(Music: We the #Legends) Sockie: So you legends loved us doing our day in alphabetical order.

Sabre: So we thought we would do eating every letter of the alphabet.



Challenge Naz: But with a twist (Dramatic sound) Sabre: Sockie! It's fine if you stuffed it up.

just keep going Sockie: So we are going to have to eat every single food in the alphabetical order thing Sabre: From A To Z Biggy: Apples To Zebras Naz: Sab, Australians call it 'Zed'.

How do you know it's 'Zee' Sabre: I have just been watc.



Sockie: You were watching elmo (Laughing) Mama: Ok So.

All: Oh (Laughing) Mama: Oops!.



But the last Norris Nut standing gets to open a mystery box Oohhh Biggy: Can I open it Mama: No.



There is gonna be one really really good one, one bad one and one mediocre Sockie: Do you know what mum pointed at when she said the bad one.



She pointed at that one.

Mama: It might have been a trick sockie Biggy: What about this one for the good one Mama: Whoop, you'll have to wait and see Mama: What letter are you most looking forward to? Naz: C for Cookie Biggy: F For Froot Loops Sabre: D for Donuts Sockie: I Mama: For? Sockie: Ice Cream Mama: I thought it would be N for nutella Sockie: Oh Yeah, let's do that again Mama: what letter are you most looking forward to? Sockie: N for Nutella Mama: Who do you think is your biggest competitor.

Naz: Someone that starts with n.




NAZ! Biggy: Oh my god Sockie: Probably Sabre, Because she likes food Good choice Biggy: I just think we all love food and nothing is gonna stop us Sabre: I feel like all Norris nuts like food, but I like food most Sabre: So no one is my competitor here Biggy: Your talk is cheap Sab Sabre: It's not cheap.

My talk is expensive.

(Laughing) Biggy: So I am right now up hopping into the vacuum cupboard Biggy: And I'm gonna scare Sockie or Sabre Biggy: Sab is coming to vacuum downstairs.

Biggy: It's gonna be hilarious, funny, easy scare Biggy: Oh wait no, Sockie's coming Biggy: This could be a hard scare.



(scares Sockie) Sockie: Go away Biggy: I scared you Sockie: No i didn't scream Biggy: I got you.

i got you! Sockie: I didn't Scream.

i didn't make a sound.

i didn't make a sound Sabre: See ya Sucker Biggy: Sab! Sabre: No i got the front seat.

I am the only one old enough to do it Biggy: Sab, you're too small to sit in the front seat Sockie: So if you didn't know legends it is pitch black outside and we are going to the shops to get all the food we need for the alphabetical food challenge we're doing.

(Sabre scares Biggy) Mama: Oh my gosh Sabre: Sorry Mama: the worst scarer in the world is sabre We found a really good looking guy in the elevator Mama: here are the letters of the food you have to get, and the next twist is if you don't every food for each letter you will be eliminated Biggy: What? Sabre: Nooo Mama: Yep Sabre: what who got the last sheet? (Sabre Laughs) Mama: You've got 15 minutes, GO! Naz: Ahhh i have got A B C D E F G Sabre: H to N Biggy: i have got O P Q R S T.

Sockie: i got U to Z, I am so annoyed Sabre: I can smell something really nice Biggy: i think it is my beautiful sense of humor.

(sabre laughs) [Music] Sockie: i honestly can't find anything in this shopping center that starts with the letter U Biggy: What is a food that starts with Q? Sabre: Oh no #Legends the doughnut shop is closed.

Biggy: Q Q Where are you? Naz: Chilli! and then everyone will be eliminated Biggy: I can't find Q Sockie: if i just say U like 100 times maybe a food will just pop up in my head Biggy: T for Twisties Sockie: Urella, No that's mozzarella Sabre: HA HA HA Sockie: Unana no, Not Unana Naz: Oh No, I am stuck in gaol Sabre: i can't reach Biggy: I just realized i got 2 foods that start with T, Tomatoes and Twisties Sockie: V stands for vegetable so hopefully it gets someone out.

Naz: Huuh i know.

