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June 21 Pilates Workout

[Music] [Music] hello later this is Mila 4zc with principal Pilates and thank you for joining me and our little own 30-minute Pilates workout so let's go ahead and get started I'm just gonna turn to the side of my neck because I would like us to start with a

roll down so my feet are about hips width apart I'm gonna soften my knees trying to just push your kneecaps back like that pull your abs in let your arms dangle bring the arms up nod your chin bend your knees in your ribcage and just round down as

you're stretching the spine all the way to the floor and while I'm down here I'm just gonna hold opposite elbows here and I'm just going to do a little little sway with the shoulders which is also going to move my hips and just kind of get everything all

loose and ready to go and then I'll go ahead and let my arms dangle I'm gonna push into the heels of my feet type in my belly and use my glutes and hamstrings to roll myself back up stacking the shoulders over the hips and then again I'm gonna

bring my arms up and exhale soften my knees and not my chin round down and really you can see how I'm rounding through my mid-back and then running through my low back and then I'm gonna come all the way down keep any of the knees and come into

an all-fours position so I would like you to try to focus on keeping your low back from either rounding or tucking or tilting or worse arching so just have a nice straight back roll your shoulders back look out through the tops of the eyeballs and relax the shoulders

from the ears pull the ABS in on your inhale breath go ahead and tilt your pelvis and open up your collar bones feel that spinal extension of her and then as you exhale from your tailbone curl under pull your belly in round up your back and let your

arm dangle now from here I'm just going to shift my weight onto the hands I'm gonna curl my toes I'm go with my knees off and it's firing my abdominals and that's how what we want to do right wake everything all up and I'm gonna go ahead and

set the knees down sit back into our respo let's shake up my hands a little bit and then we're gonna lie down on my back with my knees bent they are again hips width apart arms are by my side now usually when we start laying down on our

back we tilt our pelvis right so I want you to think of lengthening your pelvis away from you that might cause your ribcage to arch so in order to accommodate that imagine folding these ribs in so that you are a mid back on your mat or your floor

connect and if you level your pelvis and close your ribs your whole abdominal wall is fired up and ready to go and if you were to flip me over on my hands and knees again that would be the plank position that we're going to be doing a little

bit later on so from here let's start with some feet lifts to where we're just waking up the hip flexors now I am NOT tilting my pelvis so I'm only able to move within a certain range of motion and most of us are the same way so our

pelvis is level it's not tilting as I picked up my knees and I just call this you know warming up the hip flexors because they tend to get grabby especially as we do things like Pitney roll-ups or even teasers one more each like and then I'm going to

keep my legs at table top position so I'm going to take my right leg up followed by my left leg bring the legs in together and tabletop is ideally knee over hip and if you can look at my ankle bones they're an extension of my knees now I'm

working really hard not to tilt my pelvis backwards notice how I just did that and my bottom just kind of went backwards so lengthen your tailbone down pulling your abs in open up your collarbones and then I'm going to just reach my right big toe down towards the

mat and then pick it back up same thing with the left and so here my low belly is working really hard not to tilt and not to arch my front abs are helping me stabilize that ribcage I'm just gonna do one more to each side and that's a

nice low belly workout and then I'm going to plus place my feet down bring the legs in together notice where my feet are they're away from my bottom this is roughly called the hook line position and it keeps the pelvis level so from here I'm going to do

a chin tuck with a shoulder lift using only my abdominals right from here belly stays tied on the pelvis so I'm going to tuck my chin I'm gonna use my front abs to lift the shoulders let my fingertips slide now typically when we do this sometimes we tend

to tilt the pelvis towards your face so draw your pubic bone away from your nose and then roll it back down and look up towards the ceiling open your collarbones press your knees in together if you like nod your chin let your shoulders lift my fingertips just slide

a little bit I'm really pressing my sacrum down and then I'm coming back down one more time and we're gonna call it up so knock your chin lift your shoulders from your abs and hold and I'm pressing my tail bone now I'm going to flip my arms up

and on in my hundreds position so inhale two three four five and exhale two three four five anytime you need a break during this exercise just put your heavy shoulders down pull your stomach in as much as you can and try to find the lift right here from

the rib cage to pick up the shoulders now if you can't grasp progress along with me taking one leg up at a time I'm gonna find that tabletop position that I was in earlier so squeezing my knees together to make my connections lifting up my shoulders from my

abs and I maybe you can lengthen those legs out what I like to do a little turn out connect my heels reach on my toes long let's just do two more breaths last ten nine eight seven six five four three two and one bend your knees don't let

