How To Start An Online Business From Home | Best Online Business To Start

How to start an online business from home.

best business to start within 24 hours now, I'm going to take you step by step.

I'mgoing to take you by the hand and show you exactly what is it that you need to do tostart your business online.

I'm going to show you something online thatnobody has shown you before because I'm going to show you the actual blueprint of what todo based on your experience not based on somebody's opinion.

I'm not selling you any course.

Thatis no punch line for you to buy a course from me at any time.

All this information is free.

All I ask is, subscribe, and share this video.

Course, make sure to drop a like because that would help so I can bring you more free videos everythingthat I shared in this video is well and thoroughly researched unlike any other Confusing YouTubevideos that I apologize for because they give you wrong information most of the time.

HelloMark Daniels here.

And as I promised I'm going to go ahead and cover the tip.

It's tricksand secrets about how to start an online business from home and best online business to start.

So this is going to be a little bit different than what you probably see on YouTube videosbecause there is no such thing and I don't believe in a thing that is just like one-size-fits-all.

So if you want to start your business on online from your home, obviously, you're not goingto be not everybody is going to be the same.

Some people are going to have some prayer.

Inches, so there are majorly to preferences.

Let me make this maybe a little bit bigger.

Okay, so there's no such thing as one size fits all and uh, a lot of YouTubers and Ido apologize for them in case, you know, they just give you some stuff that you cannot probablyuse or you probably start to use it and then you find that well, hold on now, this is notmy thing.

Okay major mainly there are two things you can start online.

Okay, too.

Toone of them is a freelance a freelance.


What is what I'm not going to go through?What is your freelancing? I'm sure you know that but I'm going to share with you somestatistics here that you probably going to find kind of intriguing right here.

Thisstudy was done in 2017 by the freelance Association and they predicted that in 2027 morefreelancer or freelancer that gonna Out employ the people that work for Corporate Americaor working and not just America anybody working in a company in their location.

But as you know, a lot of things have happened since then, of course, you do have the Coronaand you have the lockdown and things like that that arethat changed a lot of things now a whole companies right now like Twitter, for example afterthe lockdown.

They said you know what? Hey stay at home we don't want you to come towork.

Why? Why because it's much much cost-effectivefor the company for you to work from your home.

So it's not going to be at 20:27.

Myprediction is going to be taking place this number.

We going to see it reaching maybein about a year or a year and a half most companies are going to be there.

That's it.

So, let's say you decided to be a freelancer now not all Freelancers are the same.

I'llwatch on YouTube a lot of videos on YouTube before I made this one.

And it's all likesheep.

You know one person says the same thing then another person gives you the same thing.

But give you additionally they give you bad advice.

Now, you gotta ask yourself whichkind of freelancing I'm going to do.

Usually there is a three main ones are there is thegeneral Technical and design phase or a space.

If you go to the general, there's two thatI would recommend one of them is fiber.

Don't underestimate Fiverr.

Fiverr has come a long wayand I know some people that make over $100, 000 doing their gigs on Fiverr alone.

I am notsaying this is a disclaimer.

I'm not saying that you will make any money.

I don't know.

You know, I have no clue.

I'm not saying that you will make a dollar.

I just want to throwthat out there.

So you'll know.

So what I like to do is just go to fiverr.


Let mego ahead and just make this a little bit better there.

I want to show you something here incase you just don't I know a lot of people don't know that but in the Pandemic in February, there were at 39 million right now.

Not right.


This is as of May because the statistics is always behind.

Here's the thing.

When youstart doing this, let me go to the other one is Upwork as you already know up work isa major platform and it is a platform that a lot ofbig companies use and you can make more money.

I want to be perfectly clear with you thatyou will make more money from up work.

So let's go ahead and take a look at the numbersa little bit in February look at 30 million and then they won up to let's see.


8 so yeah, right now they're probably about 35 million as far as visitors.

These are visitorsthat will just don't tell you anything.

I'll just tell you how popular that platformis.

You don't know who is the seller.

Who's the buyer? Which one would you start with? Whatwould you do if your new now? I'm not going to tell you how to become a freelancer.

I'llprobably do a video on that.

What is the proper way? What is it that you need to do? To becomea freelancer instead of just trial and error.

