mammoth hot springs terraces – yellowstone national park vlog #6

what's up guys welcome to the channel ifyou are new here, we are trekking pals Habiba and Alex we're amateur hikers andbackpackers and we create video content every Tuesday howdy howdy in the previous episode of winter inYellowstone we took you with us on an adventure hiking the fountain paint

pottrail within the lower geyser basin we enjoyed and learned about four differenthydrothermal features including geysers mud pots fumaroles and hot springs intoday's episode we will take you up to the gorgeous terraces of Mammoth HotSprings good morning we are about to leave Mammoth Hot Springs Lodge here andgetting ready

to start our adventure for the day our first stop is going to be this coolspot here this is an old picture this is also an alt feature and you cansee the ladies with their stylish dresses fancy today we're gonna alsosnowshoe and this is what we're doing we're here

at the mammoth hot springhotel now we're gonna walk this way this way this way and then you're gonna dothe upper traverses with all the we're trying out these face masks today we'reheaded to Mammoth Hot Springs today we're gonna go do the main chair sendthe upper terrace you get

these comfort masks today to try to keep the wind andbreathing from fogging up our glasses at the same time beaver ponds trill this isa nice walk okay we've got this cool look in the rock on the right and thenthe trusses are straight in front of me so apparently

this thing that I calledcool rock is a dormant hot spring cone and it's called Liberty Cap I do takes alittle bit to get it to floor doesn't fog up here so these are the trussesin front of us – had strength trusses parts of the trust are covered in

snowwhich makes it a little bit more beautiful now we're gonna head out to do the aftertrust loop so we realized that the snowshoes are not going to work on theboardwalk because there are a couple of stairs coming ups and yes other thinghere we're just gonna walk up the

boardwalks and once we get to the startof the loop then we'll have to put them back in I'm gonna show you where we putthem no Alex do you wanna turn that's one of the reasons I love these Ospreybags they have this clip here so we if we overextend

the elastic I'm surethey'll sell us some other elastic at some point – so we're doing here isMinerva truss this is what it looks like when it's not covered in snow and thisis what it looks like right now it was named after the Roman goddess ofart you know wow

this view is spectacular this year is probably a better evil oopsoh you never god this is slippery more steps actually the SD card on the GoProis full even though I deleted the folders this morning it seems like themetadata I was still there so I'm just switching to Alex's

Google phone andthis view in front of me is very unique this boardwalk going up is pretty trickywe don't have spikes to help with the ascent but you can see people kind ofjust relying on the edges as a handhold and then pretty much using the the edgesso the stairs

here except pretty flat so my technique is 1 foot here my hand onthis on this handhold and then just find a way up definitely the GoPro is very practicaland easier to handle this type of situations let's do this know that I think the steps downdownstairs with a little

bit trickier this one seems to be okay here's Alexgoing down a lot easier let's just put in his snowshoes on because apparentlythat points on no foot traffic is a low that we do have that's the sign for no foot traffic theyeven have fake grass before you start so

we start with the upper loop to us wegot you a point here and I kind of decided that I'm notreally up for it it's getting a little bit late and I still want to get to thenext stop and enjoy it and kind of unwind and I know if

we were to do thiswe are going to be a little bit short on time so and without we are skipping theupper Jarrah's loop so and I hope that you guys enjoyed today's episode ofwinter in Yellowstone and if you did consider subscribing to our channel forweekly vlogs about hiking

and backpacking your trekking pals Habibaand Alex and we'll see you soon on another adventure

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