your head and feet down and then I'm gonna turn it over my left shoulder roll through the back of my head and turn to look over my right shoulder and then look back to Center so now I'm gonna slide those feet away from me I'm gonna get my

tab on down and we're actually going to roll all the way up so extend your arms to the ceiling and notice how my hands are a little bit in front of my shoulders I can actually see them with my eyes and that just kind of helps me connect

my arms back down into the floor from here I'm just gonna extend overhead pulling my ribs closed and then we're gonna draw the arms forward not the chin push down into my sacrum as I lift my shoulders and roll all the way up if you need to grab

the back of your thighs to come up come up now try not to sit all the way up like this sit behind your sit bones this is your teaser position extend your arms in front of you then tilt your pelvis and roll back squeeze your knees together for

support to come all the way down head goes down arms go overhead now I'm not popping my chest up right bring the arms forward on the chin lift the shoulders push it down into your sacrum to roll up and then tilt to roll back down let's just do

one more inhale exhale now the chin lift the shoulders and come all the way up good and then this time as we go back down boom by going by bone just rest your arms and hands down by your side okay part of the leg circle I'm gonna stretch

out my left leg and flex my foot pull my toes backwards hold the right knee to your chest and if you want you can hold the shin and just kind of give it a little hug and then lengthen that right leg up towards the ceiling now try to

move your leg a little bit away from you so you feel the pelvis down onto the mat and then a little turnout is always helpful to sort of activate this adductor over here open up the collar bones I'm gonna cross down around and up with a pause we're

around you reach nap you can make your circle as big or as small as you like but remember you're not moving okay so try not to roll around with your pelvis the only thing that's moving is the leg one more in this direction hold it here and reverse

open reach across and lift and we want to try to keep that a circle a true circle not going up too wide here's two more in this direction and then I'm going to hold it at the top end a knee slide that right leg up as like then

my left knee flex your right foot hug your left knee and you just hold the shin chon the kneecap and then extend the off leg nice and long good again try to keep my leg notice how I'm not pulling it up like this it's away from me so

that might help this stays level a little external rotation to activate the abductor and I'm gonna go cross down around and over around and reach now I am putting a little bit of energy into my toes so I've got that plantar flexion going I call it the Valerie

innit oh I'm trying to keep nice and still and a little bit more stable with my right leg down let's do one more in this direction pause at the top and then reverse open reach across and lift with that little pause before you change bones pull your abs

in tight two more in this direction and then on this last one we'll hold it there bend the knee and put the foot down let's light both feet in and we're coming in to that hook line position again I'm not going to do any rolling of the spine

just in case you aren't able to do that I don't want you to feel like you're left out of an exercise so normally we would roll the spine a little bit before the ABS series we're gonna go right into the AB series this variation it's one of my

favorite variations because it involves no props I'm just gonna lightly place my fingertips behind my head I'm not stacking and I'm not interlacing yes you can progress to snap your hands and really lengthen the neck but for now just try to keep your elbows wide open hips so

from here I'm gonna nod my chin and feel my shoulders lift then I'm gonna drop my tailbone back down notice how that little movement so this is a pelvic tilt and then lengthen that town right pick up the right knee pick up the left leg alright from here

single leg stretch whiny pulls in the other leg reaches out long now keep pulling looks like that other knee in and then switch with that same pause and switch and switch so I'm really reaching through my toes and I'm using my belly as much as I can to

pull this opposite knee in eyes are on my belly just to remind myself to keep my sacrum down let's just do one more to each which one then the other and then he's come in the feet rest and release ahead and if you need to you know shake

up those arms that's fine especially if you have any tightness in the shoulder joints or AC joints here okay so hands come behind the head again nod the chin lift the shoulders press that sacrum down pulling your stomach in this time we're going to pick up both legs

in the tabletop and I'm going to do a little double leg stretch variation so I'm gonna connect my heels and open my knees and what I like to call the Frog position notice how my knees are over my hips my tailbone is down my abs are tight squeeze

the insides of the heels together lengthen out and bring it back in double leg stretch reach and pull focus on the level pelvis notice how my feet drop as I go out and then lengthen back up and I'm using my upper abs to lift my shoulders two more

reach it and return here's that last one Lincoln and bring it in let your knees come together the feet down the head rest and shake out those arms okay let's do that classical version of the straight leg stretch also known as scissors that's time we want to start

with my knees up tailbone down I'm going to nod my chin lift my shoulders extend my right leg now you can hold the back of the thigh and sometimes well you lift up a little bit more maybe you can reach the calf maybe you can put your fingertips

on your ankle area but you got to keep that tailbone down so my opposite leg extends that I'm really pressing my tailbone down looking at my stomach I'm going to do a little tuck tuck as I switch I've got to catch my leg tuck tuck switching catch now