I recommend everybody if you're in a generalarea.

I recommend everybody to start with Fiverr.

There's a reason for that.

The reasonis that if you make some mistakes, it's not that big of a deal you can adjust you canlearn how to deal with the people with your customers with yourclients and you know and difficult people as well.

So make sure to do that then youcan go to up work because you really don't want to make a A big mistakes on up work.

Okay, and then what happens after that is basically you can work both of them, but Iwould not recommend it just going out there from day one starting with up work.

Learnhow the system works a little bit and then start with up work as well.

Now if your technicalwhy in the world you want to go to a platform to compete with like 30 40 million people.

It does not make any sense and a A lot of gurus or a lot of I would not call them gurus.

But these are just people that making random videos from a random ideas again.

I'm notputting them down.

But when somebody is giving you wrong information about your livelihood, you should have an issue with it.

That's all I'm saying.

If you're in a technical background, what you need to do is go to paypal.

com to Paulo for example, because all of the Abig companies that they want to go and hire somebody that knows what they're doing whenit comes to technical stuff like a developer or whatever it is.

They come here and thisis not a joke website.

This is a really serious website and we take a look and they jump infrom you know, right now there are about 3.

2 million visitors.

So it's a month.

So thisis is not a joke.

This is where you need to be if you are what if you are a technicalperson, so a lot of big companies use them as well.

So to do that.

All you got to dois just click on hire talent and then you go from not sorry not hire Talent you needto go apply as a freelancer and then you go from there.

And I forgot to tell you about Fiverr when you go to fiver and you are at this one here.

It says to become a seller.

Okay, and then you go from here you click on 'Become a seller' andthen you have to put in your information.

It's like I mention it is the same thing.

Youjust have to log in or sign up first then you'll decide what type of a, you know, ayou want to be a seller or a buyer so to speak.

All right.

Now we have fiber we have up workwe have Capel for technical as far as design.

There are some designers out there that theyare looking for good paying jobs.

I would not recommend them to go to Upwork.

You cango to Upwork.

I would recommend, you know doing both.

Okay, let's go ahead and go todesign design is I would love you to start with 99designs.


I'm not getting any moneyout of these companies here.

I'm just doing it for you.

Not for me for not for anybodyelse on 99designs.

cam if we take a look at their numbers here as far as visitors is goingup don't think this is just about logo send me a logo know now there are getting so bigand they are dealing with agencies some agencies and some companies and you can probably recognizesome of these companies that they deal with so don't think of them and some of these companiesright here, so don't think small 99designsdesigns.

com few years back it used to be different now is totally a different animal.

So theseare the ones that I would recommend.

There's no one thing everybody tells you okay, goto fiver and then go to Upwork and good luck.

No, it depends on what your specialty is.

All right.

Now we're going to go ahead and go to the other possibility that you canstart a business online and you can get it going within 24 hours.

You don't need a wholelot.

Stuff, let's go ahead and talk about the other ones.

This one is a little bit moreYour Own Boss.

Okay, as far as online marketing here is a little bit more where you can haveyour own thing your own company your own work.

You can work from anywhere.

You have yourown deadline.

Now, the first one that I want to talk about is YouTube channel and I seeand this aggravates me a little bit because there's a lot of misleading informationthat people online and they make videos about it and they show you.

Hey, look at me.

Lookat my YouTube channel.

It's making a lot of money and they show you a graph that lookssomething like this and you go like whoa, how my gosh you making a lot of money theyshow you.

Oh, man, you make it five eight hundred one thousand dollars a day, but theyneglect to tell you that a YouTube channel if you want to make money right now.

Thiswill not make you money.

Right now.

The reason for that is very simple to get started.

Youneed to have 1, 000 subscribers active subscribers and 4000watch hours before you make any money on ad revenues and these people that shown you thesescreenshots and they even go to their own account showing you these things.

They'vebeen doing it.

I looked at all of them.

Nobody been doing it for less than three years.

Theone that making the big money they been in it for five and six years.

Yes, because thisis a slow process.

However, start a YouTube channel if you have a business start a YouTubechannel, but don't expect to make a lot of money and cover bills from it.

