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Early in Jamie's life, I think John sort of dictatedto all of his children who they're going to be.

At a certain age you're kind oftold who you're going to be and how you could be useful.

You've got your mother's hands.

His dad pushed himto become a lawyer, even though I don't think Jamie necessarily was drawnto that immediately.

Jamie was drawn to more ofthe ranching the cowboying.

Jamie spent decadesdoing this thing that's not reallyhis dream necessarily just to get into a positionof approval or in position in the familywhere he has some say.

We have a problem.

You don't have a solution? Requires a few.

In John Dutton's blackand white world it's very clearthat a family comes first.

Jamie's relationship withhis father is complicated.

Jamie doesn't feel a lot of lovefrom his dad or admiration, which is I thinkwhat Jamie really desires is some form of admirationand appreciation.

Hit your sister again, I'll put your headthrough the fucking wall.

Well, you can want to bea good father but it doesn't alwaysmake you one.

You can want to makethe right decisions, but you don'talways make them.

I think John Duttonis not in that, “I'm gonna do better.

“I think he's in a mode.

The most complicated for Jamie is the relationshipwith his sister, Beth.

He's this black sheep justdesperate for his father's love.

You're so toxic.

The only reason I'm hereis because he can't trust you.

Beth just knows howto push all of his buttons.

They hate one another.

There's a thin linebetween love and hate and they're definitelyon the hate side.

I think it's becausethey're very similar.

It feels Shakespearean.

If hating me keeps youfrom hating yourself, I'll be there for you Beththat's what family's for.

Hey Case.

With Casey, I feel like Jamie definitely has an olderbrother relationship with him.

I think he cares a lot aboutCasey and worries about Casey, because I think he knowsthat Casey is so volatile and unpredictable.

Jamie is definitelythe brains of the family.

Even thoughthat is very helpful, John doesn't see himselfin Jamie as much as he sees himselfin the other boys.

Part of being the lawyerfor a business of this size is a lot of timesyou're the fixer.

He loves his brother, but he also knows that he is a dangerto the business and that's partof Jamie's job, so he has to look at themwith two different lenses.

Casey shot him in the foreheadwhile he laid on his back.

We don't know it was Casey.

He was executed, five bulletsin a circle like this.

Jamie though is probablythe way forward.

He's the path to the future.

Jamie is the onewho sees the way to maintain the ranchin these times.

You're going to have to gothrough different channels.

You can't just be a tough guy and get people behind youin that way.

Everyone's forgottenwho runs this valley.

This is how you remind them.

You have to know some things and you kind of knowyour way through it.

It's got to bea little bit political.

It's got to bea little bit legal, and you got to be clever from apublic perception point of view.

It's a tougher thing, and that's wherethe politician comes into play.

That's where you see Jamieas a politician.

First thing you'redoing tomorrow is withdrawing from the race.

What? I'm doing this for you.

No, you're doing it for you, and now you're notdoing it anymore.

John's taking away from himthe one side he may be passionate about, which is the politics.

I think it's justthe final straw for Jamie.

We've had these momentsof fissure throughout where he's starting to seehis dad is actually in his way.

My father's leverageover the governor.

Is not what you think it is.

The governor isn't supportingyou to appease your father.

Just doing it to control him.

Now he's got this personKristina, in his lifewho does believe in him, and does believehe's better than this.

It emboldens him a bit.

I don't know if he does fit yet.

He definitely hasa lot of desire to be a part of the family.

Even though John doesn't likethese kind of people he saw his son as thiskind of person and useful.

You've got to learnwhen to think like a lawyer, you understand, and whento think like a landowner, or a lawyer's allyou're ever going to be.

I think Jamie over time'slearned to love that, and realizedthat is who he is.

But that's also the way backinto being the Dutton in line.

The only way to protectmy father's legacy is to destroy the man.

Okay, I'm ready.

Hey, this is Wes Bentley.

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