KRAL ŞAKİR: Elektronik Sporlar – 41. Bölüm (Çizgi Film)

They are at our base! Come to help! I’m eating a toast, I can’t now.

Gnam! It’s not time for toast Necati!We are losing! What are you doing uncle Tanju? Is someone barbecuing here, everywhere is smoke.

Don’t throw smoke grenades.

Hahahahahah! So close!You will be defeated! Good thing the bet is paying foreveryone’s time in the cafe.

Nihahaha! Hiaaa.



We are all gone.

Only uncle Necati left.

Haaa! What do I do?They are all coming at me! Make a plan son! Make a plan! I cannot make a plane now!What plane?! Necati! Only that girl lefton the other team! Hihihih.



You are done! Come on uncle Necati, this is the best thing you do in life! You must win this match! Yees! This is the best thingI do in life! I can do it.

I can do it.

Hiaaa! Huu? Will he win it? I guess he is winning!I cannot believe it! I think we are going to win.

YEAAH! THAT’S IT! WE WON! HUAAA! Hiiaaa! I lost! Oh.






Hinh! Hinh! How I beat you!How I beat you! How I beat you! Daaaaaaad! How I beat—sorry! See you.

Necati is the man! Oleeey! Oleeey! Oleeeeey! Necati! Oleeey! Necati is the best! Whoa! Igh! Mommy!My phone is ringing! Helloo! Helloo! Yes! Listening!What?! Seriously? Hiaaa! OK! BYE!Get me down now! Necati is the best! Oleeey! BUHUHUHU! GET ME DOWN! BUHUHUHU!I can touch the ceiling! Get him down!What’s up? Who called? Guess who! My mom and dad!They are coming to visit me! Well that’s great! DONTBERIDICULOUSDOYOUHAVEANYIDEA! Why are you screaming man? My parents think I have a great joband I’m a manager.

But I’m a guy who playsvideo games all day.

Don’t worry Necati.

We can help you.

How? We will make you look like someonewho is rich and important.

Really? GREAT! YAY!We will do something useless again! Why did you wear tuxedouncle Necati? Since you wore suit as my assistant, I thought I should wear something fancier.

You are being ridiculous now.

Wait, here they are! My son Necati! My little angel! Little? Welcome dad.

Son, why didn’t you take uswith your private jet? Private jet! Well.



Sir your private jet is being repaired.

Yes yes! It has a flat tire, it’s wiper is broken and radio burned.

Burned? Don’t worry about the plane son, let’s go home.

Let’s go mom.

How can a radio burns Neriman? Welcome sir.

Here you go.

Who is the yellow mustache Necati? He is my driver Dad.

Well done yellow mustache hehehe! Yellow mustache ha? What kind of car is this Necati? You are a boss, don’t you have a limo? Limo? Disco ball is broken! Yes! Disco ball is broken! Why would you have a disco ball in a limo? AAAAAAY! What’s wrong mom? I need to refresh my make-up.

Don’t sorry mom, we’ll take you home right away.

Yellow mustache! Driver! Sir? Take us home now! Honk too! As you wish sir! Everyone hold tight! What kind of house is this Necati?It not boss-like at all.




This is Mr.

Necati’s resting house.

My real house is a castle actually.

I’m so hungry, I should goand prepare something in the kitchen.

No! You rest!There’s a cook for that.

There’s a cook?Who’s that Şakir? Taaa taaaa!Cook is ready for our orders! Tanju doesn’t know how to cook.

I’ll prepare a special for you madam.

Oh what is it? Fried pillow.

Fried pillow? HU?! WHAT’S THAT?!MESSAGE! A MESSAGE! Why is he yelling son? Yellow mustache sometimes does that, don’t worry.

Come here now! What’s up yellow mustache? Why are you acting crazy? Look at that!Can you belive that? OHHHH!This is a phone! No, read the message! You have won the right to enter “Paint Power” tournament with your team.

Woooww! We’ve been accepted to the tournament! That’s unbelievable! Oh man! I cannot enter this tournamentwhen my parents are around.

You can secretly join.

You can act like going to work and then meet us.

Ok, I’ll try that.

Necatiiii! Where’s my foooood?! HIAAA! What are you doing here.

Well we.