Just wantto give you heads up on that regardless if you're not in it for the ad revenue or somethinglike that.

I hope I made that clear.

If you have any questions you let me know.


The second thing that we're going to talk about is affiliate marketing affiliate marketingjust in case you don't know what affiliate or marketing is.

Let me go ahead and justtalk about it a little bit.

But before I do that you want to know what the industry isaffiliate marketing is on the rise.

There is a reason I'm going to explain that to youbefore you go into a business.

Blindly affiliate marketing is a 14 billion dollar and it'sgrowing tremendously right now.

It's the largest money-making opportunity on the internet.

There's a reason for that and let's go-ahead and talk about the reason for them being bigand now there are several reasons.

I'm going to go ahead and tell you first in case youdon't know what affiliate marketing is.

I'm going to go ahead and just explain that toyou affiliate marketing is very much like a real estate agent at the real estate agentdoes not own the He's that he's selling houses for example, but none of the last one.

Hesells one.

He makes it commission even though the house is not his he promotes that house.

He shows the house and benefits and features and to make a sale and when he makesa sale he gets a commission, even though the house is not his affiliate marketing is verymuch the same thing what happens you promote somebody you go to them.

I'll show you whatI'm talking about in just a little bit.

But in in a very huge in very fewpoints here, what you do is you would go to the company that you want topromote their product and they give you a special link that link is unique to youand once somebody click on that link because it's associated with you.

They buy that productregardless if it's a physical product or non-physical you would get a commission or part of thesales price.

That's your eighty percent.

And not necessarily 80% Some of them are 30% 20%50% 60% and some are 80% So it depends on the product.

All right, let's go ahead andmove on a little bit to a lot of people say is this thing real? Can you actually makemoney from that? And yes, there are bad things are good things and they are a lot of thingsthat you should be watching out for you have to know exactly what you're going to be promotingThe Source from Authority hacker and this R.

This is a little bit dated but John ifyou know him he makes about half a million, but this is all stuff that I know about.

AndPat Flynn says here.

He makes about one seventy six thousand a month.

These are a month guy'snot a year a month hundred Seventy-Six thousand.

I know for sure.

He makes triple that becausethese are really not real-time stats.

You can make money if you are good at it.

And if youare committed to it, this is a business now, will you probably asking yourself why thisis so popular is popular is going to be popular all the time.

Which is a good question.

That'sa good question.

And this requires what requires some research on your behalf.


I've done some research for you and then you can do your own research, which is I in Couragebefore you dip your toes into anything.

You need to know what the market is going to looklike in the future as we talked about these companies right here and this is just an example.

It does not have to be Yahoo.

For example, it could be any company.

Any product you cancreate your own product and you can have an affiliate marketing.

Okay, so let's move onhere so we can understand it a little bit better these companies appear they used toand they still hire companies.

They hire marketing agencies.

marketing agencies.

They want toget paid upfront.

They put advertisement on Yahoo and different platforms and theycharge them upfront at they sent the traffic up to these.

Companies or whatever the program or whoever paid them and they pay them upfront andit's a lot of money.

So is this going to be there for a long time? Well, a lot of thesecompanies are a lot of these people that have programs or business.

They want sales.

Theyfigured out that what if I hire people that do the affiliate marketing just like hereI don't have to pay them upfront I can only Pay them after they make the sale wheneverthey make the sale, then I can pay them that saves them millions of dollars.

And that'swhy it is getting so popular and most companies that don't have it.

They will have affiliateprograms in the future as I gotta mean that if you get into affiliate marketing you'regoing to be successful.

No, there are rules regulations and not regulationsby the government so to speak Eek, but their ways to do it right and ways todo it wrong.

So I just want to make sure you understand thatpoint and why affiliate marketing is going to be something of the future.

It's not goingto go away because it's profitable for whoever is making Sales Online regardless.

now, you probably and a lot of people do that and this is very important for you to pay attentionto this is part of your research as well because you don't want to waste your Tom and efforton something that is not going to work and that's what a lot of the affiliate marketersdo.

So what they do basically and I made a video so you don't get scammed.

There's alot of people who do this what they do is they go and they create video YouTube scammingvideo.

I call them.

Okay, which is like I call it the Tooth Fairy.

