Mayim Bialik From Big Bang Theory Shows Us Her Home Kitchen

– Hi, I'm Mayim Bialik.

This is my kitchen.

Come on in (laughing).

The beautiful thing about this kitchen is that it is made of reclaimed wood from this very house.

And the cabinets are built inside and out, out of the wood that used tobe the kids' room upstairs.

So each cabinet is different.

Each one is very unique.

Sometimes I do get splinters but that's okay.

The open shelving, which is a feature of a lot of rustic kindof farmhouse kitchens is also reclaimed wood from this house when it was under construction.

And that's really special.

The counters are poured concrete and the entire kitchen was made by one man who I dated for a long time.

Who's a very, very finefinished carpenter.

He did this entire kitchen by himself inside and out, including the poured concrete counters.

The ceiling is a really fun feature of this kitchen.

It is a tin ceiling that was also pieced together by (laughing) the ex boyfriend carpenter one by one.

And the lights are actually vintage chicken bird feeders that when inverted used to hold seeds, that chickens would get to peck through.

So that is the kitchen and there's cobwebs which is something that'salways in the kitchens.

(laughing) okay.

One of my favoritethings about this kitchen is a large farmhouse sink.

It is copper.

It is very difficult to clean.

I'm not going to lie.

But this contraption is one of those things that I decided to spend extra money on hoping that it would be worth it in terms of how much I used it.

And it is super-duper worth it (tap water running)because it's a really, really awesome feature of my kitchen.

And it does make cleaningand cooking very easy.

It confuses just about everyone who tries to turn it on, but we love it.

We love it.

I come from a long line of cooks.

My grandmother was Hungarian and cooking and baking was a very important part of her life, which she passed on to my mother.

My mother passed on to me.

I do love antique things that are usable in my kitchen.

And I collect them froma variety of places.

This platter was actually my grandmother's that was brought from Poland.

So that's exciting.

My grandmother, on the other side.

This is a vintage nut meat chopper.

I liked decorative things in my kitchen but most everything here is used and is also functional.

I have a very largecollection of cookbooks as many cooks and bakers do.

I also have a specialselection of cookbooks that are just for Jewish holidays.

I keep those tucked away.

But the cookbooks thatI choose to have out are all of the vegan cookbooks that I love and use.

So here we have AliciaSilverstone's, “Kind Diet”.

I have the Campbell, “Cafe Cookbook”, “Real Food Daily”, “The Blossom Cookbook”, the vegan restaurant inNew York called “Blossom”.

And also Chloe, “The Chloe Cookbook”.

On this side of the kitchen, true story.

We have “Mayim's Vegan Table”, which is my cookbook.

Which I decorated.

And it is very, very well used.

It is a well-used cookbook.

We actually use cookbook a lot.

Let's see what's in the fridge.

(chuckles) This is the end of a long stretch that I had with my boys which is why it's not the fullest fridge, but some of the things that I pretty much always havein the fridge are berries.

So I have strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.

It's been very difficult to get a lot of the vegan things that are staples of ourdiet during the quarantine.

But we actually have a homes-school co-op that has relationship with a farmer who brings his produce to town.

And so that's how I've beengetting my fresh produce.

This is fava bean dip that I made from fresh favas.

I have some staples of a vegan fridge.

I have rice dream.

I have vegan margarine.

These are not real eggs.

They're fake eggs just for fun, they're fake.

I also have.



This is a jam that my ex husband made.

A lemon jam from the lemons in his yard and very special tree.

We have some artichokes.

And we steam them andI make garlic butter.

Three things you will always find in my pantry are raw cashews because I use cashewsto make vegan ricotta and all sorts of vegan cheese things.

You will always find oats.

Cause I do like oats.

I use them for baking but also just for eating.

And you will always find cans of beans.

As a vegan, beans are a veryimportant part of our diet.

And there's always beans, usually Pinto beans and often white beans.

Cannellini I think they're called.

Three things that you willnever find in my kitchen besides animal products i guess, are cookies.

We do not have a sweet tooth in this house.

There's some dark chocolate but really never cookies except once a year.

There's one Girl Scoutcookie that's vegan.

And those are the Thin Mints but otherwise no cookies in our house.

You will never find (laughing), you will never find Fun Cereal.

This sounds like the list my children are making about things that arewrong with mama's kitchen.

We don't eat sugar cereal in this house.

We really don't eat cereal at all.

I have like a organicrice crispy kind of thing but never sugary cereal.

You won't find that either.

I sound like a boring mom.

Sometimes you'll findhoney roasted peanuts, honey roasted peanuts.

But usually when they're in the house, I eat them all.

So I stopped buying them.

So you won't find them here.

If I could change onething about my kitchen, I think I would like itto be a little bigger.

There actually used to be a hallway attached to this kitchen where this pantry now is.

It was a very awkward space though.

So we closed it off and turned it into alittle bathroom (chuckles) on the other side of this kitchen.

But I do miss having that space.

It's also very, very beautiful and I'm very grateful for it but I could use a little more wiggle room.

Cause when it's me and two boys and three cats, it gets a little crowded.

There's been more than one significant disaster in this kitchen.

I used to have a beautiful set of like tea towels that my friend Chanel made and they were personalized.

They had my name on one and each of my boys' names on another.

And what those clothes were perfect for is whenI would have a bread that was rising.

I make challah for Shabbat.

And I would put that towel over the bowl to let the bread rise.

You're supposed to dothat in a warm place.

And sometimes when it's cold, I'll heat up the oven just a little bit so that I have a warm space to let the dough rise.

What happens is if youforget to turn the oven off and you put the dough in with a tea towel, it ignites.

I no longer have those tea towels cause they've all burnedon separate occasions.

(laughing) Thank you for coming to my kitchen.

I hope you enjoyed thetour and have a good day.

(guitar music).

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