How To Handle Boredom | Lockdown | Stay Home | With Sadhguru in Challenging Times – 31 Mar

Bhutha bhutha bhuteswaraya, kala kala kaleswaraya, shiva shiva sarveshwaraya, shambho shambho mahadevaya.


Naaney Naan illaye enni enni enni ye.

ennai naane parkirene enni enni enni ye.

ennai naane parkirene (Song) Sadhguru chants Sathsangathvey Nisangathvam.


A flower blossoms, with no intent.

All who have a nose for fragrance shall enjoythis unintended permeation of pleasure.

A fruit ripens, not to give us sweetness, but just a sweet packaging of its seed.

The seed that has the potentialto make the whole earth green.

May you blossom to your fullest.

Not to serve or sacrifice.

But fulfilling life's longing for itself.

A blossoming of your being, shall bring unintended blessedness to all.

Sadhguru: In continuation of the Netflix serial.

Well, boredom is definitely not an existential thing.

Boredom is a psychological thing.

Depends what you're doing in here.

If lousy things are happening in your head, you will be bored.

If you sit here and think of wonderful things, you will be invigorated.

So boredom is a psychological process.

In many, many ways we've said this, this is your drama.

If you are going.



getting bored with your drama, can you imagine the plight of others who are stuckwith you for these three weeks (Laughter).

Earlier there were.



There are distractions of various kind, these distractions, we called it as work, we called it as shopping, we called it as other social responsibilities (Laughs).

Now tch, people are stuck with your drama.

You can't close your drama, I know that.

But at least like television channels, they all go for a very frequent break it's not abathroom break, it's an advertising, commercial break.

But they're getting a break every few minutes, every few minutes.

Just do that for your drama;every few minutes just stop it.

Every ten minutes, take a two minute breakfrom your drama.

Oh, you will do something very fantastic with yourself, but how, how, how? Just stop acting! If I ask you to act out something you can ask how, if I say don't do anything if you ask how do we do? But how to do nothing? Well, nothing is not a thing, so it cannot be taught as such.

Oh Sadhguru, you're playing with words and teasing us.

No, no, no, nothing means simply nothing.

How do you teach that? Tie your hands and sit.

It's not gonna work.

So doing nothing means just this, you're not engaged in what's happening around you, you withdraw your involvementfrom what's happening around you.

Around includes your physiologicaland psychological activity.


Both physiological drama and psychologicaldrama is gathered from outside.

So that is also around you; just don't participate.

Your body says what it says, you simply sit.

Your mind says what it says, you simply sit, not getting involved.

Simply not running after some specific thoughtthat you think is good.

Not trying to avoid something that you think is bad, or not thinking you will put this time to good useand let your thing over work.

No! You cannot think up a new possibility, I want you to know this.

You can think up an improvement of what is there.

You cannot think up an absolutely new possibility, that's just out of question.

It is just that, if you are not mired in your own present situation, new possibilities become visible to you.

New dimensions of life become visible to you, not because you seek them, how do you seek something that you don't know! If you're not tangled up with your current situations, new possibilities become visible, they're always is.

They are not visible right now because you'refully drowned in your own present situations.

Not even present, past situations for most people.

Things that happened ten years ago, still (Gestures), is buzzing.

Well, you could have done all these antics, if you had a million year lifespan.

But even if you live a full life, it's stilla very brief life, and now this virus! Saying is, it's gonna end you in fourteen daysif you don't take care (Laughter).

If you don't take care.

This virus is threatening you, in fourteen days we will dispatch you.

So it's a very brief life.

And it's a very phenomenally sophisticatedand complex creation around you.

In this you're getting bored.

This is unbelievable.

If you pay attention to one leaf, one leaf! You can spend years looking at it becauseit's so intricate and so sophisticated.

There are ants insects, birds, animals, wholephenomena of life and the vastness of the sky tch.

If you engage with anything existential, if you engage with dimensionswhich are existentially true, there is no room for boredom becauseit is too fantastic a phenomena.

Because you're doing the petty phenomenain your head, and you're only involved in that, you're getting bored.

Don't think you're bored of life, or people, you're just bored of your own stuff.

You're just bored of what's happening within you, you don't even know what's happening around you.

Otherwise you'd have seen the virus.

