor Cleaner and Fabric Softener.

All are here.

These are not enough.

There are a lots here.

Here are some seasonings.

I have bought some for stock up, not too much.

Here is Stevia.

This one is mine, for cooking and making drinks.

Safe for me.

Vegetable Oil.

These are enough.

We still can order the foods via application.

Here are another 2 fridges.

This one is for Fresh Meat.

Shrimp, big size.

Chicken and Minced Pork.

Put in small pack.

Here is Giant Catfish.

Here is my younger sister's favorite.


For making Stir-Fried Clams with Chili Paste Oil.

1 Pack / Kilogram.

Then, put in small pack.

I swear that I didn't buy all at once.

It's impossible.

Next are Ready to Eat Foods, Water and other things.


Here is Seafood Sauce.

How to unpack? Next vlog, I will show you how to make Stir-Fried Macaroni with Chicken.

I have already prepared the ingredients.

Here is Meat.

Normally, my mom will wash it before putting in small pack.

Next fridge, nothing much here.

Desserts, Green Tea, Ready to Eat Foods and Eggs (2 packs).

I don't know why other people stocked up Eggs a lots, it cannot be kept for long.

Not necessary.

I saw some people stocked up 10 trays of Eggs.

If not a restaurant, 2-3 packs are enough for eating at home.

When I went to Supermarket, I saw it's still available.

Hurry buy and go back.

Wearing face mask and washing your hands often.

Here are also Frozen Foods.

Here is Green Curry with Chicken and Rice.

Here are Shrimp Wonton Soup for my dad.

There are something more.

I will take you to the living room first, then going upstairs.

Let's go to the living room first.

This zone is living room.

Here are Medicines.

These are my medicines for diabetes.

I have to eat them regularly, so have to stock up.

Not only stock up only foods and Tissue Paper.

Some other countries have to stock up Tissue Paper as they have no bidet shower like us.

I wondered why Tissue Paper are short supply Anyway, I also bought it too.


Next, First Aid Kits.

Anti-inflammatory Drug, Muscle Pain Relieving Cream, First Aid Kits are a must, very important.

You have to buy some for emergency case.

Here are water again.

These are not mine, but my younger sister's.

Spicy Salted Eggs Flavor.

She likes to eat something like this.

Here is Eggplant Tea.

It's mine.

1 Box / month.

Help to reduce blood sugar.

Sliced Sheets of Crispy Pork.

Canned Fish, not too much, about 6 cans.

Canned Clams, eaten together with Stir-Fried Instant Noodles.

I will show you my cooking skill next vlog.

Canned Corn, my favorite.

Chocolate Cookie for my younger sister.

Mango Sheet, my favorite.

Cannot eat too much, otherwise my blood sugar will increase.

My mom also likes it.

It can be kept for long.

This one is so good.

I like this brand.

It's delicious.

Don't believe me, right? I will eat to show you.

Sweet and sour.

Cannot stop eating.

Don't believe me, right? I will eat to show you again.

2 Pieces at once.

I will show you other things.

Biscuit with Peanut Butter.

I will keep all these in place first.

Otherwise, my mom will complain me.

Instant Noodles, but not too much, only 2 packs.

As I told you, my mom likes to drink tea.

2 packs of Miracle Grass.

My mom likes this brand.

Next, Alcohol Liquid and Gel.

I am afraid of the virus.

I bought it a lots.

This one I got from the hospital when I was admitted due to diarrhea.

The doctor gave me this one.

Here is Alcohol Gel.

I bought some when I found it.

I gradually bought it, 2 bottles at a time.

Here is Alcohol Spray, 6 bottles.

I bought it 2 bottles at a time when I went to drug store.

Sometimes, I bought it for my cameraman and staffs too.

Here is also Alcohol Gel, but different brands.

Better than having nothing.

Here is 99% Alcohol Spray.

Next, Tissue Paper and Paper Towel.

Normally, my family use Tissue Paper quite a lots.

This one is used in the kitchen.

My mom likes to keep everything clean all the time.

Here is Paper Towel, whichever brand is ok.

My mom likes to clean everything.

Next, I will take you to the bathroom.

Just Shower Gel.

Is this one cute? My FC bought it to me.

So cute.

Normally, I do not accept anything from my FCs.

But, on that day, my FC ran to buy it for me while I went for a walk.

Let's go upstairs.

Even Pet Food, I also stocked up.

Normally, we buy just a small pack, but here are 2 big packs.

Let's go.

Here is Bathroom.

A bit small.

I have stocked up only necessary things.

4 Tubes of Toothpaste, I think it can be used for several months.

My younger sister's shampoo.

My Shampoo.

This one I have just found it.

I bought it several months ago before virus spread out.

At that time, buy 1 get 1 free We have to use our money wisely and worthily, Buy 1 get 1 free is so great.

But, after using, I really like it.

I like this scent.

So, I bought it 4 bottles.

Razor Blade, just 1 left, so I bought 2 more.


I will close this vlog in my bedroom.

I have never show it to anyone before.

I have no boyfriend.

Even when I have, I have never let him get in.

Otherwise, my mom will get angry.

For next vlog, I will show you my cooking skill and also find something to eat to show you.

I will use ingredients in my home.

Or call for food delivery service as we cannot go out.

Let's go and close this vlog in my bedroom.

How is this vlog? I have already showed you my home.

This is the 1st episode of Stay Home Series.

This series will be continued until the Covid-19 situation is better and we can go out.

Here is my bedroom.

I sleep here every night.

I have never showed my bedroom to anyone before.

This vlog is just to show you my home, I have already guided you around.

It's a house opening.

Next vlog, I will show you my cooking skill and call for food delivery service to eat at home.

If I have time, I will arrange a live streaming to talk to you guys again.

I will tell you later as I still have to work from home during the weekday.

New vlog can be made once a week.

See you again next vlog.

If you like this vlog, please press like and share for me.

And please don't forget to subscribe and turn on ringing notification for this channel.

So, more people will come to see me.

See you again next vlog.

Cooking at home or calling for food delivery service to eat at home for sure.

Just doing something easy.

See you again.

Stay Home The Series EP.


Bye Bye.

I will sleep now.

Let's decrease the air conditioner temperature to make it colder.

What are you shooting a video for? Bye Bye, Joob Joob.


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