Radio was burned! What? I’m having a meetingwith my employees.

Don’t do it again!No more dancing on the job! Hey hey yooo! I said stop! Son, since you are doing business, I arranged a meeting with my friend for you.

He is a owner of a very big company.

He said he wanted to do business with you.

He is waiting for you tomorrowat seven.

Eehhmm ok dad.

Let’s eat now.

Go inside! Whoa! Ok dad.

Necati is in big trouble.

Sniff sniff what’s this smell? Ohhhh! There was a pillow in the owen! Wow! What a great place! Look at those! There are sponsors.

Maybe after the tournamentthey will sponsor for someone.

Then money, fame comes.




I’m looking at tournament program, our first match is against a team named “Old Wolves”.

Let me see!Oh, my name is here too! I'm famous now! ehehe Old wolves? Hehehe are they grandpas? Whoa! You can’t even walk straight, who knows what you are going to do in the game? Hehehe! High five! Hehehe! Exactly bro! Dear Paint Power fans!Welcome to the grand tournament! First rounds are about to start!Are you ready?! YEEEEEES! Then let the game begin! YIHUUUU! OLEEEY! I’m waiting for you children! HIDIDIDIDIDIDIDI! What are you doing Necati? I I I I bebebe become llllllllike this wwwwhhhen I am nnnnn nervous! Calm down people.

We can do this.

We are “The Greatest”!Hands! Oooooooooooo! The Greatest! And the semi-final winner isThe Greatest! Oleeey! Yehuuu! Final match is at 8! Be ready for the match of the century! Oh my!I need to go to the meeting! Easy Necati, final match is at 8! You can make it.

Don't start without me! Huuaaa! We is wearing a suit! Hiti hiti hiti hiti hiti! Are you alright s-? Don’t ask me question I’m so nervous!When will I go in? Sir, he is in a meeting, he will see- Ok got it!I’ll keep on shaking! Hititititit! HITITITI HITITI! .




Naci’s son now.

Eehhhmm he didn’t wait and left.

oh, really?? Where’s Necati, the match is about to begin! HIAAA, I’M HERE! Ok then let’s go it! Come on! Heey! Stop right there! Hgggghh! Dad! What are you doing here?! What are you doing here?! I called my friend, you didn’t meet him.

And you left this behind!Otherwise I couldn’t find out what you were up to! Ehhhmmm, I’m not up to anything dad.

As I researchedyou have no jobs at all! Not limo, you don’t even have a skateboard.

How could you lie to us son?! ENOUGH! Huh? I lied to you because you didn’t appreciateno matter what I’ve done! You’ve always wanted meto be a businessman like you but you never cared about what I want.

You don’t want me to happy, you want yourself to be happy! I LOVE PLAYING GAMES! I wish you could’ve understood that! Bu-bu-but.



Come on guys!We have a match to win! Goosebumps! See? The Greatest are goingfor the trophy! Long waited final match is about to begin!The Greatest against Crazy Babies! Are you ready guys?! Ohhhhhhh! THE GREATEST! What’s that?! Crazy babies are in front!In the Greatest team only Necati left! NECATI! NECATI! NECATI! NECATI! We are all gone!Necati it’s all up to you now! Remember Necati! This is the best thing you do in life!You can do this! I can do this! Huaaaa! Ohh come on! HUAAA! I’m gone too! There’s only one person left! Paint him! Paint him! Hiaaaa! THAT’S IT! WE WON! YEAAAAAYY!Well done Necati! OLEEEY! BRAVOOO! YIHUUU! And the winner of the tournament isThe Greatest! MVP of the tournament is Necati! Necati! Necati! Necati! Necati! Ehem.




Necati we have been watching you since the beginning of the tournament.

We admire your passion and skill.

We would like to be your sponsor.

Let’s talk about this.

HITITITITI!Now I’m shaking because of joy! Eeeee.












Congratulate you.



It looks like you’ve done a great job.

I’m sorry for everything I made you feel.

I-I am—proud of you.

Hehe it’s ok dad!I’m very glad you understood me! Oleey! Yehuuu! Lay lay lay laaay! Hmm.



Let me look at that trophy son, is it real gold or worthless copper? Dad! Hehehe I’m just kidding! Heeee! Ihihihihi!.

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