the most important leg is not the one that you're doing your single leg stretch with it is the one that is extended I see a lot of this sometimes in my class and basically your hip flexor has to pick up that leg but if I just hover it

in the 45 my stomach works to do that one more to each leg a nice little hamstring stretch while you're here and then bend the knees and let everything rest now since that was unsupported did you know with the hands if that's too much for you you could

do the exact same thing with your hands behind your head curling up and scissoring those legs say any difference all right double leg lower lift we're gonna do a variation called in the industry of the dolphin so again I'm gonna place my hands behind the head not the

chin let my shoulders let press my steak from down pick up the knees and I'm gonna starting in that tabletop position now notice where my thighs are right over my hips all I'm going to do is extend my knees and I like my little Pilates V feet then

I'm going to lower it just a little without arching and then I'm going to return to tabletop so it's up lengthened and tabletop one more up lengthen and tabletop reverse fat reach it out lift no flinging and it bent and then reach out and lift and Bend one

more time Oh lift and Bend the knees put the feet down rest the head we're gonna do a modification with the criss cross which is the last of the five abdominal exercises so I'm gonna start with my right leg and tabletop my left hand is behind my head

my right arm is down by my side notice my left knee it's just kind of bad I'm switching it out of the way a little bit so that can level my pelvis and really pull my abs in and I'm simply gonna nod my chin and lift my shoulders

and instead of pulling my elbow to the knee I'm gonna think about this left ribcage right here lifting to go over my thigh and return lift and return if you need to rest your head after each rep that's fine so Rachel believe are we working technically it's the

opposite so you would think left but today I'm really feeling it in my right oblique one more to each side and then or in each structure and then release good now let's just switch it pick so here's my left leg you taped up I'm leaving my right leg

down but I'm moving it away so my pelvis is nice and level left arm down by my side right arm little just a little fingertips behind the head I find that if I put my palm behind my head I push my head forward so I don't want you

to do that right I want you to reason your head into your fingertips nod your chin feel the shoulders lift and then same thing I'm going to take this right ribcage and I'm just going to lift it towards the left lift oblique work is small and precise tailbone

is down remember just a little turn and now I'm starting to feel this more on this left side four three and two and one and then release now if you mastered that over time you can take the feet up and do your you know the bicycle that we

do in the gym or in other fitness classes but 90% of the time everyone rolls their pelvis up and flexes their spine and pulls with their elbow so master that then your police gets strong and then you can show them how it's really done in your next fitness

class okay so from here we're going to rock all the way up and sit up nice and tall into my spine stretch forward my feet are going to be about hips width apart so I've got a nice big mat if you have a thick mat like I do

a little trick is to roll a nap on and do a little hip elevation so my sits bones are right there on the edge and notice how it kind of made me tilt that's fine if you have tightness in the low back or the hamstrings you can lift

those knees up a little bit but I'm able to kind of press a little bit not through extension but I'm reaching through my heels to pull my legs long stack your shoulders over your hips extend your arms and all your chin I'm gonna do a ribcage Bend right

here and your ribcage I'm gonna reach the arms out of their sockets but notice how I'm not doing a yoga forward fold and I feel the stretch from the bottom of my ribs to the top of my pelvis and then I'm just gonna bring it back up just

like that you nod your chin band your ribs and lengthen I know there's 300 variations of this but I find this most effective just keep the movement small and then we'll do that one more time not at you reach all my shoulders down pull my ribcage back through

my show I felt my shoulders go up reach it reach and they come all the way good now let my hands down so I can undo my rolled-up nap we're gonna do an open leg rocker prep so as I said before we're not gonna rock on the spine

but we are gonna do a little bit of a balance movement here so right hand into my right ankle I'm gonna pick that foot up and I'm just gonna give a little stretch okay notice I'm not pulling it all the way up to my face but I'm trying

to lengthen out it and I'm nice and supported on my bottom then we're gonna put that one down I'm gonna do the same thing to the left and then we're gonna put that down and then I'm gonna pull my tiptoes in grab both ankles I'm gonna tilt my

pelvis a little bit pull my abs in find my balance and they carefully extend now I have been practicing this for a long time so I can hold my ankles maybe you're here with your calves or maybe you're here with your thighs and your knees are bent I'm

okay with that and you should be too so pull your abs in feel your tummy scoop and hold your balance you should be right there between gluten glute right and then go ahead and release your legs and put your feet down let's turn over onto our stomachs for

a little bit of spinal extension so I like spinal extending this way normally in the repertoire we focus on more of that little baby Cobra that we do also a yoga I'm gonna stretch my arms up I'm resting my chin my feet are about hips width apart because

