In Depth Look: Gil Birmingham on Thomas Rainwater's Identity | Yellowstone

Thomas wasn't awarethat he was Native American.

He was adopted, and tried to protect him.

They convinced him and told himthat he was Mexican.

He turned 18, then his adoptionrecords were released and that's when he discoveredthat he was Native American.

It was a turning pointfor Thomas.

He now has a whole differentmission about his self-identity.

To make a difference, he would have to learn the arena of the gamethat he was playing in, so he became Ivy League educatedand now he's going to use that to benefitand elevate his people.

I'm here to talk cattle.

They don't belong to you.

They don't belong to you either.

They belong to the people now.

Possession is 90% of the law but it really speaksto the designation of what ownership isin the context of this culture and that if something ison our land, that belongs to us.

That's not even as extremeas the Dutton Family thinking they own everythingon that land and all we're doingis using a piece and saying okay, well we'regoing to operate by your rules.

I understand your position, Thomas, and what you thinkyou need to do and I won't allow youto make victims of the people who elected me just to appeasethe people who elected you.

Your people don't knowthe concept of victim.

John pretty much feels, in my mind, that he is the law.

Then of course, there's outside laws.

There's federal lawsand there's state laws and there's governorsand senators that are reminding that he's notentirely making all the laws but he still operatesas if he is.

We're not tryingto run things illegal.

We're not trying to takethings from other people.

What we are is we're very firmabout what we think is ours and we won't have ittaken from us and we won't have peopletell us what to do.

Senator, you've neverdriven the roads and walked a trailor skied a mountain in Montana that didn't belongto my people first.

This nation doesn't wantto give it back, so be it.

We'll buy it backwith their money.

If this is the gamethat's being played, Thomas Rainwater is playing itwithin the decree of whatever it isthose opposition parties are.

John Dutton thinksas a piecemeal, he's just putting outlittle fires everywhere.

Rainwater's smart enoughto know this is just the beginningof a larger plan that he has and that's going to leave hima lot more to think about.

I'm going to buy your ranchfirst right after you die and I'm going to pull downevery fence and any evidencethat your family ever existed will be removedfrom the property and look like it usedto when it was ours.

John's land is right inthe backyard of the reservation.

So, if I had a broader planabout how it is I was going to approach theacquisitions of lands anywhere, I may start here.

All men are bad, but some of ustry real hard to be good.

Kayce kind of was one of thoseopportunities that got signed up because Kayce demonstratedearlier during the shootout with the cattlehe had picked a side, so that was what Rainwaterwas most curious about, you know, who is this man.

He's married to a [inaudible00:03:19] woman.

He lives on the Redsand now he's demonstrated what might be perceivedas a reverse loyalty.

Rainwater's telling Kayceyou've got to purify and teaching himanother way of life and ideas of another people, sort of like take himunder his wing.

The way the land structureis doesn't allow me to really initiateuntil I hear Dan Jenkins talking about what it isthat he's trying to do.

That's the enemy and my enemy.

Another opportunity or alliancereally kind of based on the resourcesthat are available to us versus the mass of resourcethat John Dutton has.

I want everythingthat John Dutton has.

I want the Yellowstone.

Both parties havetheir objective about whythey want that land.

Where is the line drawnas to what it is we will do and what we won't dobased on the people that we see ourselves as? If what has been implementedcan still go forward, I don't necessarily need that and there's always somebodythat's just ready there to fill the place of somebodyelse who's stocked up and he's just as greedyas anybody else.

So, it might hinder it for a bitbut it's not going to stop it.

Hey, this is Wes Bentley.

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