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Standing Abs Cardio Walk Workout – Lose Belly Fat Workout!

hello everyone how is it going we'regetting straight into a workout starting off with March welcome to this fatburning ab workout my name is Alicia and if you're new here a big big welcome toyou and for those in our community welcome back and reach across reach the arms acrossthe

body we're warming up the torso getting it ready for our ab focusedworkout and taking the arms above the head we're increasing the heart rate nice jobso today we're outside what do you think guys I think this is a nice change nice steady March add a clap do whatever

you want to do butjust keep on moving bring the body down into a squat position and we're going todo some power punches across the body so we're warming up the torso one two three four one two three fourright and don't worry if you mess up with the coordination

that's fine justkeep going and back to our March because the pace of it steadily increasing theheart rate it's two steps to the side with torsotwist one two one two let's go one two one two focusing arms the abdominalareas we're working the obliques and the ABS warming up that

area of the bodynice job so we're picking up the pace nice job soyou know it's common to think that training a specific muscle results infat loss in that area of the body that is what we call spot reduction and thatdoes not work with legs apart and we're

going back into that torso twist and youcan choose to stay here or add that minutes so the torso twist is focusingon the oblique muscles when you add the legs when you add that knee lift you arefocusing on the lower abdominal area which tends to hold on to fat

so it's upto you knee lifts torso twists or both and hold it here March to the side andclap one two three and clap one two three and clapcrunches will not help in belly fat reduction crunches and sit-ups and othertraditional abdominal exercises may help someone that is already lean

to tone upbut if you're trying to lose belly fat or any fat at all on the body cardio isthe way to go knee lift single single and double take it fasterif you want you can increase the intensity if you like or just a simplesingle single double so we

want to keep the upper body nice and straight head upas you bring the knee up pull the belly button towards the spine and march inplace pump those arms up in the air we're continuing to raise the heart rate hold it hair now we're doing somecrunches moving from side

to side focusing on theoblique area that is the side of the body the side of the abdominals that'sthe area that we're focusing on now proper form bend in the knees get lowand reach this is how we define our waistline March again have fun with it move the arms

crazy arms if you want to whatever you want to do just have fun one two three four one two three fourI'm single one one one two three four again one two three four find yourrhythm and keep going always remember to keep those abs engaged pull them in niceand

tight We want to pull the belly button towards thespine forward and back add those arms forwardpump those arms and back and hold it there we're doing some leg raises now youdon't have to lift your legs as high as I am even lower will do just focus onthe muscles

that you're working which is the abdominal muscle pull them in wantto keep a nice straight back cardio is what causes you to burn fatthat doesn't mean toning exercises are off limits they're good for defining themuscle that's underneath the fat but they don't burn fat if you want moretips

on losing belly fat refer to my video how to lose belly fat a little slower March knuckles intensemiss the arms up in the air breathe in and out sidestep nice and slow takingthe heart rate down to tap to the back and tap to the back and walk cross-leg

walk to the front nowwe're going to stretch out the obliques with two around the world this move iscalled around the world so we're stretching the obliques and abs that wejust worked move the body around in a circle now we're going to further stretch outthe obliques twist your body

to the side look behind you walk to the side reach up and down and just let your bodyhave thank you so much for investing in your health and I hope this workoutreally challenged you remember if it doesn't challenge you it doesn't changeyou consider subscribing to my channel if

you haven't already it would be greatto have you as part of this community I Bye

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