that's just comfortable for me you might be able to bring your legs together and connect your heels that's a little pinchy for my SI joints so I'm just gonna separate the feet but I'm still lengthening through my big toes I'm gonna lift my face up and I'm gonna

lift my arms at the same distance press your fingers and thumbs together take the breath in sweep the hands notice how I'm not looking up I'm looking down on my eyeballs and I'm lifting my chest with my abdominals and then I'm gonna come back down it's not a

big list right draw the arms lift the chest but I'm rolling my shoulders back I feel my shoulders blades come together as my arms squeeze in towards my ribcage and then I'm coming back down one more time lift your chest with your abs sweep your hands towards your

hips lengthen through and then as I come back down but it restitch it place your hands by your chest press yourself up into all fours and give yourself a little flexion a little Child's Pose on the shell toes always try to do flexion after you do any kind

of extension okay now I'm gonna come back down to the mat for bridging so my feet are again hips width apart I pulled my feet in as best as I can underneath my knees before we move I'll let just shake my shoulders out a little bit press my

hands down and then I'm using the back of my arms and the back of my shoulder blades as support so open up your collarbones pull your front ribs close pull your low belly closed now tighten up your glutes without doing anything feel a little press into the heel

of the foot and the big toes right without grabbing activate your seat and then just simply lift your hips and I'm staying on my shoulder blade okay so you probably can't see here we go I'll pick it up a shirt a little bit you can see my bottoms

up but look my shoulder blades down and I'm feeling it in my glutes and in my hamstrings and then I'm gonna lengthen all the way back down the number one thing I see is everybody wants to just arch their spine up right and then your knees go flailing

out to the side so try not to do that try to keep pressing down into your feet down into your shoulder blades squeeze your glutes and lift and then really get use your booty and into your hamstrings and what I like to call that both eye area where

you're about to meet your thigh I'm on my shoulder blades notice how my Chin's away from my chest and from here I have so much stability don't you just pick up my right leg and then maybe reach it up and then maybe you lower it in line with

my left and lift pressing nice and even into the shoulder blades and even into my left foot one more time lower lifted hold bend your knee put that foot down and then come back down okay I always like to pause before we go to the other side because

nine times out of 10 the tendency is to bring that leg back into Center and cheat on your balance okay so here we go open the Cobblers press into the arms tighten your stomach tighten your glutes push into your feet squeeze it up and I'm not arching my

spine and really tracking my shoulder blades down for stability pressing into my arms for stability and now I can bring that left leg up without even rocking reach it long oh I'm gonna boost through my up a little bit more halfway lower without dropping on it and lift

halfway lower and lift one more time halfway lower lift and hold bend let me put that foot down and let your spine come down good job hug your knees into your chest and I'm just there roll over onto my sides to face you lots of side cute variations

I've been practicing this one lately and it's kind of my favorite because it helps you get a little bit more into your side transversus which is portion of your abdomen assist 'm more than any other exercise without equipment at least in my opinion so my legs are gonna

go long I hope you don't kick my box their staff your feet and then I'm gonna just stretch that arm then I'm lying down on use it as a pillow now I'm scooch it around so my hips are stack up a shoulders are stacked as well my opposite

arms in front of my chest and it's gonna prevent me from doing this right okay so roll the shoulders back you have you know lots of variations here I'm flexing through my feet I'm just gonna flip my top leg up and bring it back down now it may

look I'm just going up and down but what I'm really trying to do is before I lift I microscopically pulling it backwards so I can stay back here that's where I'm trying to target three and two and hold notice how it's not too high I'm really lengthening now

on my bottom leg flex flex five six legs and I'm gonna pull my bottom leg up to meet it and lower look I barely touched okay I'm getting more of my inner thighs together inner thighs together uh-huh three and two and one and then take a pause okay

now I'm gonna start to put it together so I'm gonna lift the top lift the bottom lower the bottom lower the top same thing pull it microscopically back and up Marcus topically back and up down and down up down down now as I'm doing this I'm really starting

to feel my site waste work relax through the shoulders let's do one more up up down and pause now as we lift both legs focus on this area here so you can either point your feet or flag so I'm going to keep my feet flexed and then lift

from my side waist and return so I feel it right here lift and return obviously I'm pressing into the ground for support but I'm lengthening my legs out my knees aren't bending and they're only lifting to my side waist capability right here three and two and one and

rest and hopefully you felt that through your side waist okay so let's come to the other side again I'm gonna stop my legs I'm gonna flex through my feet I'm sitting literally on top of my hip so everything's nice and stacked and then I'm gonna slide my arm

