QUARANTINE Indian Street Food + GIANT FISH HEAD Curry Cooking at HOME!!! FULL RECIPE!!!

comelet's ok maybe one omelette and when it goes up thank you that's fish head curry froth incredible that's a full bowl alright check it out guys there's Trevor James and ting ting we are home in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and today in this video we are bringing you for the ultimate Indian Street food beef we are gonna be heading out to Little India grabbing some delicious Indian curries we're gonna have dosa we're gonna have prawn curry we're gonna put it all over this banana leaf and it's very special we are teaming up with our friend Sara Kong who is an expert Malaysian chef here in Kuala Lumpur she is gonna be teaching us exactly how to make a delicious Malaysian style fish head curry there we are guys just gonna cross the street and go get some banana leaf for our fish head curry just got the basic ingredients actually there's a lot of ingredients in this curry and it's right up here guys sorry Bundy I chose some incredible Indian curries to bring home to complement the fish head curry Sarah's gonna be teaching us in a moment make sure to go subscribe to her channel in the description below and watch her full cooking lesson as well thank you but thank you tonight thank you see and then we quickly went to the grocery store to choose the biggest fish head we could find weighing over 3 kg split in half with Sarah and I and here we are guys check this out in addition to all of the indian street food that we picked up from takeaway Sarah cone expert chef for cookbook author is gonna be teaching us how to make Malaysian Nyonya style fish head curry and look at that grouper and after laying out all of the tropical ingredients it was time to call Sarah and start the cooking full recipe in the description below are you we are so excited for this fish head curry are you ready to go yeah let's do it the first thing you need to do is to make our spice paste with all the spices yeah we're gonna add in the fresh chili the dried chili the lemongrass galangal garlic the blood rania shallots so be generous with the oil it's okay oh yeah so this is the sole of the fish head curry here yeah without this this there's no fish head curry we're also gonna have this fish head curry powder in there that's all going in that's a lot of curry powder it's gonna get blended in with the shallots and even more fresh chilies more galangal more ginger and such a boil and the Balaji on right yes so this is Nyonya style yeah this unit oil so new yes I have lemongrass and AD galangal but the Malaysian Indian style they use like mustard seeds like it's different so what are we gonna do here Sara what's the process the first thing we're gonna do is this spice base we're gonna put it in okay Wow and then we're gonna soak it that's the fish head curry okay so what we're gonna do is we're gonna cook this until there's a stage 4 which Armenia in Malay so that's when the oil separates and it floats on top so that's the stage that we want to reach at Romania Romania we're gonna get the ketchup in yeah yeah how long are we gonna cook this Sara million-dollar question so it's always different depending on the amount but I think this should take about 15 minutes yeah look at that curry this curry paste can you use this with other meats like chicken or what would you make this with we use fish curry powder which is different from meat curry powder the combination of spices so I would use this for other seafood like prawns that would be good good to know yeah this is so incredibly potent smelling I can't wait to try this it is that's ready look at that bubbling curry paste and next up is the curry leaves right yeah curry leaves and there they are guys these are curry leaves they smell so fantastic actually they smell like curry good perfect and next up is the water running in 1.

5 liters of water and Sarah was explaining you can make this less if you've got a smaller fish head but we've got a monster size two fish head so we're adding in 1.

5 liters of water look at that and the full recipe is on her Channel Wow okay so pour in the tamarind juice and deluxe olives next we're gonna do is we are going to put in these hard vegetables it's bubbling already I can already put it in and I'm going to close the leap and that's gonna simmer for a few minutes now right close early simmer for five minutes now we're gonna put in coconut milk got put it all in put it all in stir it up oh yeah now you can see the creaminess coming through next I'm gonna put in the vegetables okay all the tomatoes then we're gonna put this in Wow look at that it's huge put it in Wow it's in great so now we're gonna close it and let it cook for about five minutes close the lid and cook for five minutes let's take a look at ours oh wow look at that fish head curry it's bubbling and creamy with coconut milk Wow and the fish meat looks tender we're gonna season this part of munion ticket curry with 2 tbsp of sugar okay we're seeing around the fish 4 teaspoon of salt it's all about balancing the flavors too spicy you can add a little sugar you can also have some seasoning with salt how was it it's so creamy it actually smells like laksa yes awesome luck so has this insight you're right final step here we're gonna add that for ginger all over top here and then it's finished right yeah it's done our part of this curry is done look at this you can smell so many spices in there a lot of vegetables tropical spices coconut milk here it is guys we got the giant fish head curry look at the size of it and then we got a bunch of Indian Street food here as well and that's the chicken yeah that's the chicken right there look at that that's the prawn oh and then this here is the cauliflower and the final touch goes wow that is a pure monster look at that okay and we're gonna put it on this bed of rice right here whoa that's a fish head of a lifetime let's just slowly drizzle that essence of light over the rice doesn't that look good okay let's call up Sara and have a feast we've got fish head curry we got chicken curry we got prawn curry we got rice it's gonna be good let's call her up hey Sara how are you Wow beautiful shall we makan yeah let's my Khan first things first let's take some cheek meat we're gonna share is huge the cheek is giant look at that that's like a tongue it's bigger than a cow tongue I'm bigger than a cow song according to trouble yes and here we go first bite we're gonna dip it into the curry Bowl Oh dripping cheek meat try it out oh wow that is incredible I'm glad you enjoyed it the fish is so tender the curry is so creamy and so saucy and light with a touch of chili Wow that's Malaysian life in Malaysia is good curry every day durian every day dangerous type of curries yes you're one of them this is Muni appreciate curry but we've got another version is the mama salt make it Karima you must try that too we have to and I'm just gonna pour more curry onto that fish or just get it so flooded as they say in Malaysia flooded every year I'm really happy that I'm doing this with you right we're hanging out yes thank you for showing us this recipe and for everybody watching right now you can go check out Sara's new youtube channel in the description below she's just started she's an expert chef he's written four cookbooks and wow this food is incredible thank you Sarah and welcome to Manila thank you and there's so much saucy goodness here Sarah do you want to eat the eyeball together yeah oh yes go get out okay let's dig it up oh it's so big oh there's so much fat around it oh it's like a cherry it's like a cherry cherry slice of a cherry let's pour sauce all over that eyeball just so it's tasty try it out want to dream mmm daddy there's our like a grain in the middle it's a big it's a big I bump I like it daddy hahaha it's beer flavor hmm with this curry I could eat a lot of rice yeah why don't you like nothing it's so appetizing you can't stop eating to long because there's coconut milk so one or two days or let you freeze it we move on the vegetables and queasy I guess that's okay freedom we're gonna do that too okay you can put on noodle things I like curry laksa Wow really yeah so take for you hot you've got extra we move the vegetables take the broth you make noodles and you put it in you'll be like curry laksa but actually it's best not to crease something with coconut milk inside but let's see if it's too much and you really have to keep it then I think a copay thank you amazing recipe thank you well that's fish egg curry ever you're the best thanks Sarah see you that Fish Head meat is so delicious you guys got to make this recipe go check out Sarah's channel for the full details and thanks a lot for watching guys this was a lot of fun I hope you're enjoying the new food range in at-home series where we cook three food dishes from around the world at home do the pandemic hope you're staying safe healthy make sure to subscribe to Sarah's panel as well in the description below she just pulled out a detailed video with all the instructions even more than this video on how to make this wish encourage you guys are gonna want to check that out in the description below thanks a lot for watching guys wow.

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