Our First Day in Yellowstone National Park | American Road Trip

we have finally made it to the town of West Yellowstone really close to oh hey buddy [Music] [Music] this is a beautiful place we just stopped and hanging out for a couple minutes flying the drone trying to skip some rocks all right here we go so there hold

this place [Music] whoa dad you're good sir let's just show them the like the public restrooms here for Santa Marta Eddie it was really fun to get to visit with you guys over what staff this morning well for you it was nice thank you all right guys so

this is just a boat launching area on the side of the road maybe you could call it a park I guess I don't know but they have like public restrooms here and these are like primitive public restrooms I don't think they flush I think there's just a big

hole in the ground and then they'll come and pump it out all right so let's go in and check it out here yeah so just simple right primitive restroom and we won't show you what's in here but if you looked in there it'd be gross yeah so those

are just really primitive bathrooms so the people you know don't just go in the woods or don't go to the bathroom in the lake or something like that the government will come later and then they'll pump out all of the sewer that's in this big holding tank underneath

it and they'll take it to a sewage treatment plant where they'll be treated properly and be clean again go back out wherever it goes [Music] just a quick stop guys we are here at Montana we made it to Montana if you didn't know today we are on our

way to Yellowstone National Park and we should be seeing a lot of animals today when we get there hopefully some bison I would say for sure we're going to see some bison today but we'll see what else we get to see when we get there we still have

about 400 miles to go or so so some of you guys have been asking about like the locations of where we are and stuff like that and I think if you look on our Instagram account then you'll be able to like see the location of the pictures that

we're taking on Instagram and then you'll know exactly where we are [Music] [Applause] [Music] we have finally made it to the town of West Yellowstone really close – oh hey buddy look at that Wow that is mosquitoes galore guys can you see that Wow that's when the window

was so dirty earlier and look at this it sounded like rain hitting the car but it was mosquitoes time to go get some groceries for dinner tonight just remember hello I don't know okay there's some wood this is the big grocery store they said I'll just give you

a quick scan so just take a quick little tour of the store right we've got the milk aisle well you've got the eggs and the juices and the bread hot dogs Jesus meets over here we've got shampoo and bathroom stuff pet food and bathroom stuff cleaning supplies this

is the canned food and pasta aisle over here we've got the meat awesome heat lots of meat down here we've got looks like sauces Mexican food and cake mixes a small vegetable section and right here we've got the frozen food aisles snack foods all right guys here we

go the first animals in the park get them out here lol that's cool ter first animals Jake I thought our first ones were going to be bison but they were going they were at home there's some bison guys Wow hi bison look how big they are they're so

pretty comes another one whoo chickens another one and another one wow there's a lot coming all these guys are wild they're not hand fed they're all wild this isn't a zoo by waiting those bison Sarah difficult are so big so cool because they're just like roaming here wild

yeah and they can just charge at you any moment for one enjoy your car yeah as their insides are so in between our firewood yep yep we're ready for the night lesson all right we're coming into our campsite now this is Madison campground here register yeah okay there

are bears here so we're supposed to be bear aware this is the campsite that we get to stay in this is called Madison campground and it is full they said so it's a good thing we had reservations there's RV camping as well but we're in the tent site

yeah laughing yeah and what are we in alright guys we are in the campsite now I got to be a little quiet because there's people all around in there camping we check it out we got a little bit of firewood here that's the fire pit we got a

table set up here and our two tents are done but right now set what are we going to go do we're gonna get some firewood we have firewood we're going to some more we bought this firewood right here just to make sure we had some but now we're

going to go out and cut some and so we're going to go out and find wild firewood pretty much all of the available firewood in the campground has already been picked up but guys if you just come a little ways out there's all kinds of firewood you can

cut go get him something nice nice job now Sarah's going to try it [Applause] alright I said I give her Chapman and now the results of our hard work it's weenie roasts in time look at that so these are the good ones too these are the better with

cheddar yes these are the better with cheddar ones are you left so hard because you just recorded that but you forgot to push record that's true that's very true Gina with hammer discos 8:30 8:30 guys at night 8:30 at night and look how light it is still so

light I mean you can totally see everything's perfectly light still oh no it's 11 to 9 yeah what wow it's going to be light out here at like 9:30 I bet it will just get dark maybe 10 o'clock 10 o'clock what our neighbors already put there that's true

okay so we better we better say good night guys we're going to eat up some hot dogs and some chili again good camping food maybe our favorite camping food anyway guys until next time we have a really great day and keep smiling [Music]

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