out and use my bicep as a little pillow again opposite arm in front everything's stacked length isn't structured through abs are tight moody is a little bit out so that I'm not tucking under that's another big thing to avoid is the top of your pelvis under hey flip

the top leg up and down again I'm microscopically pulling it back just starting to wake up this part portion of my glutes it's the glute need how about three and two and hold yeah not too high bottom leg reach it away from you before you lift it and

down now I've got my strong right leg that's lifting towards my left one so yeah I am kind of touching the heels whereas I really mmm kind of struggled with that on the other side but you know it's okay one sides always more strong than the other right

here's two and one and pause hey now we're gonna combine the two abs tight tailbone lengthens out no tuck under top leg lifts bottom leg meets it bottom leg lowers top leg lowers try not to roll backwards I just totally rolled backwards up up down left in down

that's it nice easy shoulders especially the one that's acting as my little brace two more sets last set and pause whoo I'm really feeling into that outer hip now I'm gonna try to use my side waist to lift both legs up pull your legs away from your head

use your side waist to lift and return lift and return reach out and up make side waist last four and three I'm not trying to pull my toes forward I'm just trying to lift it last one and rest good alright let's come to the seated position and we're

going to work on a little bit of cheese or crepes so these are bent pressed together notice where my feet are they're away from my bottom I've got long legs so the more I push them out the more I can stay centered just behind my sits bones I

got my belly swooped in and we did this before right remember where you're rolling up so we're gonna do the reverse take your arms out in front of you tilt your pelvis to roll back let your head come down let your arms gently extend overhead bring the arms

forward not the chin and roll up now from here I'm just gonna float my right leg up glue your knees together okay roll back and roll up one more roll back tilt Press that stick from down so that your pelvis doesn't rough now let's stay here do a

little rotation so rotate oh where your right leg rotate away from the right leg let's go over turn your ribcage your shoulders and your head come back to Center like oh that right leg extend that left leg up squeeze them together and tilt and roll back lengthen that

tailbone down reach overhead draw the arms forward not the chin lift the shoulders push down and to your sacrum to come up do that one more time remember you've got these vents so if you need to burn the back of your thigh to help you up that's okay

we're just practicing here right and then I'm gonna turn Oh left leg when I'm rotating through my waist as best as I can one more shoulders away from my head that a-hole where's the hard part both legs up whoa jeez are ohh don't roll backwards I'm gonna roll

backwards bend your knees and come all the way down like your knees into your chest awesome okay so let's come into an all-fours position just like we did in the beginning make sure your shoulders over your wrists your knees are right underneath this go ahead and do another

cat-cow sequence so arch that open up the collarbones try not to fling your head up pull your shoulders away from your head and look straight out of your eyeballs and then from your pelvis curl under round through the spine let your head dangle and then find a nice

flat low back right here close your front ribcage pull your low belly in extend your like that here's your play so remember we don't want to be up here nor do we want to be here okay so find that happy medium I'm closing my front ribs that pulled

in my stomach in tons of plank variations if you need to be down onto your forearms like such this is technically a little harder curl your tailbone underneath you so that slight little pelvic tilt will kind of help any pinching in the low back otherwise I'm gonna go

back into my hands I'm gonna hold that plank for one more breath separate your feet lift your hips hike it up and walk to your hands not all the way I'm gonna step my hips right over my ankle buttons right over here okay so I'm not trying to

push and shove my bottom backwards stick it walk over to your right hand maybe bring your nose to your knee and then walk over to your opposite side try to bring your nose to your knee and then come back to Center the injury's d remember that roll up

that we did so I'm gonna just bring my feet a little bit together start getting rag doll e in the arms and then the head these are something pushing to my heels and we're gonna miss playing up trying to stack the joints knees over ankles hips over knees

shoulders over hips my chin lifted last pull the shoulders up reach it back and down I'm gonna turn to take the arms up do a little side Bend here over to the right side and think about the outer foot on that same side that you're reaching can you

push the outer edge of the heel down and find more length and more stretch maybe even that opposite arm reaching to the floor now use your core you pull off with your abs reach both arms high and then just let go and find that length on the other

side and again I'm thinking about extending through my fingertips pressing through the outside edge of my right foot finding more length reaching my left arm down in opposition oh I just opened up a whole bunch more and using my car to come back to Center and then as

I open up the arms a little bit lift the heart towards the sky I'm not trying to arch I'm just trying to create space and I pull my ribs off my hips and breathe space into your low back and all your just enjoyed so let's see if we

can take that space with us for the rest of our day exhale thank you so much for joining me in our little Pilates practice and I look forward to seeing you next time [Music] [Music]

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