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Welcome to my new video, I'm Harees Ameerali, Currently Home, Mala Thrissur A lot of you have been asking for a House Tour Thank you so much for the valuable support for my studio tour video As all of oyu watched and commented and I did my best to respond to thema ll So today we will take alook at my house Before we step in, let's talk while we are outside as there are few things I want you to know As most of you are interested in knowing the whole story while talking about the house The story of it's origin is really a big story As this may be a motivating story for you all As a house is one of the big dream for us all As we all dream for a good decent house We come across different houses on our trips We may see different styles of houses What I always think of and admire is the struggles and effort they put into make their dream house Even if it's a hit the effort the owner put into make it is priceless The house that you see now is something that I am happy and proud of But we if look back into the past, around the time when I was a student Until the point of my Gulf life, this wasn't the house This very place that I am seated was where we lived Which is why I started this video here as we only have a 2 roomed house (More like a hut) With one room to sleep and another for kitchen We never had a proper toilet At the time we had no electricity, no phones, no water supply As we had to manually fetch water We completed this house with 3-4 or 5 stages We initially had a good house and due to some business failure we switched to a hut and we came across this unwanted location That's how we purchased this property I wanted to let you know that most of have gone through different struggles in life As of now everyone is home and most of us are not sure how our own future will be like As the entire world is under a pandemic So we should make use of what we can achieve because regardless of what we think it's our attempt that matters When I used to sleep in the hut I dreamed of a better house to live in Back then we never even had a vehicle and I got a cycle after finishing my cycle And it was a noisy rusty cycle I wanted to work hard for a good house and vehicle And we have to work hard the right way until it's achieved This house is located in Mala, Thrissur The area is pretty comfortable So now check out the interior We have two entrance for the house So there is a door facing the main gate And the other facing my car porch The car porch was also constructed part by part I first had a Wagon R So if you need a vehicle tour and experience I will share it, based on how you want.

As of now I have a Xylo and Hector With a Bullet and Hero Glamor I also have different kinds of cycles too Lets check out inside And since it's a village we have the Milkman that delivers bottled fresh milk Than packed milk This is part of the village life as I have showed you the fisherman that comes by in a cycle This section of the house is used as a shooting range to practise As of now it's kept on hold for maintenance work I will do another video for this and it's review As it's needed to showcase what we have to do And it's uses It's important things Do drop your comment on what you wanna see next This is our initial newly consturcted room When Sujith came here we were stil under consturction So we recently fiished it's construciton As I said before we had the house to this point.

So we extended and modified the house So this is the living space and the primary entrance Initially the house was only there to that arch behind me Then we did the work part by part After the living room and washing area we have the dining space, kitchen Where we did most of our cooking shows This is soemthing we got as a gift from Lulu begin the arts And my dad's portrait And metals and prizes I'll do the review about the awards and it's time later And next is my Dad's room This was my dad's room with attached bathroom And these are their weddign pictures My dad passed away within this house As he was admitted in a coma stage at Aster So there were complications Due to the lack of any progression we transfered this room into an identical ICU We even had a glassed door for people to look into the room to avoid infection I'll make a different video about it As it's something that all of you should realize Next is my sons room This is my son, Abdulla he is the camera man for today Any plans for starting a channel? Next we have the kids room This was our initial kitchen And we will head upstairs We have a living room and the studio that I showed before Next I have a wash space and my bedroom With another kids room I made this room in their taste And most of my guest have stayed in thsi room.

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