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welcome back everyone to daybreak 6:30 is your time for weeks we've had to stay home and practice social distancing when we're out doing essential activities because of copán 19 the state's stay home order is set to expire this week which could pose some problems right here in Travis

County joining me once again we have Austin Mayor Steve Adler thank you so much for joining us good morning good to see you nice to see you so given the state's Thursday expiration date I know Austin Travis County we set our date for May 8th but that was

done purposefully right because depending on what happens this week will you all be adjusting your date well we're going to have to adjust our order regardless of what the what the governor does but certainly because we anticipate the governor to make changes in his order as well he's

going to have his order we would anticipate that part of it may go into effect the first week in May we had our current order expire on May 8th so that we would have that first week to rewrite our order you know we're not out of the woods

yet this virus is still real infectious and and there's still a lot of work that as a community we need to be doing to tamp this down we're not going to be really out of the woods on this until there's a vaccine or better treatment so I would

anticipate that we may have orders of some kind through this process to help the community navigate it and you know in last week's City Council meeting I know you counsel a few items were approved including more funding for tests how soon could we see that happening more funding

well the funding from the from the CV action has already started to be the deployed the council took action on the rise fund to make sure that we were getting actual money and assistance through nonprofits to people in the community that are least covered by the social safety

net and least supported by the federal actions we put emergency funding toward artists and toward musicians there are a lot of activities that we funded in terms of housing relief and support and that money is already being deployed the loan program we talked about earlier that people should

contact the Economic Development Department on this money is being put to work right now very good news there and you know it's been about six weeks or so give or take since coronavirus has become an everyday word what kind of advice do you want to give to people

who are just simply feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by all of this what would you like to tell them well I think some measure of exhaustion and feeling overwhelmed is absolutely normal and I think we're all feeling that but I think it's also important at this time to really

take a hold of everything that we've been able to accomplish you know a month ago we weren't sure as a city whether we could be whether we could make this this this surge this spike flattened out we didn't know and we've been able to do it successfully you

know there is a there's a spirit of selflessness in our community people really wanting to help one another and we've seen the most grand display of that that I have seen in my life you know you always know that it's there but the power of that spirit in

our community we've never seen the way that we have seen it now and it's important that we recognize that and celebrate that know that that we were each part of that this is this is not easy and at times it can be overwhelming but we have to recognize

what we've been able to accomplish in the lives that we've been able to save yes the level of kindness and humanity I've seen that and it is inspiring and it feels good yes you're right before we go though Governor Abbott talked about the possibility of opening up salons

possibly soon what's your take on this well you know I'm gonna be concerned as we start opening up about anything because as we do that we're going to have more infections and we're going to have greater risks there are things we can do to mitigate that and we

know a lot more than we did a month ago we're going to be able to monitor what's happening and we know ultimately that that if we needed to we could return to exactly what it is we're doing now and we know we have the capacity to be able

to to shut it down but but as we start having businesses that adapt I'll tell you that I'm going to be dipping my toe in cautiously and as a community we're going to be watching the numbers to see what of what what the impact is I'm concerned about

salons because you have one person who is over the course of the day really close to lots of different people and that could present a real challenge in terms of the spread of the virus so I have concerns mayor onler thank you so much for your time we

appreciate it once again thank you right Thank You Stacey

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