Plan Your Trip to Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park

traveling mell [Music] hello from Old Faithful area of Yellowstone this has got to be one of the most famous and popular parts of the very famous and popular park and for good reason Old Faithful geyser is one of the reasons that this became our first National Park the

whole world's first national park so I'm not gonna lie it's gonna be crowded it's gonna be crazy unless you come in winter there's good there will be a lot of people here because you're not the only one that wants to see the Old Faithful geyser but we're going

to show you some of the best things to see while you're here in the Old Faithful area [Music] the Old Faithful Inn is one of the most iconic structures here at Yellowstone National Park and when you're in the Old Faithful area you should definitely check it out it

was built in 1904 by a 29 year old architect from Ohio and it's meant to bring the forest indoors so there's all this log and wood and stuff inside too there are tours four times a day you can just show up and take a tour of the inn

you can get information about what time Old Faithful and other geysers are going to erupt or predict it to erupt there's a coffee bar there is a restaurant here there's always something going on art or something down in the lobby as well you can find out the old-time

for the Old Faithful geyser eruption and this balcony up here is a great place to watch the eruption you're not as close but it's quieter and there's also a coffee cart and a bar right inside so if you need a little beverage to watch the geyser with you

can do that too the number one thing you need to do at the Old Faithful area is of course see the Old Faithful geyser which is not as impressive when it's not erupting but when it is it's really really pretty cool there's a lot of different places you

can see it this boardwalk makes kind of a you all around so there's three sides we really like seeing it from the balcony of the Old Faithful Inn you're a little farther away but it's quiet it's nice there's also a hike you can do up to observation point

up on the hill and you are pretty far away but you're kind of by yourself at least so lots of ways to view it and if you want to find out the time I have all the details in the blog post how you can figure out what time

it's going predicted to erupt even if you're at home but basically check in any of the visitor centers or the inn or anywhere and they'll have it listed if you're here one of your first stops if you come to Old Faithful should probably be the visitor center it's

a pretty new visitor center it's really beautiful and it has a lot of interactive exhibits and you can get all the information you need for your stay here you can find out when the Ranger programs are going there's a separate junior ranger station but you can get information

on that too and there's a great kid's room it's really like I said interactive hands-on and fun plus a bookstore and if it's a really inclement terrible weather you can even watch the eruption of the geyser from this big window right here one of my favorite things to

do in the Old Faithful area is the observation point trail it's only a half a mile up to observation point it's kind of steep though and from there you can see the geyser erupt Old Faithful and it's just really pretty you can see flowers and things like that

then you can take that over to solitary geyser which is a little burbling geyser that's kind of always going off not very high and it's really beautiful and you really will be alone at solitaire geyser and then you can join back up the upper geyser trail Old Faithful

isn't the only geyser in the Old Faithful area far from it and there are one hundred and something other geysers as well and a lot of them are just as not a cyclonic but pretty cool so you can take a walk on the upper geyser trail around geyser

Hill there's trails that go out to Morning Glory and biscuit basin and it's definitely worth exploring the other geysers at Old Faithful if you are interested in park history or art you might want to stop by the Haynes photo shop here in Old Faithful area and the Haynes

were folks that came out in the early 1900s and they had photo shops throughout the parks and they took throughout the park and they took a lot of photos and they sold postcards and they were pretty important in the history of the park now they do artist workshop

there's some historical information in there and they have current artists on exhibit as well [Music] the last thing I think you should do it Old Faithful and frankly I think this is good advice no matter where you go is get some icecream there are places all over all

over here where you can get ice cream and get regular you get soft-serve and get whatever you want so get some ice cream those are just a few of the great things you can do here at Old Faithful some of the best things there will be a lot

more details and information on the blog at Yellowstone trips calm and thanks for watching we hope you will share the video you will like it you will tell your friends thumbs up all that kind of stuff bye

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