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overheard on third you know a lot of kids are home seeing mom and dad working doing stuff Washington Post says the pandemic is actually given kids a chance to see their parents at work see what they do how hard they work and I think that's great I've been very fortunate I one of my favorite things to do when I was a kid was to ride the bus with my dad to watch him he would take me to work and it was great because you know there's a bus driver in Brooklyn sit there in the depot they take you to the vending machine B to buy you candy or it was I don't want to spend time with my father I just wanted the free food there I was gonna ask if you let Nick play with the touch screen do you let him actually forecast he has no interest in that you know he had for the first couple of weeks he was getting up and helping me set up the lights that lasted two weeks [Laughter] but long before take your children to work day I was bringing the kids in around what age because I still find it stressful well I got one in but I've never had all three in unless it was like a surprise for me from the show oh yeah that to him but because of the age difference but no I think it's great for them to see what you do but I agree Chanel it is the most stressful thing and Deborah will always say why don't you take them in with you I said well why don't you tell him he goes to work she's not on live this is live TV I mean we have examples of Nick busting in broadcast when I like was down in Washington it's so funny because I thought the kids would think in some ways that they had me more and I think they do to a certain extent but lately they feel like I work all the time and I think it's because of what we do now when we do these interviews or zoom interviews or Skype interviews we're doing them all day so I started at 6:00 a.


yesterday but my last skype interview yesterday was at 4:00 and so the kids were like you're working all the time and I'm like wow never thought I'd hear that it's fun you say that because big because we were kind of stretched out throughout the day like we have this right now and leading up to this it's like let me get everything done that I need to get done so it's like Calvin I can't play because I I need to do this laundry I have to pack for vacation I have to do this this and this and then you think you can play now and it's like oh no I have to go back to work you know so it's like we're here but we're not here and I'm trying to explain that to him but he's like well you're here on play I want to play it I want to play I want to play like stop stop talking about your kids correct initially when all this started they would say in the more they all Dale you got to go into the city for work you gotta go in the city for LA they didn't I don't think they thought that working from home was an option so for the first two weeks it was a foreign concept when I would disappear into the the dungeon here and that is gonna go and do his cable show and then one day maybe it's about three weeks in they discovered Lindsay had to show on in the kitchen and they were like and then they realized I was doing it from downstairs the game shoot show once a week I let them come down here and they say quiet oh no no they only calm until like five minutes before didn't I make them go back upstairs because the last thing is for them to interrupt the cable news broadcast these days I haven't another edition of overheard on 3rd we'd love to hear from you how have you been doing during this pandemic don't you send up some videos go to at 3rd hour today and post them for us and we'll try to get them on and share them with you you.

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