You don't know.

Can you imagine something that you cannot see, just can crawl up and go here (Gestures) and, you cannot see.

New possibilities.

Well, lot of people are going to say, “what is this, when we are suffering like this, is this the way to talk?” This is what you must decide, if you're looking for solace, you must go somewhere where they will tell you sweet things (Laughter).

They're calling you! They will tell you nice things, it doesn't matter.

It has no substance.

It doesn't have any substance of reality, but they will tell you sweet things.

So that today you can sleep well.

But tomorrow again you'll have a new questionand a new problem, then they'll tell you one more story.

This is like children's bedtime stories.

If you put a lot of Bedtime Stories.



children's bedtime stories together, you can make a religion out of it.


(Laughter/Applause) So, you want a solution.

If you want a solution, first andforemost thing is to understand what is the nature of the problemand where the hell is it.

If you go to a doctor, he will touch you here, here.

Poke you here, here, here.

What is he trying to do? He is trying to find out where the hell is the problem.

This happened, A young lady went to the doctor and told him, “doctor, my entire body's hurting excruciatingly.

Wherever I touch it hurts.

” He said, “really? Tell me, point out where is it hurting.

” She did like this (Gestures) aaaah.

She did like this (Gestures) aaaah.

Ooooh, oooh.

The doctor watched this and he said, “come here.

” And then he plastered her forefingerand sent her home (Laughter).

So, you're boredom, you can find distractions, on the television on the net.

You can act like you're some kind of a scientificresearcher looking up every damn thing, and driving yourself nuts in the next few days.

You're not! You're not.

Or you can read philosophies, you can readscriptures and talk about, it doesn't matter body is just a transcendent thing, the real thing is atman, paramatma, the soul.

It'll anyway go and reach its source.

But if you sneeze, you get terrified! Sneeze is so powerful it can takethe soul out of you (Laughter).

Believe me in many people's lives, that's the most powerful thing they have done in their life, to sneeze.

Now you cannot sneeze.

If you get.



if you sneeze you will be capturedand locked up for fourteen days.

You cannot sneeze anymore.

But, for many people that is the most powerful thingthat they have done in their life, (Sneezes Powerfully) (Laughter)! So, boredom, boredom means, in some way, you're seeking death.

In some way you're saying, life is not worth living, that's what boredom is.

No, no, not like that I was just bored for ten minutes.

Yes, those ten minutes you're seeking.

You need to understand this, this body, this whole mechanism is structured in such a way, well, people will ask is this scientific, not scientific, it's all right.

But this is true.

I don't know whether it's scientific or not, because itbecomes science only after it is proved in a laboratory.

Life doesn't happen in a laboratory unless you're a captured lab rat, life happens in a different way.

It is very important that your consciousness, the way you think, feel and look at life is the message that is going to the structure, how robust, how integrated, how sensitive and how much of a possibility it is, simply depends on moment to moment what is the kind of message that is going into this (Gestures to the Brain), because this entire thing is running on a certain kind of software and you are the lousy software developer, that in a day you got bored five times -ten, ten minutes each.

Those ten minutes you said, “this life is not worth living.

” Message went, all over.

And the life that you are, the physical lifethat you are is getting confused and one of them may invite the virus.

He wants to go, why don't you help? Or something worse than that.

A whole lot of people are constantly creating this.

There is no, one big yes to life.

This used to happen when we were doing the90-day wholeness program.

This is the first group of people who havecome in 1994 here in the ashram.

All we have is a thatched roof shed whichis threatening to fly off in the monsoon winds.

They don't know who I am.

All they know is, they're here without knowingwhy they're here.

They didn't make up their mind, they were just drawn here.

So they came and sat.

So I'm trying to walk them through certain things, preparing them for something.

So I keep asking, yes or no.

Tell me yes or no, clearly.

After a few weeks, they said, “Sadhguru, it's yes and yes.

Don't again ask this.

Whatever you say it's yes and yes.

” Are these some kind of fanatics are nut cases? No, very intelligent people.

But experientially they realized, there is no pointresisting that which is literally the source of your life.

There's no point resisting that.

There is no point saying “yes and no, yes and no” to life.

It's one big Yes.

It's yes and yes.

