Moving Into Our Dream Home!

(dramatic drumming music) – Today is a very importantand very exciting day.

We've got the movers pulling up and we are moving from thishouse to our new house today.

My parents have been hereall week with Leslie, and with me and cleaningup everything in the house, packing it up.

I think it's gonna takethese guys 20 minutes to load it all into the truck and then we're gonnatake it to the new house and unbox it and get in the house and actually sleep there tonight.

This is exciting, this ismaking it very, very real.

Check out the inside of the house.

We have a couch, we have a TV over here, we have some stuff, andthat's pretty much it.

It is empty.

Are you excited to move? – I am so excited.

– [Dan] The movers are here.

– They are? – [Dan] They just pulled up.

– So they're early then.

– [Dan] Goodbye, Claire's room.

This is London's room, totally empty, usually has toys in it.

This was Lincoln's gaming room.

We had to put a mattressin here at one point and then you come down the hallway and this is like a little sitting area.

And then the master bedroom right here.

Good job at cleaning.

– Thank you.

– [Dan] And down this way, this was Lincoln's little casita room.

Let's get this truck packed up.

(dramatic orchestral music) This truck is lookin' really, really full right now.

Tons of stuff in here.

It's getting pretty full.

I think that's almost everything.

We've got this giant trailer also.

And our garage is lookin'empty, we're almost done.

It's been about, I'd say 45 minutes.

These guys are fast.

Pretty much empty garageand clean over here.

The only thing remainingis this sledge hammer.

I've broken open so many things with that.

We didn't have room in thegarage for this blue Roadster and I need to charge it.

So as soon as we move the trucks away, I'm gonna just park it inside the garage.

We have like one more day where we can actuallybe here in the house.

Just gonna charge my Roadsterfor like four or five hours.

You got that? – I think I do.

– [Dan] Muscles strong enough for that? (laughing) All right, we're driving in our rental car because our Tesla is inLas Vegas getting fixed 'cause it's been in an accident.

I don't know if I showedyou that video yet, but it was in an accident.

I'm making a video of the process of it.

I've got my Uber driver up here.

– Yes.

– [Dan] This is Lessie.

– Five star – And I'm sitting in the back.

And then we've got the big old Big Ben's Moving truck behind us.

There's six guys.

It took them less than an hourto load up the whole house and there's just a balloon, right there.

– [Leslie] It's so beautiful.

– [Dan] Balloon.

– {Leslie] Oh my gosh, it's beautiful.

Simply magical.

(exciting music) – [Dan] There's the balloons.


(jazzy driving music) Look at the plan, we got Leslie.

Leslie is showing everybodywhere to move stuff.

It's gonna be fast and furious, 'cause we've got six guys.

We've got this trailerpulled up on the driveway with the pavers.

We've got this big moving truck over here.

We're gonna open thatup and carry stuff in.

Maybe they're gonna juststart with this one actually and load it all in, then move the truck up.

That makes sense.

Okay, moving time.

– Okay, (muffled) (bass exciting music) – [Dan] And I must clarify, this video's now sponsored by Big Ben's Moving Service.

They just did a great jobby putting their logos on their truck, so it's like unavoidable that their number and theirthing is in this video.

So good job to you, Big Ben's.

(bass active music) Got the inside of the truck, it's empty, in record time, it tooklike 20 minutes or so.

It's great, there's things in the house, but you're not done yet, like our entire garage is full and we need that cleared out because we're doing some reallycool things in the garage.

We have a lot of work todo to organize this stuff.

I don't want stuff thatwe don't use in the house.

Look who's home from school.

– Hi.

– [Dan] We made some progress.

– Oh, yeah.

– I'm in here now.

– I see.



A lot of bikes and stuff done.

– [Dan] There's so much stuff in here.

I wanna park– – Where we gonna put all this? – [Dan] I'm gonna parktwo Roadsters in here, and a Model X and a Honda Accord.

Right now we can fit this many.

We gotta bunch of essential assortments of food storage, just incase something happens.

– Hi.

– Hey, welcome home.

– How are you? – [Dan] Are you guys workin' hard in here? – Yes.

– [Dan] You made lots of progress? – So much progress.

– Hi dog.

Hi, Lincoln's home.

You like the house now? – I'm not sure what theydid in Lincoln's room today.

But let's see if it looks any different.

– Boxes, gee.

– [Dan] And a ladder, congratulations.

And you can dust the wall.

– Okay, we're all good.

(laughing) (piano music) – Hello.

– [Dan] Hey, good job playin' the piano.

– Oh, thanks.

– It's been a week, since we moved in.

And the house stillfeels like it's moving, it's maybe been like a week and a half since we filmed the very, very beginning of this video.

Moving is a tricky thing, even when you have a lotof your house decorated like we have it set up for right now.

But the last week has been madness.

I am sure you're aware, that the entire world has shut down basically.

The kids are out of school.

And we've been likequarantined here at our house.

