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How to IMPROVE Your VO2 Max AT HOME | 4 Key Workouts To Increase Cardiovascular Fitness

having a high vo2 max means that your body is able to deliver more oxygen to your muscles which in turn can help you run faster I'm Anna and today on the running channel along with Andy we're going to be going through some of the ways that you can

improve your vo2 max at home so if you're unable to get outside to do any running you have no specialist equipment or you're limited in the types of training that you can do then keep watching we're gonna build our previous video which took you through everything that you

might need to know about what vo2 max is why it's so important so if you haven't seen that already please do check it out and we upload new videos for the running channel every week all about running so please hit subscribe and tap the bell I plan to

be notified when we do so to start with let's recap what vo2 max actually is so put simply it's a numerical measurement of your body's ability to consume oxygen so it's measured in milliliters of oxygen per kilogram of mass per minute running and cardiovascular exercise in general requires

oxygen to produce energy so the more oxygen that you're able to consume and use the easier exercise will feel so improving vo2 max can have a direct impact on improving your endurance performance do bear in mind though there is a large genetic factor to vo2 Max which will

limit how much an individual is able to improve their score by and that's not quite the full picture either because runners who have a similar vo2 max school can have drastically different running performances and that's all down to the way that your body is able to effectively use

the oxygen that it consumes and that is where running economy comes in running economy is a measure of how efficient a runner is so a better running economy means that that one eye can sustain a pace closer to the velocity at which they hit vo2 max there the

vo2 max compared to someone with a lower running economy don't worry we're also going to take a look at how to improve running economy alongside vo2 max later in this video so finally for completeness will give lactate threshold I mention now this is a measure of your aerobic

capacity usually used to define your tempo or your long runs so the key benefit of any endurance robic training is to push up the speed at which you hit your lactate threshold meaning you can hold a faster pace during races and in longer runs for training so now

that we know what we're talking about how do we improve vo2 max and running economy at home without running there's extensive research about how to improve your vo2 max through running which we looked at in depth in our other video so check it out if you haven't already

seen that but it looks mostly at traditional interval training or using high-intensity training or hit workouts which are bursts of shorts high-intensity and aerobic activities with short periods of less intense recovery carrying on until basically you're too exhausted to continue we spoke to the guys at Northumbria University

who pointed us to research which has shown that running intervals of only 30 seconds and total session volumes with only around 5 minutes completed over a period of only around 4 weeks can still have a positive impact on your vo2 max but for maximum impact on your vo2

max you need to be looking at intervals in excess of 2 minutes for a session duration of more than 15 minutes and ideally over a period of between 4 and 12 weeks but more recently and more helpfully for our scientists have been looking at whether you can recreate

those fitness benefits by simply using hit workouts using only bodyweight circuits exercises a 20-18 study took three groups and assign them to take on treadmill running hit workouts body weights circuit hit workouts or moderate intensity continuous running they showed that undertaking the whole body circuit training improved vo2

max speed at vo2 Max and running economy and we're gonna go through exactly what they found in a bit so that's great news for us and another 20-19 study show that it was possible to achieve the same cardiovascular response as running through a series of repeated drop jumps

that's where you drop off a step or a platform and rebound into a jump at the bottom now they showed that repeated sets of nine drop jumps every 15 seconds with 15 seconds recovery meant their participants spent the same amount of time working out above 90% of vo2

max as they did during a running interval session so whilst we acknowledge that the best way to improve your vo2 max for running is through running we've got a whole load of workouts for you that you can do at home without any need for specialist equipment to help

you increase your vo2 max the research we've mentioned used shorter overall sessions so the guys at Northumbria University suggested scaling up their ideas to match the running studies which said you need to be hitting in excess of 15 minutes overall session volumes to maximize the impact on your

vo2 max to do this we're going to put together some exercises with very short recovery intervals a staple of hit workouts to build up into longer periods of work at your vo2 Max and gives you a heartrate very little time to drop it's also important to talk about

effort and how hard you should go now we're aiming to work at between 90 and 100 percent of vo2 max which is pretty tough and often hit or metcon workouts are described as all-out but all out in this context means at an intensity level that you can sustain

for the entire workout without flogging firstly it's really important that you warm up properly before diving into the high-intensity elements of these workouts maybe check out our five-minute follow along warm-up which is part of our home workout video on the running channel so workout number one we've got

squat jumps mountain climbers skater jumps and squat thrusts perform all exercises in order for 30 seconds with 15 seconds of rest twice for one set six minutes then complete two to four sets in total depending on your current level of fitness with two minutes rest between sets for

this one perform 10 burpees every minute on the minute take the rest of the minute that you have left as recovery and then go again for 20 minutes in total now you might find you need to increase the number of burpees you do if you find that you're

spending more than half of each minute recovering workout number three so this workout uses all of the exercises from the study that we mentioned before but with more sets overall so for this one you're going to be doing burpees mountain climbers squats and thrust with overhead press with

3 kg dumbbells and gym King Jack's so perform all exercises in order for 20 seconds with 10 seconds rest for one set at an all-out effort complete 10 to 16 sets with no rest between the sets this one's not for the faint-hearted but if you really wants to

step it up and here you go start off with squat jumps then straight into push-ups skater jumps mountain climbers jumping lunges jumping jacks tuck jumps and burpees do each of those exercises for 40 seconds take 20 seconds rest and then go straight into the next exercises there are

eight exercises in total that's going to take you eight minutes for one set aim to do two three or four sets depending on how hardcore you're feeling and take two minutes recovery between those sets we mentioned a study that found that it was possible to create a similar

cardiovascular response to running intervals by doing a session using repeated drop jumps in fact other studies have also found that plyometric exercises like drop jumps can help with your running economy these exercises improve running economy and lower limb strength through the neuromuscular and musculoskeletal adaptations that take place

potentially improving the ability to utilize and generate force over a short period of time like during running but plyometric exercises do involve a degree of jumping and rebounding which can put extra stress through muscles and tendons so if you aren't used to doing that kind of exercise or

perhaps you're just building up to it then we would recommend sticking to the bodyweight exercises that we mentioned earlier before building up and going for something a little bit more extreme like those plyometric exercises however there is something simple and relatively low impact that's been shown to have

similar positive benefits to running namely skipping or jump rope depending on where you're from in the world a 2020 study has shown that skipping has had positive impacts on foot arch stiffness reactive strength index which is a measure of explosive power when it comes to jumping and ground

contact time and ultimately and most important for us 3 cave running time trial performance so if you are looking to build up to those plyometric at sizes then the recommendation from us is super simple build five minutes of skipping rope drills into your running warm-up routine two to

four times a week and that should be enough to have an impact it's a great feeling when we find something that works but remember to mix up your workouts to maximize performance repetition is the enemy of motivation so we want to avoid falling into doing anything too regularly

that could cause a plateau in our progress an increase in your vo2 max is an improvement in your cardiovascular capacity so even if you haven't got any major training or endurance goals in mind an improvement in your vo2 max can just have an overall benefit to your general

health because the higher your vo2 Max is the less stress is being put on your heart in every day just remember though your vo2 max has a lot to do with your genetics so once you are able to improve your score that is going to be a limit

to what you're capable of we hope this video has given you an idea of how you can improve your vo2 max at home if you enjoyed it please do give us a thumbs up and if you've got any questions then be sure to leave those in the comments

and we'll get back to you and we'll see you next time on the running channel you

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