So when I came one day, there was a.


there used to be a blackboard on which we used to announce a few things.

They wrote “Sadhguru, yes and yes.

” I said okay, if it's yes and yes, things aresimple.

You must become a hundred percent yes to life.

When you say I'm bored, you are a no to life.

When you get angry, you are a no to life.

You get dejected, you are a no to life.

You get depressed, you are a no to life.

You get frustrated, you are a no to life.

Like this, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no – it's confused.

Now, physiology itself will keep you busyfor the rest of your life, because it's become a problem.

The idea of yoga is to become hundred percentyes in such a way that you can put this aside.

You can put this body and this mental mechanism aside, use them as platforms to lookat larger possibilities of life.

But right now, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no.

This itself is a lifelong issue.

The ways of the body and the nonsense of the mind is keeping busy.



keeping people busyfor an entire lifetime.

Tch, this is good time, three weeks of sadhana time.

This is not boredom time, this is not Netflix time.

One week Netflix is over.

This is not the time for you to get PhD in virology – you should have gotten it earlierif you were interested, not in three weeks.

This is a time to become a hundred percent yes to life, because that is the waythe possibilities of life will open up for you, otherwise, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no – life doesn't know whether you want it or not.

Because it's taking every message from you.

At the end of the day it can't make out whatthe hell you want.

Make it very clear, make it very clear toeverything that is working here, that you are hundred percent yes to life.

But I'm bored with my family Sadhguru.

Tch, I pity them (Laughter).

They're not complaining, but they must be suffering.

If you are so bored, I am sure, you are showingit in so many ways, you're not happy with the food, you're not happy with this, yours.



you will scream, you will yell, you will do silly things.

Suffering is probably happeningto other people around you, because you don't know how to conduct your silly drama.

It's time to address this, that you do take commercial breaks, every ten minutes, two minutes break; or you don't need that much, every one hour take five minutes or ten minutes break.

No involvement with anything, outside, body, mind, nothing.

World can say what it wants.

See whatever you think, the sparrows andthe peacocks are saying what they want.

Let it be.

Let it be does not mean ignore them.


You pay full attention but not involved.

Similarly, the body, it's breathing, heart is beating.

Tch, (Laughs) These are not simple things.

These are called as vital signs.

This is how a doctor finds outwhether you're alive or dead.

Tch, your heart is beating, your breath is going in and out.

How can you ignore such a thing? You should not ignore – attention, but withdrawn, not involved, very alert, but not involved.

The same goes for your thought process andyour emotion, very alert, not involved, body, mind and world.

I call this BMW.

You get out of your BMW and pay attention to it.

Every hour five – ten minutes, you will see wonders will happen.

Tch, you will blossom as a being, which is the most important thing.

This is the aspiration of every life.

Every life on this planet is only aspiringto become a full-fledged life.

The problem with human beings is – we know what is a full-fledged coconut tree, what is a full-fledged mango tree, we even knowwhat is a full-fledged peacock, but we don't know what is a full-fledged human being.

Time to explore.

Virus has given you the time.

Hmm? Participant: Sadhguru this question is from Kunal.

“Namaskaram Sadhguru.

I've started doing the practice which youtaught us the other day.

I wanted to know what isthe significance of the practice.

I'm feeling really good doing it.

I was wondering if I can increase the count (Laughter).

” Sadhguru: Well, if you raise it to sixty, you may lose your mind.

If you raise it to hundred, hundred and twenty, you may die.

Yes I'm not joking.

I said twenty one, keep it at that.

If twenty one is difficult, do twelve.

That's it.

This is like I gave you a laddoo, “Sadhguru, it is nice, can I eat hundred a day (Laughter)?” You don't mess with it like that.

When we create or structure a practice, you must understand that Patanjali Yoga Sutrasnever prescribed a practice.

Only the fundamentals, the science of it, but not the technology of it.

Technology has to be built.

So, very appropriately he called it a sutra– sutra means a thread.

A thread is there.

With the thread, you can make a garland ofdifferent kinds of flowers.

Some will wear it colorful, jazzy garland.

Some will wear something subtle, or you canput beads on it, you can put pearls on it, you can put diamonds on it.

What will you put if you had a string in your hand? Whatever you got.

That's all you can put.