There's a lot that we don'tknow about this whole situation.

Like we really don't know at this point, but I do respect andappreciate that governments and people are reallybeing a bit overly cautious in order to like slow the curve and make things hopefully not explode to an unmanageable situation, especially here in the United States.

I know there's a lot of people that are going to be affected by this and that have been affected and I really hope thatthey have a speedy recovery and that they're comforted in a time, whenever all this stuff goes down.

For being inside of the house, I'm incredibly grateful.

Like I couldn't ask for abetter place to be quarantined.

This house is incredible.

It's like more than weever deserve in this life and we're so grateful to be here.

From the job side of it, from being a YouTuber making videos, I couldn't ask for a better place also.

We have tons of room to be free here.

Having my home studio being here so I don't have toactually go to an office is incredibly nice and helpful.

My team is awesome thatworks for “What's Inside?”.

And for the last year and ahalf, we've all worked from home and so it's not reallymuch of a change for them.

They're still working from home.

Sorry if this video took a strange turn from we're moving into a housethat's super exciting and big and then all of a sudden a weekand half later here we are, but guess what? Things aren't as much normalanymore as they used to be, but from my side of thingsand what you can expect from “What's Inside?” and from our videos is that we're gonna be super positive and bring you something that hopefully brings youjoy and that educates you and gives you a break fromwhatever it is you're doing, wherever you're at in the world.

And then we also have tons ofthings that we wanna cut open and see what's inside of them.

And we're going to dothat on our main channel.

And also, our house, likethere are so many cool features with the shower and with the automation and with the speakers thatI really wanna highlight.

Like right over there, there'sspeakers inside of the wall.

The pool, we do have the pool and we have swam in ittwo different times.

We didn't film the video about it, but I will tell you it's amazing and the slide is so awesome.

We have the RV garagewith the golf simulator.

We have tons of gamesthat we wanna show you that we have for the outside.

That's kind of what we wanna do, is just put a smile on your face.

Let me show you some of the progress on things that we're workingon right now for the house.

When you move into a newplace, there's a lot of work that comes out of here thatyou don't ever think of.

This is Claire's room and thisis London's room right now.

We're trying to organize.

We're still trying to getthrough some of this stuff and decide exactly where it goes.

That's just like stuff thatwe kinda need to go through and organize, like some cool things, I mean this is a car that's super cool.

It's like a lowrider.

Okay, we can't play thatsong for copyright issues but it's a song about acar that it's a lowrider.

And they shake and thecar goes up and down.

We've got Forky in here and a jewelry box.

This doughnut is so expensive.

This had to have cost at least (muffled).

Lincoln's room pretty set.

He's pretty organized actually.

Let me show you his closet.

I don't think you guyshave seen his closet since that's all happened.

Lincoln, oh wait, closet.

Da, dada, da! Check out Lincoln's closet.

I told you he has lots of shoes, right.

Jackets over here, hoodiesover here, backpack, there's a YouTube robething that they gave us.

Why does he have so many backpacks? I don't know.

Different sports jerseys from the year.

He did put like a sports almanac from “Back to the Future” on here and the Roadster, little old school.

Oh, and he got some new shoes again.

So there's some new ones thathe decided to put on there.

And then over here he did put a basketball signed by Kevin Durantfrom the video we did and then his trophy from theFarmers Insurance Pro-Am.

Oh, and he put a BYU (muffled) up.

Look at that.

Looks really good, it's really high, but because the ceilingsare high, I think it's okay.


We are making progressin here, in the garage.

This is one area where I told you, we're going to be doingsomething really cool inside of the garage.

Probably have a liftfor the Tesla Roadsters and maybe for the new oneswhen they come out someday.

But for now, it really is just a mess.

I mean, look at that.

We've got our car in here because one night it was pouring rain and the car was outside, we had to bring it in.

We've been slowly moving things from here that go inside of the studio that we're gonna cut open for video, that we've been holding onto for a while.

I'm telling you, we haveprobably 25 things right now that we could make mainchannel “What's Inside?” videos on where we take stuff apartand some of it is so cool.

So once we feel a little bit more settled, the set up will be good and we will be publishingtons of videos on there that are really, really fun.

So look forward to that.

Next time you see this room, hopefully it will be a lot cleaner.

So we're in our house, that's it.

Thank you guys for being partof this journey of our home throughout the whole process.

It's been a blast and still more to come.

And hopefully you guys staysafe and stay entertained and spend some good qualitytime with your family.

And I know that's one thingthat we're really doing and looking forward toin the next little bit, just spending time together.

So there you go, thanks for watching.

We are moved in and yousaw part of the process.

See you guys.

(plucky music) Look how stormy it is today.

It is never like this here or hardly ever like this wherewe have all these clouds.

And look at that, thetrees have blossomed.

We've got popcorn popping on the trees.

(birds chirping) That's a lot of Shopkins.

(chuckling) This kid has a lot of shoes.


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