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– I'm gonna get him back.

– After you do, I want youto promise me something.

Promise me you'll kill him.

– I promise.

– Every mother, every parent could understand that reaction.

– You realize in thatmoment that Monica and John are more alike than she'd care to admit.

– It's as high stakes asKayce could possibly imagine.

– Tate's been taken.

– All the actors in thatepisode are dealing with that same fuse that's lit.

– They know they were going for the heart of the family.

It was one thing going for me, for Beth.

As we see, she's tough as anything and is a survivor, but to go for Tate.

It's like all bets are off now.

– I think now that Tate has been involved by the Becks, the stakesare at their highest because this is a childwho has nothing to do with any of these matters.

– There's nothing onthe planet that he would want to protect more andkeep safe more than Tate.

These guys taking his son is just so crazy and he's willing to do anything that he needs to do to get him back.

– This is gonna be the end of us.

– It's terrifying.

– Kayce and Monica havebeen through so much and the audience has been there through their ups and downs, mostly downs.

– For me as an actor, it'sreally lovely to start to play Beth when her heart is engaged, especially with Monica and Tate.

– You really get to understand how much trouble these fuckers are in (laughing).

– But they have my grandson.

– Look, I can't clean this up.

How do we hide this? – There's not a lot oftime and so you see, kind of people maybe acting at their best, trying to solve a problem, working on their highestinstincts about what to do.

The difference is they'reworking outside the law.

– Everyone is becomingvery aware of the danger of how far we've pushed this.

How far he's taking it.

(gunshots) – Where's my son? – Is it worth it? – Need to make an amendmentto the trust, Beth.

– So in the finale, wehave the payoff for Rip.

She was given a letter byher father that he wrote explaining to him thathe sees him now as a son.

– You know, I think he is just blown away and I think there's that kind of emotion to what John has done for him, and how much it means to Rip, but I think also you know, the beginning stages of it, her reading that letter, he's kind of confused by.

– He's saying it's yours.

He can't quite comprehendwhat he's being given.

And John Dutton says to Beth, “I know who loves me.

I know who's loyal.

” – Calling Rip his son, Ithink he's so taken aback, that he's like did I hear that? Did that really happen? And so I think, you know obviously he wants to hear it again and he realizes that he did call him.

You know that was his you know just tearjerking and heartbreaking.

He called me his son.

– Yeah, babe.

He sure did.

I love all my scenes with Cole.

These two characters who are so broken and so wounded and so tough and with these tough exteriors.

– I love you.

– To now see their softness and their.



How much this means to him and how much it means to her.

It's starting to now be the most amazing love story.

– I mean she's fantastic so you know as that scene progresses andwe walk up onto the porch, it was just a beautifulmoment between the two of us.

– There's the evolution of Rip and Kayce.

To really see our characters go from where they are in thebeginning of this season and how much they're at each other.

– They're sort of like brothers in a way and have that sort of wayof dealing with things that stupid boys can deal with things.

– To have that wonderfulkind of wave for us and then to get to this place where it is all about Tate, but also there's a certain leadership that we both have in the family.

– It just shows how far they've come.

– How can I help? And to have that momentjust brilliantly dissected by Taylor Sheridan.

I'll draw your fire.

Just a perfect moment.

– Of all the days to ask this of you, I'm sorry it's today.

– There's a great line that Taylor wrote is you know, “Today's asgood as any day, sir.

” The intention behind thatis that you've given me something that you knowmaybe I do deserve, maybe I don't deserve, but the consistency of Rip's character was why I love him and I think why a lot of people love him is that he is that loyal human being that people just don't seeanymore in this world.

I love you.

– [Kevin] That was an importantscene for us, a big scene.

It's ultra violence.

– Murders and corruption.

I mean we really are in this Wild West.

(gunshots) – With the language thatplays out against the violence is really, it's great language.

It's great film language.

If there's a heaven, this is your last chance to do something that just might get you in it.

Neal is a very formidable actor and as written was a formidable character.

It could go no other way than how it went.

– We get into that houseand they're telling me he's in the bathroom, but I shouldn't see him and thinking about that scene for a month before we shot it and being like how am I gonna play that? Tate! As much as you want tolike intellectualize how you're gonna playsomething like that.



(child screams) You can't plan for it, you know? This precious little person that he's been trying to protect in a way that he might never have todeal with some of the things that I have to deal withemotionally and with the PTSD and all that kind of stuff.

From the moment I see him, I can tell that he was treated terribly.

He was beaten.

I think Kayce probably really feels like he failed him in that way.

– I think the thing that was most important is they have him.

He's breathing.

He's okay.

– Monica has been given asort of baptism of tragedy.

Beth is sort of opening up to the danger of being part of this family.

We're gonna lose this place you know.

What Beth is turning into is someone who is the protector.

She's becoming someone who really sees the layers of what's going on.

She's seeing how bound her father is to this land and how he will do anything to protect it because he thinks that iswhat's right for his family and actually it's comeat quite a tragic cost of his family and he can'tsee it, but Beth can.

– Dabney was really, you could just see all the professionalism that he had during the course of his career and trying to resurrectit right at the moment we were all working and itwas a beautiful thing to see.

– I always love reading that stuff.

The flashbacks and things like that.

It also, it just informed so many things that I didn't even know.

– This is such a long game of a show.

We're so used to having payoffs quick.

We wanna know everything quick.

Taylor Sheridan doesn't do that.

He makes you confused.

He makes you fall in lovewith these characters.

He makes you hate these characters and then things start to get revealed where we can really understandwhere their hearts are or where their trauma is.

– Taylor prepared us enough with like, you know the things that we needed to know for what we were playing to make sense, but I think as he's comingup with more of this world and going deeper into these characters, you know we get to kindof discover that as well and that's always really fun.

– What Taylor has doneover the last you know couple of years is just shown Rip, Beth, and now you know you're seeing John, and he's you know, he's apretty dynamic character so to see his past is veryimportant I think to the story.

– And to see John Dutton Sr.

talk to him about protect this land no matter what.

He's bound to his own father.

– The love of the land is in John's bones.

You can't put the fire into somebody.

It runs as deep with John as it's run with anybodyin the Dutton clan.

– Season two is incredibly intense and emotional and high stakes and violent.

(gunshot) – It's an all out war.

(gunshot) – Season three it has avery different feel to it.

We're shooting it right now.

– It's good to be back.

I mean it's a reallybeautiful place to shoot.

– It's crazy that this is our job.

– After having such awhirlwind of a season two, the audience is reallygonna enjoy you know to sit with these people for a second.

– Knowing Yellowstone andmore so Taylor Sheridan, there will definitely bea new villain in town.

– Yeah, more revelationsand more of Rip and Beth.

– There's so many differentdynamics and colors to it.

– I feel like it's a nice reset.

– It feels like a differentshow, but like in a great way.

(rattlesnake sound).

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