So Patanjali left it like this.

It's a very supreme intelligence.

He just gave the thread and said, “Every masterwill add what he's got.

” So the practice is structured.

And always, when you structure a practice, it's not just a mechanical thing.

You have to breathe life into it.

So a certain kind of practice with a certain number ofwhatever, now, it is a package which is a alive.

It's a living thing.

It is not just living here in the air.

If you take it into yourself, it will livewithin you.

Because it's like the virus.

Virus needs you, it can't just live by itself.

It needs your cells to get into and then multiply.

By itself it can't just go on multiply andlive in the air.

Just like this, the practice is a certainstructure.

It needs you to live in you.

Now you do something else, you're tweakingit to become a demon of some kind.

Don't do such things.




if something is given to you, somebody reads a book can mix up something or what is written in the book they teach you, that is different.

When a live process is given to you, just stick to it as it is.

If I give you an ant with eight legs, you say can I put twelve legs on it orcan I take away four legs from it.

What is that? It's a live.



a living thing, you can't do that.

That's how it is structured.

So, twenty one times.

If you finding twenty one is too much, it's living you little like that (Gestures), do twelve.

Participant: Sadhguru, the nextquestion is from Katherine.

“Namaskaram Sadhguru.

I remember you mentioning that Inner Engineeringbook is a tool for personal transformation.

I can see many changes within me after readingDeath Book.

” Sadhguru: Oooo (Laughter).

Participant: “I wanted to know if Death Bookis also a tool on spiritual path.

” Sadhguru: This is trouble.

Inner Engineering is a tool.

Death is a tool (Laughter)? No.

Death is not a tool, but the Death Book has come together to bring an unadulterated understandingof a very important dimension of our life – which is our mortal nature.

I'm saying unadulterated, because normallyit is very adulterated.

When somebody dies, normally the words used are daivadhinaru aagibittaru.

That means somebody went and sat in God's lap.

This is adulteration.

Somebody's telling you they went to theirheavenly abode – this is adultration.

They telling you things which will give you somesense of solace so that you will become willing to die.

You must either die consciously, because you'recompletely accepted death as a part of life, or you must fight it.

You should not welcome itthinking you're going to heaven.

That's adulteration.

So the Death Book is structured in such a way, it's unadulterated, looking at death simply the way it isand it's many dimensions.

Well, a little bit of decoration we've createdso that it doesn't become too scary for people who don't have a discerning mind.

Every thought pops up as emotionin a whole lot of people.

Every thought drips emotion.

For such people facts of life will be very disturbing.

So one way is to walk them through this process, so that by the time they come to the last page, to some extent, they're little moredispassionate about it.

If you think you're going to heaven, you maybecome passionate about death, which is not good.

Passion is for life.

Dispassion is the way you must handle death.

If you become passionate about death, you will go soon.

Yes, whatever you're passionate about, you tend to move in that direction, isn't it? So it's very important that the Death Bookshould be read in the right context.

This is a wonderful time to read it, because this is a sort of book that you must sitby yourself and read as much as possible in a day.

If you read bits and pieces over thirty days, you may not feel what it is.

You may pick up a few facts and tips out of it, which is not the way to read it.

You must read it as much as possible like in one sitting, so that it goes and sits in you like a lump, and then you slowly digest it.

Then, you integrate death into part of yourlife because anyway you are living death.

That's a way to read it.

So when would you ever get two three weeksuninterrupted, just to sit and read, it's a good time to do it.

A very good time to do it.

Mortality is staring in our face.

Unfortunately, in countries like United States.



in United States it's crossed 3000 mortality.

Infections, I think, have gone 150, 000.

Spain is racing.

Italy kind of slowed down a bit, I think, but they're telling me once againthere are outbreaks in Shanghai.

So, in many ways, the entire world's populationis right now strongly reminded of their mortal nature.

Good time to read the book – The Death Book – the inside story – only for those who shall die (Laughter).

Limited market, you know, very limited market, only for those who shall die.

We didn't think but this is the most appropriatebook to release at this time (Laughter/Applause).

Yoga yoga yogeshwaraya, bhutha bhutha bhuteswaraya, kala kala kaleswaraya, shiva shiva sarveshwaraya, shambho shambho mahadevaya.



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