Sorgt Yellowstones Supervulkan für globale Katastrophe?

The super volcano under the american yellowstone national parkis gigantic.

Its magma chamber is 40 kilometers wide and60 kilometers long – 15, 000 simmer in it Cubic kilometer of magma.

A huge danger! One thing is certain: If the volcano erupts, it would havethis is fatal consequences for the people on the entire earth.

Some media now report alarms, the on a timely eruption of the volcano could suggest.

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A horror scenario – especially for the US statesMontana, Idaho and Wyoming and the whole North American continent: the eruptionYellowstone's volcano would embers made of lava and ash at a temperature of800 degrees Celsius.

Infrastructure and agriculture would have noneChance more.

The sun would not get through to the earth anymore- Clouds of sulfur gas would prevent this.

The global climate cools down and the cropsin many regions around the world.

For 74 days, we would be given worldwide food suppliessurvive, then would probably be Most of the people starve to death.

Professionals have long been sure thatthe complete life on earth by one Outbreak of the super volcano would be threatened.

Clearly, that also makes the alarmingStatement from NASA employee Brian Wilcox.

According to him, “research is about supervolcansis far more important to mankind To protect dangers than developmentof systems, the comets and asteroids of keep away from the earth “.

And so research teams worldwide have theSuper Volcano in Yellowstone National Park all the way exactly in view, yes, every little changeto register.

For example, last year it appearedan exciting study, the incredible insights tracked to the supervolcano.

Because new measurements of a US research teamhad shown that a tube melted Rocks reach to the border to the earth's core.

And that's an unbelievable 2900 kilometers! So far, experts have been from a magma sourceat a depth of 440 kilometers.

But the pictures, with the help of earthquake wavescould be won, suggest that hot rock from the earth core border belowMexico gushes diagonally upwards.

And in a 350-kilometer-wide zone- to the northeastern United States.

The upper part of the rock column warms over itlying rock.

The magma passes through the cracks, which in turncrack the field.

Nevertheless, the geological service of the USA goesUnited States Geological Survey (USGS) For example, do not assume that onebigger eruption in the next time too feared.

Because for the underground must be inA major change in the region: one third of Magma chamber must have melted, sothe porridge behaves like liquid.

Measurements, however, show that currently lessas one-tenth of the rock is liquid.

Thus, the magma is in individual bubblesenclosed in rocky pores.

The probability of a big eruptionThe Super Volcano takes place lies the USGS in the year at 1 to 700, 000.

In advance, it would also be appropriateGive signs.

The increased leakage of gas, for exampleor a heaped number of quakes than anyway in the Yellowstone could be interpreted as an alarm signbecome.

Ultimately, then would probably be theArch the floor through the magma up-stream.

Some experts and experts will see anywaynot the super volcano itself as the largest Threat, but the earthquakes in thisRegion.

The geographer Michael Poland in oneInterview (with USA Today): “It's a lot less the volcano than the earthquakes, which can do – and will do – damage.




) That is an underestimated danger in theYellowstone area.

It can and will in the future earthquake of strength7 give.

” Per year are in the Yellowstone regionan average of 1, 500 to 2, 000 earthquakes registered.

The majority of it is too smallto be perceived by humans.

This takes over a large network of about50 seismometers.

Thus, this region belongs to the seismographicalbest guarded the world over.

Some news portals and newspapers reportover and over again that the thermal and seismic activities around the super volcanowould have increased.

For example, in autumn 2018some geysers in Yellowstone Park are so active like never.

For example, at a height of about ten meters, it spatone of the hottest geysers in the area gases, volcanic rock and boiling hot water.

In addition, according to media reportscurrently more geysers.

Professionals like the one from the Yellowstone Volcano Observatorybut consider these events not uncommon.

Accordingly, these incidents have not “directly related to the movement of magma at several kilometers depth.

There are no signs of an impendingvolcanic activity “.

So what happens next: A huge oneEarthquake or the outbreak of the super volcano ?! Also, if experts both threats wellThis question can not be answered.

Statistically, the dormant volcano isin any case overdue.

The three previous outbreaks happened2.

1 million years ago, before 1.

2 million Years and 640, 000 years ago.

But even if serious alarm signswould be observed would not be clear which measures could save us.

For example, the “Geological Society of London”has in a report on super volcanoes found that no contingency plansexist for such a disaster.

And so does the US space agency NASAon a curious plan to the super volcano to defuse or an outbreak evento prevent.

A geothermal power plant near the volcanocould be the solution! Accordingly, the volcano would have to be drilled firstbecome.

So the power plant might slow him, butsteady, remove heat and the magma chamber cool down in the long term.

The estimated cost of the project: 3.

5Billion dollars.

But that would not just put you at riskOutbreak contained.

This plan could even generate electricity.

Ten kilometers, for example, would have to be drilledto get to 350 degrees hot water.

So could then be electricity for about ten cents / kilowatt hourproduce.

IF the project was successful, couldthe region around the volcano probably for several be powered for a hundred years.

But it is also clear that the idea of ​​NASA holdsbig risks Because such a hole could actually trigger the catastrophe thatit really should be prevented.

The magma chamber could become unstable ifBusiness in the deeper and hotter Drill layers.

The result: the outbreak of the super volcano! Already here in Europe, the holes forGeothermal power plants led to earthquakes.


The impending catastrophe of a particle storm.

Anyway, that's a bigger one right nowDanger.

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Until then stay tuned!.

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