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branch is a terrible business grandson terrible how there's federal regulations state regulations use people in the city suing us after heard looking for a hole in the fence so they don't wander into the floors get eaten by a wolf grizzly we're branching so hard how can we do

it give us one hell of a life the biggest distinction between TV and film is the method of storytelling from a screenwriting standpoint in a movie you have two hours and you're really studying an event now we're examining a world and lives that grow over the course of

years navigating whatever this world was hurling at him and it starts with the writing and it starts with the idea you work for that it was really exciting to see the scripts come in for season three this season is at the start more poetic it's a bigger world

this year it tracks you know from season to season three and something will happen that the audience will go from zero to sixty pretty quick the armies are growing bigger and they're coming with bigger guns and more people this is the point in the series in three seasons

at which the Dutton legacy is in most peril the battles begin there are consequences you can't ignore it we're swimming with the sharks now there's an arms race going on in this valley and the weapon is land the dozens have something that other people want there's a clash

and what we know about the Dutton's is they're not gonna run from it we are countering these new threatening and malicious forces that want to take the land solely for profit anyone knew how to fight them there'd be no such thing as reservations they fought people who fight

their way this is a different brand what would your end game be my character's name is what Morse he is a hedge-fund baller he asks Willa to come in and to help close the deal we are familiar with this game just not familiar with the way that dozens

play the game per se and we end up going toe-to-toe but I get the things done you're squashing this bug today it's fun to play a villain and this was my favorite show on TV before I booked this I think it's exciting as hell to shoot I love

when I read them who loved this cast it's a family we got some great new female characters have this new blood in the bunk house and have these new actors were gasoline on their fire hey that energy is evolving the characters and certainly in the relationships there were

a million things that made me want to be on the show what's your name higher how's that Teeter is the character that you just can't prepare for she has the role of the season in my mind the first day man she knocked it out of the park I

was a big fan of Taylor he's really got his finger on the pulse of something that's deeply American season three big reveals are happening we dig into some things that everyone's been wanting us to dig into especially the reveal of what has gone on between Jamie and best

to me it explains everything but even more secrets coming Taylor always does that takes you down the path you're not expecting I think that's exciting as an audience member there's these moments of beauty being in this awesome background it's always really unpredictable it's never what I expect it's

been really exciting watching it just build it's not just about land it's about a feeling it's about family friendship honor love its identity its survival and resistance especially in this season it's so deep it's so intertwined it's so complex and it's gonna get thirsty because it always does

all of the ingredients together decided to sacrifice and work that hard to make it have the scope that it has in the intensity and to make you care you have to make it interesting you have to keep it entertaining you have to earn the kind of interest level

where people want to chase this story we work really hard on this and we all love it when it finds its audience it's a nice feeling the challenge becomes how do we make it better and bigger this year it's going to be colossal [Music] you

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