Biggy: I really hope Naz gets D for digestives because i think after all these treats we are going to be eating today we're going to be constipated [Music] Naz: So my plan is to choose everything that's fully gnarly that the norris nuts won't like I don't know anything that starts with the letter K, like kangaroo, am i just supposed to buy a kangaroo.

Biggy: (Muffled Singing) Sabre: Biggy guess what i got for K (Awkward Silence) Biggy: Kangaroo Sabre: Yup Biggy: Biggy: Anyway i got to get back to my little rap.

Sabre: Ok, See ya bigs Biggy: Aoili, No, Oh Naz: I know what I am going to get for B.

Something Biggy Hates Biggy: Oh Brocoli Naz: How'd you know Biggy: Cause i hate it Sockie: Come on, W is not that hard to find.

Biggy: what do i get for R Sabre: i am kinda struggling Biggy: S for one of my favorite things in the world.

can you guess it Naz: That was the last broccoli.

That just looks sad.

Sockie: No you didn't Sockie.

did you actually just do this Sabre: I have never ever got a barni before.

and i remember in the speller challenge i accidentally spelt barni wrong.

Sockie: 3 letters left that start with XYZ but they are hard letters to find.

Naz: i bet you could think of a food that starts with E but i have really stuggled Sockie: i think i am going to be replacing the vegetable drink with some vanilla ice cream.

Sabre: M, M Sockie: But the downside to that is that vegetable juice is probably gonna get some people out.

But then vanilla ice cream tastes so good What should i do legends Naz: Everyone loves franfurts.

i know i am trying to get them out of the challenge but i like frankfurts Biggy: Naz, Naz, Get F for Froot Loops Naz: Nah i am getting Frankfurts Biggy: Nazz Naz: Too Bad Biggy: Froot Loops, Froot Loops.

I need the froot loops.

I need froot loops Biggy: ok good content naz Sockie: it is really sad cause i can't find anything starting with X.

Naz: I have never been more excited about a Frankfurt in my life.

Sabre: P is For Pop Tart.

Aww I don't have P.

Biggy: I got P Sockie: I finally found a food that starts with X but it is sold out Sabre: I was going to get L for lindt balls but no.

I just saw something better than Lindt balls.

Naz: Drizzles Mama: Naz you have only got 3 minutes to go Biggy: I was going to give away what F was for But, who am i to hide my most favorite things in the world Naz: i could get C for cat food No one gonna want to eat cat food except me Sabre: i just found something that starts with X for sockie.

Naz: She could do X for asparagus.

Mama: Sockie, You've got a minute to go, how are you going? Sockie: Oh wait, was their a timer Mama: Yeah Heh Oh no Naz: i found something that starts with the letter X, I am going to give it to sockie Sabre: No one in the family really likes nuts to i have a feeling it going to get them out.

Naz: Sockie i have got you a present Sockie: What? Naz: Don't show the legends Sockie: Hooooo, How'd you do that Naz? Naz: I found it.

Well Sab Found It.

But i wanted to show you.

Sabre: Time is up and i am just about to pay for everything i got.

I am so excited [Music] Sockie: What to do when no ones in the elevator? Biggy: The slender man can hear me so i can't dance [MUSIC] Sockie: We have decided to start the challenge now because we are all hungry.

Sabre: Norris Nuts are known for always being hungry Biggy: Naz was the first to start the alphabet so what is number a? Naz: Almond Nougat (kids Cheer) Sabre: Cheers Kids: MMMMMMMMM Sabre: I really hop B is as good as a Biggy: It's going to be much better than A Naz: No it's Not Biggy: My hatest vegetable Naz: B is for Biggy Baddest food in the world! Naz: B is for Brocolli Sabre: it is actually not that bad.


actually i take that back, it is bad Sabre: Uhhh it is down Sockie: Aww good on you biggy.

Biggy: That's the hardest thing i would have gone past Naz: you're not gonna survive C though.

Sabre: what could be bad for C, Cake cookies, carrot, caramel Naz: OPEN Biggy: C for? Naz: Cat Food Kids: Cat food? Biggy: you can't eat cat food Naz: Pranked Ya! Sabre: aww Okay Naz: i'll get what it is really is Sabre: Nothing can be as bad as cat food Biggy: We'll We think Naz: Open Biggy: Chilli Naz: C for Chilli Biggy: it's hot Sockie: Aww Aww Aww Mama: so all the norris nuts are still in the challenge.