So I encourage youvery highly to watch this video that I have how to succeed.

It in affiliate marketingbecause I found it.

So annoying that a lot of people fall for that for those scams thosescams.

I'm not going to explain it too much here, but you need to watch this.

So you'renot wasting your time and effort and money doing something that is not going to benefityou at all.

So make sure you do that.

This is number one before you start doing anythingelse.

You need to understand.

Who and what type of Tube channels are YouTube videos youneed to watch and follow this is gonna highlight it very very distinctly.

Okay, and this isgoing to bring us to number 3 of how to make money online, which you can make money online.

Let's go ahead and talk about it.

It's called e-learning is a very big industry.

According to Forbes Magazine is going to be climbing up to 325 billion dollars by year2025.

I've however because of the coronavirus many peopleare going online to find ways to make money many people take it the liberty and startin and doing some kind of research start a business online, which is very encouragedbecause again, you don't want to depend on the power of one.

What is it that you cando you can create courses.

Now again, this is e-learning that means you are creatinga course people are listening to your course or watching your Horse and they pay you moneyfor that.

They are different platforms to do that.

This is not the subject of this video.

I just want to make you aware that this thing is very profitable.

And this thing is e-learningnow, you can create a course for example, and you can create one course only and getpaid for it for years and years.

You can find out more about that by watching some of myother videos that I explain of how To do that and one thing I really want you to understandis you don't have to be an expert or have a PhD or have an MBA as a matter of fact, you don't even have to have a high school diploma.

If you go and watch some of the videosthat I have done before I showed you how a ten-year-old make an over one point some milliondollars per month.

I just want to make you aware that so all you have to do is createsomething that you like to talk about now.

They are platforms that you can host yourcourse on I'm going to talk about only two there are more than two.

But only I'm goingto talk about two that are very popular.

One of them is Clickfunnels.

A lot of people don'tknow that Clickfunnels in case you are aware what click funnel is Clickfunnels also havea platform to host your own course for free another word.

I'm going to go ahead and tellyou what a funnel is a funnel software a funnel software is simply taking your price backinto a journey to do two things.

One of them is to make a sale right away orto collect their information and send them emails later on so you can sell them.

It'slike a salesperson.

The salesperson is a software.

It's automated it can do it days and nightseven if you're on vacation.

So once somebody comes in so it's a marketing tool, but theyalso have A course platform hosted for free I do have it by the way just a disclaimer.

I do use Clickfunnels because I couldn't find anything better.

But I'm sure they are someother ones that are good as well.

I'm not telling you to buy or to purchase click funnel.

I just want to make you aware that clickfunnels does have a hosting for courses that you makeand they hosted on their server and it's free of charge the other one.

Is teachable I'mtalking only about the very popular ones.

There are some other ones of course teachableis very friendly as well and they want you to succeed because they have some kind ofa charging schedule based on the plan that you pick so make sure that you read that andyou understand it before you do that.

Just an FYI, even if you got teachable right hereyou going to need some kind of a marketing platform? Them just like something to sellfor you.

For example clickfunnels the way I like it just because it does have both itscells and at the same time it does host the courses that I make now, it's very importantto understand this and I'm going to say it again a lot of people think that you haveto have a lot of knowledge to create a course.

You don't have to have a lot of knowledgeas a matter of fact, I want to show you an example.

So let's go ahead and take a lookat it.

A lot of people think that You really have to have you know, some kind of a knowledgegreat knowledge about, you know, creating some kind of a course.

You really don't forexample, this one is just about makeup and she just sits there and she just put makeupas you can tell here.

She's putting makeup on herself, well guess how much she made shehad about 1, 300 students.

So she made close to about 14, 000 dollarsjust by doing this and a lot of people start with something like this with their cell phone.

You don't have a smartphone iPhone and so forth.

You can do that as well on other handif you have specialized knowledge like it or bookkeeping.

This is a gold mine as well because a lot of people like to consume education throughvideos universities colleges are not cutting it anymore.

They're not doing their job.

Ifyou like this video, please subscribe and drop a like and make sure to share this videowith someone you care about and remember don't let other people's opiniondetermine how you show up in life.

I see you at the top.


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