MTB Challenges At Home | Blake's Mini Kicker Challenge Part 1

– Welcome back you beautiful people.

Welcome to my rear garden.

And it's time to get themini kicker out, my jump bike and set myself some some challenges.

Let's kick it off.

(upbeat music) Dropping (grunts) Blimey (upbeat music) (crash) First off, let's get this thing set up.

It's so good having a mini kicker.

You don't really have a mini kicker, you can actually just build one.

I've done a video just onhow to build a mini kicker.

Click in the top corner there.

I shows you step by stepon how to build one.

So you can have a bitof fun in your garden.

This one, pre-made.


Let's get some air.

First trick, warm up, a table.

But I think I should putyou on the other side because that's the where our table.

So let's go on the other side.

Mini kickers man, you can use these things just to perfect your jumping skills.

It's pretty insane what youcan do with a little kicker.

All right let's see.

You ready? First trick, Table.

Yes, first trick done.

I reckon, I reckon wecould do another trick.

What do you reckon? Something small, Tuck NoHander to warm up those arms.

All right.

(laughs) We're going to getanother angle of that one.

Mini kickers pretty fun.

The challenge, gettingmy speed is pretty hard because it's a little bituphill and I've got a big biggish kicker.

But I reckon, lets, I've neverspun off this mini kicker.

So I'm going to do a 180 and hopefully, fake you out.

Which is really hard, 'cause I don't do this sort of thing.

But I've got all day.

I've got all day and you probably wantto see a crash anyway.

The whole kicker moved underneath me.

180, to 180 up, see what I can do.

Street garden (mumbles) Watch out for the flower.

Might've run over a flower.

Oupsie, wife's going to kill me.

She's actually given me evils.

– Mate, get off the flowers.

Let's get a different angle of that.

Yaa! 180, I'm going to try a 360.

I feel like that kicker'sgoing to move a hell of a lot.

But let's try, 360.

(laughs excitedly) I'll do that again.

I'll move you becauseI nearly took you out.

Let me just move you.

(sighs) Mini kicker challenge.

Hard work, it's like a workout man.

Move you, let's put you let's put you, let's put you here.

So you can get a full view.

(laughs) That's the most streetestthing I've done in ages.

360 on that mini kicker.

Okay, we've done Table Top we've done the 180, we'vedone the Tuck No Hander, we've done a 360.

That's some pretty ass bigtricks right there already.

But we can spice it up a little bit.

I haven't even done likeBarspins or anything.

Plus, I've got thiswall man.

Look at this.

I reckon, look, even look up here.

There's a platform, for me to ride along and Drop In.

Maybe I can jump up to there.

I don't want to crashinto neighbors garden, 'cause they got massive dogs.

Looks like a wolf man.

I reckon, if I maybe do somemore stuntin' right here.

Barspins, stuff like thatsome street stuff you know.

And then maybe get uponto that wall, dunno.

Might need some more woodto get up on that wall.

But it's mini, mini kicker challenge.

So let's Barspin this thing now.

I'm going to put you, I'mgoing to put you right here.

So I crash into you.

Barspin! Barspin! All right, do you reckon Icould spin bars the other way? I know I can but if, that's if I can.

Let's go, bar, ride around, upper bar back, challenge.

Spin the bars back.

Bar, upper bar back.

Not in one air, I'm not that good.

(chill music) upper bar back Yes, challenge done! Wow, all my dead jumpingskills are coming out.

Nice! This wall, I'm super intrigued, and to see if I can get up onto that wall.

Uh, maybe put the kicker onthese nice blue purple flowers.


Wife's going to, she's going to kill me.

But I, oh well.

(laughs) Um, I'm going to put the kicker out and maybe I can get uponto this wall right here.

And see what I can do, its a bit smaller that end but then you got loads ofbushes to get involved.

So I might move the kicker to here and see if I can get up onto the wall, or even if I just like, Walltap it and back in.

But it is like the sameheight as me, look at that.

That's really high.

And a, a hell of a challengefor the mini kicker challenge.

Okay, let's put this kicker inand see if it's going to work.

Now I've got that rampon its highest setting.

(flutters lips) Feels like I'm just riding into a wall, oh wait it is.

(crashes) That went bad.

Okay, moving on, thatWallride doesn't work I don't think thiskicker is designed to a, ride off sideways 'cause it just goes (imitates scramble sound) Anyway, I reckon, I could go up, ride this kicker and then try and gettwo wheels and then land to like push off and then Fakie down it.

Like, basically Walltap it instead of Wallride it.

Let's try that.

Could go horribly wrong.

(laughs) Oh that's ridiculous, I'm like fully vertical.

I'm 'unna try that again.

(bikes gears turning) Wall tapped, I want to ride along the wall and drop to complete flatness.

Free ride man.

(breathes heavily) 3, 2, 1, dropping.

( grunts) Blimey! (laughs) That was horrible, that was horrible.

Let's get that kicker backout on the flat ground.

I'm going to bring it up a notch.

I want to Manual my bin, andhopefully none of the contents falls out, 'cause its a bin that stinks.

I reckon I'm going to Manual Put that there, like that.

(laughs) Nice! That was just, that was just rubbish.

We've Manual'd it, I'mgoing to Bunny Hop over it.

See if I can clear it.

Man the speed isnon-existent, in this garden.

Let me try that again.

(birds chirping) Ya! I Bunny Hopped over my bin.

I don't think I couldBunny Hop it stood up.

Hell no.

No, I don't think I can.

Let's move on.

(wheels rolling) I call this, the bin roll.

(laughs) That was another rubbish trick.

Do you reckon I could Manual across 'em? Ya, let's try.

Oh my, I nearly went into the wall there.

I'm going to try that again, cause I nearly went over the bar.

That time I actuallynearly went over the bars.

Dust bin challenge, done.

But I think I can runalong 'em like North Shore, so jump onto one, then try hopto another, hop to another, hop to another.

So I'm going to set it up righthere, see how far I can go.

(chill music) (birds chirping) They're pretty strong Another rubbish trick.

I've got my little mans slide, I'm going to use that as a downramp, I'm going to Manual down it I don't think I can land front wheel in, cause it's just, justlook at the state of that.

It's like super vert.

So I'm going to jump, landmanual, down the slide.

I nearly broke it, afterthat I think my little man would be so so devastatedif I broke his slide.

That's the end of the video, hopefully you've enjoyed this it's inspired you to just get out there and use your creative brainto find stuff to ride.

It doesn't have to have a mini ramp, you can have some skinnies, whatever hopefully this has entertained you, on these certaincircumstances that we're in, confined in our four walls.

Let us know in the comments down below if I should make an assault course because I've got someother bits that can do it.

Remember, just stay safe.

Wash your hands, do all that jazz.

Keep healthy, and I'll see you next time.

See ya! Well that was nearlyclose of breaking that.

Nearly broken.


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