These boxes could be anyone's.

Remember of these are Kids: Really Good! Sockie: and the other one is really bad Biggy: as good as the last one Mama: yes Sabre: All the norris nuts are still in the challenge Sockie: And we're going to go to bed and tomorrow is gonna be a fun day Biggy: That's what we hope [music] Biggy: who is ready to eat food in alphabetical order Biggy: Sabre are you ready Biggy: Sockie Biggy: Quick Sockie: Biggy has so much energy.

SO we are going to have a very busy day today Naz: I am going to give you the letter D now Sabre: Better not stand for dog food (kids laugh) Naz: Drizzles!!! Kids: mmmmmm Biggy: wait aren't we going exercising today Sockie: yeah Naz: are you excited to eat the letter E Sockie: i guess Naz: we're gonna get an egg mcmuffin Biggy Naz? Naz Yeah Biggy: I am going to get the biggest stitch Naz: you could just hop out of the challenge' Mama: so disco and I are back home and we are about to put one of the surprises in the mystery box And we are not gonna tell the norris nuts what it is, but we are going to tell you.

So It's Sabre's Dream of all the time to do this.

'you can upgrade you holiday flight to business class I wonder if anyone will pick the red mystery box so we will see Sabre: ahhhh we have our mc muffins Sockie: Yay Sockie: Aww i am full but i am going to have to do exercise either way Sabre: Biggy looks very stressed Sockie: Stressed Boy [music] Naz: Guys, time for a gym snack.

Here we go guys Sockie: That's so weird.

No one in this world has frankfurts while doing exercise.

Biggy: how do you know Sockie: Ok everyone back in.

Biggy: lets start excising again and get even bigger stitches [music] (Mom scares sockie) biggy: oh my goodness you guys Sockie: How long have you been waiting there for Mama: Discy wanted to do that Naz: G is for Garlic Sabre: It is spicy Biggy: it's so spicy Sabre: it is just as spicy as chilli Kids: Water Biggys: Smells Good, Might not taste good Naz: Biggy Spat it out Biggy: what Biggy: we all got water Naz: but we ate it Biggy: we all got water, then we are all eliminated Sockie: we all got water? what does that mean Sabre: but you spat it out Biggy: no but it the same thing with water Naz: No cause we ate it Biggy: No it is the same thing Biggy: It's ok i'll just be out Sabre: Bye Sockie: You spat it out Sockie: You can still eat food Sabre: but you can't get the mysterybox Sockie: you can still eat Naz: are you eliminated if you vomit? Sabre: the garlic is starting to get to me Sockie: oh my god.



the garlics so bad Sabre: that was like the worse one so far Sockie: so right now we have to change from our exercise clothes into dance clothes Beacause we are going dancing snd we also have the eat the letter H Sockie: Oh No! Quick Get Dressed [Music] Biggy: So since I'm out.

Sabre, Nazzy and Sockie get to try the letter I.

Sabre: H Biggy: sorry Sabre: Hemp Seeds Naz: Hemp Seed? Sockie: What's that? Sabre: I'm not sure, it just started with the letter H Sabre: Protein for power to the muscles, Ooh Biggy: I don't need that, i've already got mine (Sabre laughs) Biggy: Hows the taste? Sabre: It tastes like chia seeds and nuts Biggy: It tastes like what? Sockie: it actually tastes really good.

I am right now next to the Pepsi maxes and i am going to try to scare nazzy, cause you know we're in scare wars Biggy: Papa get away, you'll give me away (Biggy Scares Naz) You're so stupid when you get scared, you're like .

But, i got you really well (disco sneezes) Kids Laugh Sabre; We've actually got something really exciting that we're going to show you later today.

should i tell them Sockie: No don't tell them Sabre: Please, I don't like keeping secrets.

