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Replace Your Ab Day At The Gym With This Home Workout

what's up it's Chris Harry Oh welcome to another video today I'm going to be replacing my AB day at the gym for this home workout we're gonna be doing together now unlike other muscle groups there's not that many options in terms of machines and equipments that are specifically designated for abs in the gym other than some crunch machines cables and the captain's chair and the truth is you don't need big expensive equipment and you can actually train your abs in more ways and angles using body weight exercises giving you more possibilities and more range of motion without being restricted by machines but it really comes down to if you want abs is being consistent with your diet and training and being able to train as from home with no equipment is the easiest way to stay committed and one of the best ways to stay consistent you don't have to drive somewhere if you want to work out and you're always gonna be home at some point every day and this is why I prefer to replace my add day at the gym with this home workout we're about to do together so with that said we're ready to start this workout routine for six-pack ABS and make sure you can properly follow along download the hereö pro app in the App Store or Google Play Store if you haven't already open up to the u-tube workout sections you'll find this routine and we're ready to get started this routine is only gonna take seven minutes it's gonna be 45 seconds for each exercise with a 15 second break in between for a total of seven exercises now all these exercises can be done on the ground with absolutely no equipment but to make it even more effective and to recruit more muscle fibers more stabilizer muscles I'll be doing the majority of them on the side of my couch but you can do wherever its most comfortable for you either on the ground or on an elevated surface like a bench or a chair and if you're ready to get started we're gonna get into the first exercise that's gonna be three raises this can be done laying down or on an elevated surface let's go for 45 seconds [Music] your core tight I try to bring it your knees as high as you can squeeze now another the great thing about doing this on the elevated surface or something like a bench is that if you do get tired you can go ahead and sit down take a little break and then keep on going but the whole point I'm doing it for 45 seconds for each exercise is you don't want to stop you can slow down if you need to but don't stop all right we've got five seconds left five four three two and one alright now we're gonna take a 15-second break the next exercise that we're gonna get into it's gonna be seated leg flutters now these can be done on the ground but to make them more effective I'm going to be doing them up here so you want to lean back keep your legs straight squeeze your core also make sure you're regulating your breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth now the more separated your legs are the more effective they're going to be so make sure every time your leg goes up to crunch your abdominals and squeeze [Music] almost there all right here we go 5 4 3 2 1 poof all right there's the second exercise moving on to the third exercise we're gonna have seated in and out I'm gonna stay up here on the side of my couch to make these more effective but these can be done seated on the ground let's get right into it with our legs straight bring them in and come back up [Music] keep it up if you need to slow down go ahead and do so but really try not to stop and also if you're just saying started you can do smaller ranges of motion eventually you develop the strength to do more here we go 5 more seconds 5 4 3 2 1 all right the next exercise we're gonna move into is gonna be alternating knee raises this is just going to be like the first exercise knee raises except that we're gonna be alternating each leg if you're doing these up top get ready to go and you're doing them on the ground you're basically gonna be doing laying knee raises with one knee out of time so let's get into position let's go for it 45 seconds [Music] remember if you need to stop and take a break you can always stop for a second get up and keep going [Music] [Music] all right here we go last seconds five four three two one all right there we have it moving on to the next exercise we're gonna be getting into a boat hold this is gonna be a static hold meaning that we're holding a position and engaging our muscles without moving so this is gonna be basically like an active rest but still very effective for your abs you want to squeeze your abdominals so let's get into position your legs up hands forward you want to make the shape of a boat I remember regulate your breathing focus on your balance squeezing your core and all your stabilization muscles [Music] we're almost there we go for the last five seconds here we go in five four three two and one alright we're ready for the next exercise now we're going to be going into leg raises these are great if you're doing them on the ground and we're also adding an extra stabilization factor if you're doing them seated up top we're gonna get into position and keep our legs as straight as possible and then raise them as high as we can for 45 seconds let's go for it [Music] [Music] are we gonna go to the last couple reps 5 4 3 2 & 1 alright now we're ready for the last exercise those are gonna be in an ounce so I'm going to go ahead and get down on the floor into a push-up position and since this is the last exercise we're gonna give it everything we got we're gonna jump all the way up with our knees to our chest and then back out so pace yourself of course if you can only take little jumps at the beginning that's completely fine we'll work your way up and eventually it will be doing greater range of motion with more intensity make sure you have a good grip on the ground and you're squeezing your abs squeeze your core while doing this exercise and still regulate your breathing in through your nose how do your mouth all right these are the last couple seconds we're gonna go as intense as we can here we go five four three two one all right there's a routine my abs feel fired up and I'm already starting to break a sweat making this a super effective six-pack ad workout that you can do right from home with no equipment if you were able to get through this routine with me congratulations you're on your way to building a solid six-pack stay consistent with it and if you can try to do something like this or this exact workout every single day until it becomes a habit and becomes part of your routine and you can do a lot more to benefit the most from this routine you want to be able to do it with three to four rounds but you can always work your way up you may start off being able to do only one round a day but the more you stay consistent with it you eventually be able to do two rounds three rounds and then four and by that time with the right nutrition you should have a solid six-pack and of course don't forget to take a day off when your body needs it to be able to rest and recover and with that said if you enjoyed the video and you enjoyed the workout they definitely smash that like button comment down below let me know what you want the next video to be about and of course share this video with a friend that's trying to get a solid six-pack and if you haven't already make sure you subscribe because I post every single Thursday 2:00 p.


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