Sockie: yeah but just don't tell them.

it is a surprise Sockie: It is like when it is your birthday, your mom doesn't tell you what presents you've got, it is a surprise Biggy: After dancing we're gonna tell you so keep watching because its gonna happen really soon Sockie: We're at dancing! Sabre: I'm gonna organise the letter I Sabre: I is for ICE CREAM Sockie: It's Caramel Biggy: for me it is i for irritated.

Sabre: Aww, that is good ice cream.

Biggy: We're actually working on a dance for our Instagram and we're not the best dancers.

But we really hope we go well.

Biggy: this is our dance teacher miss izzy Biggy: she is very good and very funny, and she is a very good dancer [music] Biggy: we have just finished dancing and now it is time to show you the really exciting thing we have planned.

and i had a really bad stitch while dancing.

Sockie: Spoiler Alert, biggy was absolutely wrong.


Biggy: I'm sorry' Sockie: So we're not doing our great amazing news now, but we are at.

Sabre: Dads Business! Biggy: and we're gonna do something really exciting Sabre: well not as exciting as our amazing thing but still exciting.

Naz: we're gonna give you a tour of this unit we used to live in.

Sockie: But we completely renovated it with walls painted white and the tiles are new Sockie: Show them what it used to look like Sockie: Basically a room full of mattresses Sockie: The first one, the pink one, is Sabre's Sockie: Next one is nazzy's Sockie: The other white won is biggy's Sockie: And the last one.

the pink pillow Sockie: Legends this is where we used to sleep Sockie: There used to be a mattress here, a mattress here.



A mattress here and a mattress here Biggy: and we used to kick people in the face at night because it was just so squished Sockie: I just like the carpet.

it is just soft or something Sabre: The next room is defiantly my favorite room in the house Biggy: The Toilet? Sabre: Nooo Kids Laugh Kids: New Tiles!! Biggy: Oh my goodnes Biggy: and cupboards Biggy: we even got out all the off date food out of there.

[Music] Sockie: look at this oven Naz: Look over there Sabre: no wait nazzy.

Sabre: can we eat the letter J first Sabre: Jersey Caramels (mmmmm) Biggy: Guys Sockie: Now's it time for the living room.

Nazzy: It is even good enough to do a kart wheel Sabre: So Big Sabre: Aww Wow Biggy: Our bathroom has never been this clean in our lives! Biggy: It normally has fur hairballs everywhere Sockie: Look at the shower Naz: I am singing in the shower Sabre: That's a rainfall shower i love those ones Biggy: Aww me too [music] Naz: Sockie used to be so little Naz: i am so glad they didn't get rid of the hand prints Sockie: Aww i know Naz: They are just so special Sockie: a dirt wall there and then a clean wall there It is a little miss matchy but who cares Mama: Disco has got a friend.

what's his name? Sabre: this may sound weird but we are eating kangaroo Sabre: It is very normal for Australians to eat their national animal Biggy: it just means so much when you subscribe.

because we know you actually wanted to subscribe Sockie: We just wanted to say thankyou Sabre: how much more Australian can you get.

we're having kangaroo on a BBQ Biggy: So there is this really painful edit i am doing right know and it is stressing me out heaps Biggy: i have got this much longer to go Sockie: you can do it biggy Biggy: I know i am just so stressed Sabre: Here's the king of the barbie Sockie: you know legends we're having a really important meeting with like a big brand in amaerica.

you probably know who they are Sabre: i am going to start on the letter L, Latte Sockie: so we are going to have the meeting on skype so they see we're so nice Sockie: Biggs, you can't wear a suit Biggy: Yeah i can wear a suit Biggy: it is important, they're a big company Sockie: You just wear something causal and calm Biggy: Sockie you're probably going to be wearing a dressing gown Sabre: Papa, do you know how to cook them on the barbie Papa: I don't know if i have ever done that before Sabre: Uhh, just give it your best shot Sockie: that looks like a weeding dress Naz: what do you think bigs Biggy: I think it looks really good Sockie: i don't mean it in a bad way, i just think thats too much for you naz Sockie: Like you don't wanna see a little girl wearing a weeding dress Sabre: So we have kangaroo, a latte which is like coffee, marshmallows and nuts.

Naz: Ooo Yum Sockie: Naz: i kinda wanna turn into a vegan when i am older Sockie: why don't you turn into a vegan now Naz: but it does taste good [music] Biggy: and now it is time for the exciting thing.

the thing i said we were gonna do after dancing The thing i said we were gonna do after dancing but we mucked it up But now we are finally gonna do it.

right now.

Sockie: No we are getting dressed Sabre: Then doing it Biggy: wait so i just messed up again [music] Mama: aww he got woken up.

disco we got to go look at something really special Sockie: we haven't seen it yet so we are a bit nervous but we are also exicited Biggy: O is for olives Biggy: O is for olives guys.


Eat up Biggy: the exciting news and Naz: you are probaly thinking it is a ginea but no Sabre: we're thinking about buying a new house Biggy: we're taking you with us to see if you like the house or you don't Sabre: Because we need some help Sockie: you can comment on the community page on what you think about the house Sabre: that will be a great help Mama: i think it would be good if we had a backyard cause then disco and the baby could run Sockie: are there more kids coming? Nazzy: and if we have a big backyard there is more of a chance i can get a guinea pig Mama: Hooo, Papa Sabre: that was one beautiful house Sockie: that was really cool Naz: i really really liked the pink room Sockie: I liked that everything in that house was legit, it wasn't like fake concrete Sockie: It was like actual like the real type of concrete Biggy: all the norris nuts should me so much more appreciative of me.

Biggy: i'm not giving them healthy veggies i am giving them P for Pop Tarts Biggy: Q for Quadratini Chocolates Biggy: yummy i am going to put that on Biggy: R for red drink Biggy: and most for me! [music Biggy: Norris come down, it is time for your little gourmet snack We have got some pop tarts with Quadratini chocolates and water Sockie: hooo wow Sabre: this looks absolutely amazing Biggy: so you guys are gonna do a little fun challenge.

you are going to hand feed me your food Kids: No we're not Biggy: whoever gives me the most they win the challenge Kids: No [music] Biggy: Drink it up sock.

sockie hates fizzy stuff Sabre: you can get out sockie (sabre laughs) Biggy: it has been 15 minutes later and sockie is still going drop by drop Sabre: Should she be desqualified Biggy: if you don't drink all the red drink in 3 minutes you are eliminated Sockie: aww no go away Sockie: i can't eat fizzy drink, i just can't Sockie: Hey Guys Sabre: Yeah Sockie: i am out Sabre: Noo Biggy: SAD SQUAD Biggy: you can join my sad squad Sabre: it is just nazzy and me left Sockie: now i have no chance at winning that mystery box over there.

Biggy: S for Skittles (mmmm) Biggy: ok eat up children Biggy: Here nazzy.


Eat the rainbow kids Biggy: it is very healthy and good for you.


you need to get your nutrients you know Sockie: who is nervous for the Skype call coming up Biggy: well I am, but not as nervous for nazzy with these, tomatoes Sabre: Nooo Naz: T for tomatoes Sockie: I love tomatoes Naz: how are you meant to eat it.

Biggy: Bite into it like an apple Biggy: It can't be a small one Biggy: That was too small Sockie: you only at the skin, not those juicy seeds naz Naz: i can't i can't bite into it Naz: I can't do it Sabre: Does that mean i won Sockie: She spat it out Sabre: i won? Biggy: lets go home and open these mystery boxes baby Sockie: so this is what i brought Sockie: and these guys aren't going to eat cause non of them lasted Mama: Ok Sab, which mystery box Mama: and before you open it.

in one of the mystery boxes is your dream Sabre: A years supply of dounuts? Sockie: Go sab, which one Sabre: i feel like the middle one Biggy: i think the red one Biggy: it is just different Sockie: the middle one Sockie: if it is different it might be bad Naz: one of the green one mom pointed to Sabre: 50! dollars ! Mama: Aww that's pretty good Biggy: whats in this one Mama: i dunno, have a look biggs Biggy: here we go Sabre: probably the bad one Biggy: Oh no, it's a note.



that no one is gonna be getting Biggy: you can upgrade your holiday flight to business class [awkard silence Biggy: Catch Me Knuckles.

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